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I smelled this on a girl the other night and it was beautiful. Soft and creamy and sweet, definitely the sort of scent that makes your mouth water and is all inviting.

Than the girl happily told me what she was wearing and squirted my neck and sweater. It was super musky and cloying and a sillage monster. I smelled so bad I left the club to go change and my SO was getting nauseous from the smell when I was talking with him on the front porch. After the sweater went to the laundry the bit of sweet amber vanilla clinging to my chest was pleasant enough, but that got overbearing fast.
19th October, 2016
Fancy gets a lot of love here on Fragrantica, so I thought I would try it as the notes do indeed look very good, and I hoped it would be a really good fragrance for cool weather. I have only worn it once so far, and I will give it a few more tries, and my impressions may change over several wearings, but at the moment, I am less than impressed with Fancy.

As so many reviewers have said, it is definitely sweet, and I definitely smell the caramel in it, but at first spray and for a good fifteen minutes or so thereafter, I mainly smelt nothing but florals, which surprised me. Later, the caramel and vanilla notes became quite noticeable. I have not really tried to pick out a lot of the other notes, but I agree this is definitely a gourmand parfum with a dash of florals and not a floral parfum with a bit of a gourmand edge. I definitely would not describe it as an Oriental, though.

I like Fancy's deep dry down much better than its top and heart notes. In the deep dry down I still perceive vanilla and a bit of caramel, but I also perceive a nice, warm amber. It remains very sweet into the deep dry down, too. Together the vanilla, caramel, and amber are nice but quite foodie. I am not sure I would want to live through the top and heart notes every time I wore this just to get to the base notes.

Fancy is "okay" for what it is and for its price point, but it is not a parfum I probably would have purchased had I sampled it first, and that is not because I dislike gourmands. (For example, I love B&BW's Sensual Amber and Cashmere Glow.) It is because Fancy has a quite STRONG synthetic smell to it.

After smelling Fancy, I can say for the first time that I truly understand what people mean whence they describe a fragrance as smelling "synthetic." It is best to smell this parfum as it wafts up to your nose from your arms as it does not smell at all pleasant if you place your nose close to your arm to sniff it, which is untrue of every other parfum I have tried.

I think anyone who likes Fancy could wear it, but on the whole, I think it would suit a younger person more than an older person. The floral notes give it a bit more sophistication than it would have without them, but Fancy is not a sophisticated parfum. I could perhaps see myself wearing this whilst working around the house or working outdoors or cleaning out the garage in order to use up the bottle, but that is about all. I would not wear it any place where I wanted to be noticed for my fragrance, though. I also do not think it would be a good fragrance to wear to snuggle with your chap because as I said above, Fancy is best smelt as it wafts toward one's nose. If your chap put his nose against your neck whilst you were wearing Fancy, I do not think he would find it very nice.

No offence to anyone who loves Fancy, but I cannot recommend it. Anyone who really loves caramel as a note may want to try this, but beware that although there is a strong caramel note in it, the parfum is very synthetic smelling. If anyone wants a celebrity gourmand fragrance, I recommend Queen Latifah's Queen over Fancy. Queen is boozy and gourmand, but it does not have the strong synthetic smell of Fancy.

As a side note, and interestingly enough, the nose behind Fancy also created Thierry Mugler Womanity!

Fragrance: 3/10

Projection: 8/10

Sillage: 8/10

Longevity: 9/10
17th April, 2016
As other posters have noted, on the first spray it is a little juvenile and cheap. However (a big however), after settling, it warms into a complex smell that I quite enjoy. By the time I've made it to bed, I can't stop smelling my wrists because they smell like the yummiest warm vanilla, chocolate, ambery smell ever. My colleages compliment me most on this in the evenings just before leaving the office.
11th November, 2013
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Try before you buy!

I blind-bought this after reading the notes because I am a sucker for (decently formulated) sweet gourmand scents. This is not one. I am stuck with 3-odd ounces of bugspray now - seriously, all I smell is citronella and alcohol - and not one note advertised is present over the stench. It is vaguely, if you squint and hop on one foot, "sweet." Otherwise, this is crap. I am used to celebuscents being bad, but I read so many good reviews about this one that I figured I was safe. Buyers beware: if you have an educated nose, this will probably not be up to your minimum standards of acceptability. Just think, I could have had three bottles of Skin-So-Soft instead of this choking stinkbomb. Those who say this smells like Pink Sugar must have very different noses from mine! For a cheap smell-alike of PS, play it safe and go with Gale Hayman's "Delicious Cotton Candy," which actually does smell like cotton candy, marshmallows, and a little like "Wish." "Fancy" isn't worth the paper in a tester strip, in my opinion.

In related news, I now have a 3.3 oz. bottle of Fancy for sell / trade. Any takers?

