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Positive Reviews of My Insolence by Guerlain

What first attracted me,to trying this at the perfumery was the stylish bottle it comes in.MY INSOLENCE is a fun affair of wild fruits and fragrant florals.An olfactory delight.provide an excellent example of using Floral/Fruity in a modern composition. Luscious,Sweet,Romantic,Modern, Lovely,Youthful, Tasty and Delicately Feminine.

This sensuous scent opens with a elegant explosion of fruity essences then fades to perfection after a few minutes.finally warm and soft base notes makes an expression of love something like "look into my eyes and you'll see that it is true,day and night my thoughts are of you".

Delicate enough to wear anywhere but i reccomend it for a ROMANTIC SPRING/SUMMER Evening.I think It is suitable for younger generation.if you like a sweet powdery scent this is the perfume for you.MY INSOLENCE is also wonderful gift for your sweetheart.


Longevity?Pretty Good on my skin.

13th June, 2015
A soft raspberry delight!

Oh, c'mon, this is one of most lovely Guerlain creations... The drydown has a slightly powdery vanilla, which I love... Very delicate... A citrus raspberry sorbet enhanced with a extremely delightful blend of almond blossom. This is my darling and lasts all day!

25th May, 2013
I like this one. On me, the super-sweet candy-raspberry note smells really nice, and I love most fragrances that have vanilla and tonka bean in them in general (I admit it.) I would describe this as a fun fragrance, and it just generally makes me feel happy. Plus, I find that on me it comes across as sweet without being overly heavy believe it or not. I would recommend this one to people who are looking for a good berry fragrance.
19th August, 2011
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Powerhouse of an opener! No kidding, I sparingly spritzed a small amount of this juice onto the back of my hand and WHOOSH ~ a cloud of Guerlain permeated the entire shop! It was the good fortune of everyone within a 100 foot radius that I chose My Insolence to try! If an explosion of perfume is innevitable, make it a good one. Almost right from the start I could sense the patchouli/vanilla/tonka base begining to simmer as the attention grabbing raspberry cloud shifted. I say that in a good way ~ the raspberry note here is as beautiful as it is potent. The sweet/tart fruitiness melds into the floral heart effortlessly, and is in perfect balance. Not too sweet, which I applaud. The jasmine shares an equal spotlight with the almond blossom, one not standing in front of the other, completely side by side. As an hour passes this fragrance stays close, which suprises settles into a powdery oriental that keeps me sniffing!!! My Insolence is gorgeous, I highly recommend giving it a try. That goes for you adventuresome gentlemen too!
13th November, 2007 (last edited: 17th April, 2008)