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Negative Reviews of CH for Woman by Carolina Herrera

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It was awful at the first time I smelled it on my skin, and even worse at the second (I don't actually know why I bothered, but I did) time. A horrible fruity-floral-gourmand hybrid, made by three different noses, of which btw, two have proved before that they actually have talent for this job.

What could I possibly say?? Loud synthetic and cloying burst of nondescript mess in the beginning, dries down for a synthetic and suprisingly nostril burning sharp woody vanilla. Smells like a cheap pink bubblegum sticked into a plate of bitter stenching veneer.

Not the worst thing I have smelled, but there are so much better things available.
15th March, 2011
I have little good to say about this scent. First, the components smell primarily synthetic. It is a lean scent, despite the supposed round notes of cinnamon, praline, woods, & leather. Second, it may be the choice of notes rather than the way they are combined, that dooms this perfume. A Citrus Floral Leather Gourmand? The citrus/pepper top reminds me of industrial cleaner, and the pomelo clashes horribly with the praline. The floral heart lies muddled and unnoticed. Once the top notes have blown off, the bearable drydown is mostly woodsy praline. I get no leather whatsoever. Despite all this olfactory action, CH lacks dynamism and manages to be boring as well as inferior. That's a blessing in this case.
17th November, 2009