Pros: None
Cons: Too many to list; waste of money"

12th September, 2013
My first thoughts were, "It's way too cloying, but not as disgusting as I thought it would be." The opening fruits are bold, while the vanilla dry-down makes you feel as if you've bathed in a tub of vanilla extract and carmel syrup and then dried yourself off with cotton candy, which is great if you're into that sorta thing. I normally like gourmands, but this leaves me ambivalent. It's sweet and superficial. This would be a great gift for my bubbly, 17-year-old cousin for her prom night. But I'd rather go with something with a bit more intrigue and spice.
26th December, 2011
Yes ... it IS a lot like Pink Sugar . I would say a blend of Pink Sugar(2/3) and Hanae Mori Blue (or Pink) Butterfly(1/3 -the berries) . This is so much like Pink Sugar that if one person is wearing Fancy and the other Pink Sugar it's hard to smell the other person's fragrance. {This actually happened today to me and another co-worker }

The drydown on this is just a bit plastic doll-y smelling in Fancy.
The lotion is okay fragrancewise ,but seems a little liquidy .
The Fancy shower gel is nice ,it reminds me slightly of Bvlgari Omnia (red bottle)a bit of tea-ish notes added to a weaker version of Fancy.
All in all not too bad for $10 for all three from a discounter.
04th December, 2011
My girlfriend used to wear this until her bottle ran out. It's a calming and relaxing scent thats very uplifting. It smells cheap from the bottle but on her skin it smelled... magical? A steal at this price, just hope it doesn't get much attention because I like this under the radar. An undoubtably great fragrance...
24th July, 2011
This does smell exactly like Pink Sugar.

Despite the two smelling very similar, seeming that Pink Sugar isn't readily available in Australia, this for some will be unique.

I really love the sugary sweetness in Fancy, although for some this will be quite sickening. You've definitely got to have a sweet tooth for fragrances like these.

Fancy is quite warm with a gourmand, dessert like quality. I sense a lot of apricot, caramel and vanilla, which together makes an adorably girlish and pretty fragrance.

I must repeat that this isn't for people that dislike sweet scents or gourmands. But for those of you that love scents of this kind, Fancy and you are sure to fall in love.

05th June, 2011
I was fully prepared to dislike Fancy just for the face on the packaging and my mind and nose were steeling themselves for the attack to come...
It's actually quite good. The soft fruit layer on the top is inviting, if fake. The jasmine and gardenia are almost an afterthought, like a semi-talented street performing duo who had the misfortune of stationing themselves outside the stadium where the Who (the vanilla, in this case) is playing. The combination of almond, caramel, vanilla and fruits makes me wish I could pour this one over ice cream instead of wear it, but all in all it's a decent and very long lasting gourmand. Anyone who digs Fancy should check out Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum; all the vanillic gourmand enchantment with less nuissance and ten times the class.
04th June, 2010
Initial whiff? Didn't like it. I tried Fancy Love previous to this, and I loved it. Fancy love had a warm feeling to it (probably thanks to the vanilla). But Fancy.. was not good initially. However, the dry down started to smell more sweet and warm, but I think it's "too little too late". Not good enough in my opinion. Then again, this is my initial response. I have been using fancy love for longer so I may have gotten used to it by now? Who knows, but I know is that my initial impression is that I do not like Fancy. I will nab a Fancy Love if I can get it for cheap though.

note: I only smelled this through a tester strip, I am not sure it matters but I feel like its important information :).
18th March, 2010
Thank you for asking that honeyb. Thought there was something wrong with my nose thinking that Fancy and the Brit were similar. Happen to own both ü I too, think they are, but the Brit's more limey and Fancy sweeter. Although I got Fancy first and spoiled me for everything else. If you like gourmand oriental/vanilla scents with a bit of sophistication, this is your ticket!
12th February, 2010
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United States
i just bought this and i love it! At first it seems a little sweet when i first applied it, but the dry down is softer to me with lots of caramel and vanilla.If i find another one for $20 at TJMAX, i'm going to grab it! By the way, does anyone think this smells similar to Burberry Brit when it dries down? I sprayed my wrists with both and and a few hours later they smelled similar.
29th September, 2009
I am a great lover of fruity/powdery fragrances and Fancy when first applied is deliciously fruity and then later becomes a light powdery vanilla pleasure. It surprises me that others find it to be too sweet as I constantly have both men and women complimenting me on the fragrance. This will definitely become one of my lifetime favorite perfumes.
15th September, 2009
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Jessica Simpson: Singer. Actress. Television personality. NFL quarterback girlfriend. Perfumer.

