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Do you remember how much people kvetched about Insolence when it was released? It was The Death of Guerlain. There had been similar raining-cats-and-dogs wailing about a few other post-LVMH Guerlains: Champs Elysées, l’Instant, the entire Aqua Allegoria line. (Guerlain has in fact survived long enough to hear similar complaints about Idylle, Shalimar Parfum Initial and La Petite Robe Noire.) Guerlain responded by creating two flankers to serve as concession speeches to the Insolence campaign. The two took completely different tacks.

My Insolence came first. It acquiesced. It apologized for Insolence’s garishness. It tacitly confessed and asked forgiveness. Edges were smoothed. The fruit got sweeter. The nail polish note was restrained. The tonka/vanillic base was warmer and more comfortable.

Insolence Eau de Parfum was the defiant, ‘you haven’t seen the last of me!’ version. It kept the hairspray, exaggerated the candied violet, grew monstrously large. It called the critics out for being dainty.

My heart is with Insolence Eau de Parfum for its fuck-you tone, but My Insolence isn’t bad. It might have been built for the buyer who thought Insolence required too much effort, but it was also an alternative for the Britney Spears Fantasy wearer who was looking to get classy with some brand affiliation.

Guerlain aimed for greater accessibility. My Insolence is less sharp than the original. There’s less hairspray, less violet, more berry. It’s fluffier, lighter in every sense. A sweet gourmand lemon note levels out the pitchiness of the original. Think lemon mousse or limoncello instead of Aquanet and you’ll catch the difference between the topnotes of Insolence and My Insolence.

Insolence was intended to be a big seller as the Calvin Klein style name indicates. My Insolence pursued the same goal, in this case by aiming to be more of a crowd pleaser. Just as my expectations of a wide-release action movie are different than what I hope for in a ‘serious’ documentary, my expectation for My Insolence isn’t stratospheric. The fruity-floral is the perfume equivalent of the romantic comedy and My Insolence is a solid if programatic offering within a compromised genre.
23rd February, 2016
A migraine in a bottle. The tiniest spritz threw up an eye-watering, nauseating chemical bomb that just kept getting stronger and stronger and would not scrub off. I didn't get much idea of the notes beyond artificial raspberry, a cloying and unsubtle all-the-sweet-things miasma with marzipan on top before my nostrils became sore and burned out. Why on earth would anyone want to smell of this? Horrific.
28th September, 2015 (last edited: 14th October, 2016)
What first attracted me,to trying this at the perfumery was the stylish bottle it comes in.MY INSOLENCE is a fun affair of wild fruits and fragrant florals.An olfactory delight.provide an excellent example of using Floral/Fruity in a modern composition. Luscious,Sweet,Romantic,Modern, Lovely,Youthful, Tasty and Delicately Feminine.

This sensuous scent opens with a elegant explosion of fruity essences then fades to perfection after a few minutes.finally warm and soft base notes makes an expression of love something like "look into my eyes and you'll see that it is true,day and night my thoughts are of you".

Delicate enough to wear anywhere but i reccomend it for a ROMANTIC SPRING/SUMMER Evening.I think It is suitable for younger generation.if you like a sweet powdery scent this is the perfume for you.MY INSOLENCE is also wonderful gift for your sweetheart.


Longevity?Pretty Good on my skin.

13th June, 2015
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A soft raspberry delight!

Oh, c'mon, this is one of most lovely Guerlain creations... The drydown has a slightly powdery vanilla, which I love... Very delicate... A citrus raspberry sorbet enhanced with a extremely delightful blend of almond blossom. This is my darling and lasts all day!

