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I smelled this on a girl the other night and it was beautiful. Soft and creamy and sweet, definitely the sort of scent that makes your mouth water and is all inviting.

Than the girl happily told me what she was wearing and squirted my neck and sweater. It was super musky and cloying and a sillage monster. I smelled so bad I left the club to go change and my SO was getting nauseous from the smell when I was talking with him on the front porch. After the sweater went to the laundry the bit of sweet amber vanilla clinging to my chest was pleasant enough, but that got overbearing fast.
19th October, 2016
My first thoughts were, "It's way too cloying, but not as disgusting as I thought it would be." The opening fruits are bold, while the vanilla dry-down makes you feel as if you've bathed in a tub of vanilla extract and carmel syrup and then dried yourself off with cotton candy, which is great if you're into that sorta thing. I normally like gourmands, but this leaves me ambivalent. It's sweet and superficial. This would be a great gift for my bubbly, 17-year-old cousin for her prom night. But I'd rather go with something with a bit more intrigue and spice.
26th December, 2011
Yes ... it IS a lot like Pink Sugar . I would say a blend of Pink Sugar(2/3) and Hanae Mori Blue (or Pink) Butterfly(1/3 -the berries) . This is so much like Pink Sugar that if one person is wearing Fancy and the other Pink Sugar it's hard to smell the other person's fragrance. {This actually happened today to me and another co-worker }

The drydown on this is just a bit plastic doll-y smelling in Fancy.
The lotion is okay fragrancewise ,but seems a little liquidy .
The Fancy shower gel is nice ,it reminds me slightly of Bvlgari Omnia (red bottle)a bit of tea-ish notes added to a weaker version of Fancy.
All in all not too bad for $10 for all three from a discounter.
04th December, 2011
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This does smell exactly like Pink Sugar.

Despite the two smelling very similar, seeming that Pink Sugar isn't readily available in Australia, this for some will be unique.

I really love the sugary sweetness in Fancy, although for some this will be quite sickening. You've definitely got to have a sweet tooth for fragrances like these.

Fancy is quite warm with a gourmand, dessert like quality. I sense a lot of apricot, caramel and vanilla, which together makes an adorably girlish and pretty fragrance.

I must repeat that this isn't for people that dislike sweet scents or gourmands. But for those of you that love scents of this kind, Fancy and you are sure to fall in love.

05th June, 2011
I was fully prepared to dislike Fancy just for the face on the packaging and my mind and nose were steeling themselves for the attack to come...
It's actually quite good. The soft fruit layer on the top is inviting, if fake. The jasmine and gardenia are almost an afterthought, like a semi-talented street performing duo who had the misfortune of stationing themselves outside the stadium where the Who (the vanilla, in this case) is playing. The combination of almond, caramel, vanilla and fruits makes me wish I could pour this one over ice cream instead of wear it, but all in all it's a decent and very long lasting gourmand. Anyone who digs Fancy should check out Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum; all the vanillic gourmand enchantment with less nuissance and ten times the class.
04th June, 2010
Initial whiff? Didn't like it. I tried Fancy Love previous to this, and I loved it. Fancy love had a warm feeling to it (probably thanks to the vanilla). But Fancy.. was not good initially. However, the dry down started to smell more sweet and warm, but I think it's "too little too late". Not good enough in my opinion. Then again, this is my initial response. I have been using fancy love for longer so I may have gotten used to it by now? Who knows, but I know is that my initial impression is that I do not like Fancy. I will nab a Fancy Love if I can get it for cheap though.

note: I only smelled this through a tester strip, I am not sure it matters but I feel like its important information :).
18th March, 2010
Umm, cute bottle. Weird that it's called "Fancy." I was intrigued that Jessica Simpson wanted it to smell like when your boyfriend's cologne mixes in with your whatever smells. I smell a bit of that, too, when I make my mind actively think about it. I think it's the.. fruit? florals? working that kind of magic? But uh.. Nice concept, but.. If your boyfriend's cologne gets on you, and mixes with your perfume, what kind of perfume would you be wearing? Apparently with Fancy, you'd be wearing that caramel-sugar stuff. Maybe with this concept, I'd've enjoyed it more with something less sweet. Actually, I guess I was sold on the concept cuz I actually really like the smell of the classic guy stuff. That's why I bought it, but someone please recommend me something that achieves this in a nicer way, please! I'm not talking about unisex fragrances, though.

Thumbs up for the power of this scent. Hilary Duff's With Love doesn't last at all on my skin, and this one.. lingers.
18th May, 2009
The marketing persuaded me to buy this fancy little celebrity sweet treat. Save your money and douse yourself with a bottle of vanilla extract. The vanilla is overpowering, so much that, when I wore it in public, a friend commented "something smells like vanilla."
20th December, 2008
I smelled this the other day because i'm always intrigued by celebrity fragrances and i wanted to see if ms. "is this chicken or is this fish" Simpson had good taste. I was pretty disappointed. while the perfume smells feminine and pretty nice, it is quite simplistic and it smelled very much like cotton candy. Does anyone know where this super sweet note came from? is it the apricot nectar?
30th November, 2008
Syrupy sweet. Like canned fruit cocktail in heavy syrup with the fake cherries. I like sweet, but this is artificial smelling and rather boring. It doesn't get much better as it dries and progresses on the skin though the vanilla becomes more solid and lends a more natural aura to the fragrance. Meh.
15th November, 2008
I think it is very, very sweet. Even my 10 yr old feels that it's just too, too sweet. Howevery, I'm in love with the bottle! I just might buy it for the sake of displaying it on my art deco dresser! :-)
18th August, 2008 (last edited: 17th July, 2009)