As I peeled back the flap of the perfume sample, I girded my nostrils for what I knew would be a scent as bubble-gum sweet as one of Jessica's pop songs. And so while the waves of syrupy sugar mixed with vanilla and cherry did not completely bowl me over, the notion that Jessica Simpson fancied smelling like an ice cream sundae sort of did. Maybe this perfume has something to do with her recent weight gain, because it smells incredibly fattening.
27th May, 2009
Umm, cute bottle. Weird that it's called "Fancy." I was intrigued that Jessica Simpson wanted it to smell like when your boyfriend's cologne mixes in with your whatever smells. I smell a bit of that, too, when I make my mind actively think about it. I think it's the.. fruit? florals? working that kind of magic? But uh.. Nice concept, but.. If your boyfriend's cologne gets on you, and mixes with your perfume, what kind of perfume would you be wearing? Apparently with Fancy, you'd be wearing that caramel-sugar stuff. Maybe with this concept, I'd've enjoyed it more with something less sweet. Actually, I guess I was sold on the concept cuz I actually really like the smell of the classic guy stuff. That's why I bought it, but someone please recommend me something that achieves this in a nicer way, please! I'm not talking about unisex fragrances, though.

Thumbs up for the power of this scent. Hilary Duff's With Love doesn't last at all on my skin, and this one.. lingers.
18th May, 2009
the initial spray of Fancy was great: wonderful blending of fruit and sweet vanilla cream. Disappointingly, however, the dry down becomes overtaken with the caramely vanilla notes, losing anything else that made up this fragrance. Only buy this if you need a gorgeous bottle of drugstore vanilla caramel spray.
09th May, 2009
I'm not a big Jessica Simpson fan, but I really like this scent. For me, the almonds and warmth come out after a few minutes, and really stay with you. And I LOVE almond. There's something warm and comforting about it.

Sometimes I put this on before I go to bed, and I can smell it all night long, and still in the morning. So it has nice lasting power on me.
25th March, 2009
Candied Apricots on Vanilla Ice Cream. I like the Rose Gold color of the cap and neckband on the bottle.
08th February, 2009
When I first smelled this perfume I thought of a mix of bubble gum and cotton candy. But for some strange reason it seemed to remind me of when I used to go camping when I was little. And then it hit me... OFF SPRAY! Now if I smell it thats all I can smell is off spray. To sum it up, this perfume is disgusting (unless you like cotton candy covered in off spray.
07th February, 2009
Love it. Don't know why.Assuming I do have some integrity in this matter,I believe the reviews are a little too cursory. Definately a winter fragrance. Would be too overbearing in the summer or springtime.
17th January, 2009 (last edited: 16th November, 2011)
I feel in love with the scent the moment I smelled it in a magazine ad. I love sweet scents (and spicier, go figure) and this is as sweet as it gets. Almost has a cotton candy-vanilla scent to it and it lasts all day. It's a very creamy scent and the bottle is gorgeous.
16th January, 2009
The marketing persuaded me to buy this fancy little celebrity sweet treat. Save your money and douse yourself with a bottle of vanilla extract. The vanilla is overpowering, so much that, when I wore it in public, a friend commented "something smells like vanilla."
20th December, 2008
I love it. I've been blending my own essential oils (jasmine, sandalwood, rose, in that order) for the past few years. Fancy makes me even happier - just a delightful scent. Not cloying, not overpowering - lovely.
18th December, 2008
I smelled this the other day because i'm always intrigued by celebrity fragrances and i wanted to see if ms. "is this chicken or is this fish" Simpson had good taste. I was pretty disappointed. while the perfume smells feminine and pretty nice, it is quite simplistic and it smelled very much like cotton candy. Does anyone know where this super sweet note came from? is it the apricot nectar?
30th November, 2008
Syrupy sweet. Like canned fruit cocktail in heavy syrup with the fake cherries. I like sweet, but this is artificial smelling and rather boring. It doesn't get much better as it dries and progresses on the skin though the vanilla becomes more solid and lends a more natural aura to the fragrance. Meh.
15th November, 2008
Did I dare to say I hated 'Angel' and it was the worst thing I have ever had the agony of putting next to my nose?

I truly apologize.

'Angel' does not even hold a candle to this monstrosity. To me, it is virtually Godzilla dipped in sugar and spray-painted to pink.

It is absolutely terrible and absolutely Jessica Simpson. Cheap, tacky and horrid even from a -what you would assume- 'safe' distance.
03rd November, 2008
Typical sugary, fruity gourmande. It's not bad; it's just not very original at this point. Bored now.
16th September, 2008
I think it is very, very sweet. Even my 10 yr old feels that it's just too, too sweet. Howevery, I'm in love with the bottle! I just might buy it for the sake of displaying it on my art deco dresser! :-)
18th August, 2008 (last edited: 17th July, 2009)