25th May, 2013
pleasant, fruity opening. Becoming overpoweringly sweet. Candy. Ouch. Not for me. Having said that, I have smelt much worse, and I did genuinely enjoy the first ten minutes.
29th August, 2012
I like this one. On me, the super-sweet candy-raspberry note smells really nice, and I love most fragrances that have vanilla and tonka bean in them in general (I admit it.) I would describe this as a fun fragrance, and it just generally makes me feel happy. Plus, I find that on me it comes across as sweet without being overly heavy believe it or not. I would recommend this one to people who are looking for a good berry fragrance.
19th August, 2011
I'll give it some points for its bizarre, fruit-punch aspect. It is different! Not classy or sophisticated, but it is kind of intriguing. At times it seems sweet and floral, but it is not heavy nor cloying. Candy floss, raspberry kool-aid... yes. The almond blossom note gives it a quirky aspect. At times it is a bit metallic and synthetic. Still, I've smelled far, far worse. Definitely a bottom-feeder in the noble Guerlain line, Hillary Swank or no Hilary Swank...
01st February, 2011
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United Kingdom
Smells like really strong and fruity herbal tablets; I’ve smelt worse, but it’s just a bit bizarre. After several hours it dries down to a slightly too sweet Insolence-type scent. Not exactly a Guerlain classic.
20th October, 2010
I bought a bottle when it first came out (along w/V Absolu). It's the kind of fragrance I can wear when I'm not in the mood to be in love with something.
14th January, 2010
A HUGE opening of potent candy, followed by a headache. I would have rated it neutral because it smells so similar too many others on the current perfume counter, and it sould siut someone's taste.. But I expected more of something with Guerllain on the bottle...a lot more.
20th September, 2009
As a lover of most things Guerlain, I am appalled by this effort! This fragrance is to Guerlain what Allure is to embarrassment. Soapy cherry powder is about the best I can say. The only similarity with the noteworthy Insolence is the revolving (and in this case revolting) spiral of notes. This is pricey junk. Stay away...
11th June, 2009
This fragrance is exceptional in that upon smelling I was sure I disliked it. I am usually less decisive about scents, and in fact this is my first thumbs down review. This is not a bad fragrance. The smell is not offensive or overtly "perfumey." But it is far too light/powdery/sweet for my taste. Perhaps it would be lovely on the right person. I don't know. But I give it a thumbs down since it disagreed with me.
10th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
I absolutely agree with Ms Rochambeau. This is actually a very nice fragrance, but there are so many others like this by so many fashion- and fad-oriented designers. I think it is a shame that a company that produces such enduring classics as Shalimar and Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleu, and such masterpieces as Vol de Nuit and Apres L'Ondee, should also feel the need to produce these mass-market fragrances. But, I suppose they bring in the money!
06th March, 2009
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Perhaps the patchouli spoiled the mix, but this one comes out dusty and cloying with a terrible musty smell, like perfume that has mildewed. Whatever they were trying for, it doesn't work on me. A mess.
12th October, 2008
I guess I've been spoiled by having experienced a few of the Guerlain classics (Jicky, L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko and Salimar) in their vintage form. Because of them, the bar was set high a long time ago, not just for Guerlains, but for perfume, period. My Insolence doesn't come close to that bar. It's no better and no worse than the average scent you can find at the perfume counter of any Macy's depertment store. Just because there is a trend in perfume toward this kind of scent, doesn't mean that Guerlain should feel they have to weigh in with one. They should leave that to the clothing designers with their "of the moment" sensibilities and go back to focusing on the developement of scents that are well crafted enough to become the highly sought after classics of tomorrow. My Insolence will not be among them.
22nd August, 2008
Powerhouse of an opener! No kidding, I sparingly spritzed a small amount of this juice onto the back of my hand and WHOOSH ~ a cloud of Guerlain permeated the entire shop! It was the good fortune of everyone within a 100 foot radius that I chose My Insolence to try! If an explosion of perfume is innevitable, make it a good one. Almost right from the start I could sense the patchouli/vanilla/tonka base begining to simmer as the attention grabbing raspberry cloud shifted. I say that in a good way ~ the raspberry note here is as beautiful as it is potent. The sweet/tart fruitiness melds into the floral heart effortlessly, and is in perfect balance. Not too sweet, which I applaud. The jasmine shares an equal spotlight with the almond blossom, one not standing in front of the other, completely side by side. As an hour passes this fragrance stays close, which suprises settles into a powdery oriental that keeps me sniffing!!! My Insolence is gorgeous, I highly recommend giving it a try. That goes for you adventuresome gentlemen too!
13th November, 2007 (last edited: 17th April, 2008)