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Total Reviews: 10

I write CH but You read YUMMY.Yes really YUMMY.It is fresh scent with warmth in it and You can feel Vitality and Pleasure.It gives seeming the wearer and i think CH is one of the best product to come from CAROLINA HERRERA.

Modern,Crisp,Creamy,Complex,Fruity,Romantic and Subtle.At the begining when you close your eyes fresh blast your nose with Citrusy notes.The heart brings notes makes it ROMANTIC definitely with Rose and Jasmine.The base is Warm and Soft.

Overall CH is a Great Choice for you are looking for a fragrance when You walk pass a group you want see heads turn!It is Nice for any season but i recommend it in a SPRING EVENING for a Blithe and Romantic character.Enjoyable scent indeed.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

11th May, 2015
This is a very nice and pleasant fragrance. even though it's not so girly, specially the dry down, but I believe it's a very good choice for a woman with high self confidence! a woman that owns a company!

The opening of this fragrance is a fresh and at the same time sweet fruity scent with strong dose of patchouli.
At the beginning I can smell a fresh and zesty fruity scent something like red berries and there are some citruses right beside it to give this fruity accord more fresh and tart citrusy aspect. the opening may be a little harsh to the nose and kind of peppery or even acidic! that's because of patchouli note but it settles down very quick and don't hate the fragrance just because of that.

In the dry down things got more interesting! in this part the tart and fresh citruses settled down and some floral notes joined in. I can still smell that fruity kind of red berry smell and a little more musky sweetness and some patchouli that gives the scent a damp and interesting feeling. there is a bitter and smoky/woody/leathery kind of aura in the background that it gets more and more strong as time passes. this is the place where some women find it so harsh and even masculine!
So if you're testing this fragrance don't buy it just because you liked the opening! let it settle down and reach base notes then make your decision!
Projection is very good and longevity is around 6-7 hours on the skin.
03rd March, 2015
First time I tried I found it interesting, the opening notescan be described as interesting. Then it opens up to a wonderful fragrance. Icould not say it is an easy to find fragrance, though. I managed to identify it and order it from Strawberry.
06th March, 2014
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It was awful at the first time I smelled it on my skin, and even worse at the second (I don't actually know why I bothered, but I did) time. A horrible fruity-floral-gourmand hybrid, made by three different noses, of which btw, two have proved before that they actually have talent for this job.

What could I possibly say?? Loud synthetic and cloying burst of nondescript mess in the beginning, dries down for a synthetic and suprisingly nostril burning sharp woody vanilla. Smells like a cheap pink bubblegum sticked into a plate of bitter stenching veneer.

Not the worst thing I have smelled, but there are so much better things available.
15th March, 2011
Toothache-inducing opening aside, this has the looks of fruit-infused floral jam slathered over cinnamon-spiced confections. But it is not overtly gourmand. After the tart fruit tops have mellowed out, I get a nice sweetly woodsy, mildly cinnamony aura that seems to be the trend in women's fragrances a few years back. Pleasant enough but hardly outstanding.
29th December, 2010
Sweet & a tiny bit spicy! I thought I smelled pineapple in the opening with all those fruits coming together. It's tooth-ache sweet and a tiny bit tart. The fruits last 20-30min and then it goes a little incense and dirt. Straight up dirt from the backyard which kind of nice and unexpected but also a little wtf.?

This reminds me a lot of Guess Gold but it's more complex and feels higher quality. I will enjoy my sample but I'm doubting CH will grab ahold of my wallet or my heart.
05th December, 2009
I have little good to say about this scent. First, the components smell primarily synthetic. It is a lean scent, despite the supposed round notes of cinnamon, praline, woods, & leather. Second, it may be the choice of notes rather than the way they are combined, that dooms this perfume. A Citrus Floral Leather Gourmand? The citrus/pepper top reminds me of industrial cleaner, and the pomelo clashes horribly with the praline. The floral heart lies muddled and unnoticed. Once the top notes have blown off, the bearable drydown is mostly woodsy praline. I get no leather whatsoever. Despite all this olfactory action, CH lacks dynamism and manages to be boring as well as inferior. That's a blessing in this case.
17th November, 2009
CH is a warm spicy scent on me, w mostly orange flavor, it has just enough freshness to it for summer even tho it's spicy & deep. It has praline & cinnamon for a touch of sweetness, but no vanilla! If this had vanilla I think it would smell alot like Lempicka L, but w more punch. The spicy incense mix here reminds me of Nu's base. To me it's a sultry scent, and comfy as well. The fruitiness does fade a bit a cpl hours later, but it still smells very nice.
11th June, 2009
I dont like the openning at all ....but the dry down is good
03rd March, 2009
This very cheerful, cute and soft-spoken fruity floral, is elegant and cool but with a serious longevity problem. Another problem i found is that as nice smelling as this one is, the Carolina Herrera perfumes of late are loosing a great deal of personality, something that didn't happen with the older -and sometimes sadly discontinued- releases. This fruity floral is demure and very controlled, but it offers a good, balanced rendition of semi-sweet midnotes, a blast of freshness at the top and a comfortable, velvety finish. I don't find it too innovative or original, but is more of a "chic" fragrance, even more than Herrera's own CHIC fragrance for women, which i found strange.Cute.
15th November, 2007