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United Kingdom
The bergamot and the orange blossom combine with tangerine to a somewhat subduedly fresh start. No a super-bright in-your-face freshness, more like a breeze that a fresh blast. Nice.

The drydown turns distinctly floral, with a well-made magnolia the predominant impression on my skin; a vivid and fragrantly delightful magnolia that is quite bright. Jasmine is in the backgound, as is a herbal backdrop of myrrhe, but the magnolia is in the centre of attention.

The base is quite different, as the floral element has receded and is replaced by a woodsy impression, with subdued notes of coconut and whiffs of caramel giving a rounded restrainedly sweet character to this phase of the development of this fragrance. These remain until the end.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and a very impressive twelve hours of longevity; the later stages, however, are very close to my skin.

A lovely summer scent when it is not too hot, it would also suit warmer spring days as a day scent. It is well blended and not too generic. Discreetly summery it is. 3.25/5.
15th July, 2017
l was curious to try this one, as l already own a bottle of Bronze Goddess, & wanted to compare the two. Some say they are the same fragrance under different names, others that there are subtle differences between them. l agree with the latter group.
AS is much creamier than BG, with the coconut milk more prominent, & appearing much sooner in its development. lt also lasts a little longer at around four hours on me. BG is far more woody & bright.
l like both, but l am happy to stick with BG, as l feel the wood notes give it a more interesting edge.
21st November, 2012
Very sultry coconut, not childish or boring. It have a woody feeling, mixed with flowers and salt water. It really is beachy, just lovely.
14th January, 2011
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Originally created as a body oil for the Azuree Soliel Collection by Tom Ford first introduced in 2006, this "liquid beach" fragrance has turned out to be a big hit for the Lauder family, later becoming the fragrance now known as Bronze Goddess. The body oil shares all the same notes but lasts longer on the skin.
09th January, 2011
This smells just like the beach to me...salt water, suntan lotion, coconut and even salted seaweed. The combination of notes makes me want to hop in my car and take a ride to the beach every time I smell it. This perfume wears very close to my skin, it is light and not overpowering. I have not had a chance to smell and compare Bronze Goddess to Azuree Soleil yet but will check it out on my next trip ro the mall.
15th November, 2009
This review is for the body oil - which has a better scent in my opinion; the Eau Fraiche is a little too citrusy at first and a little too musky in the drydown but still a lot of fun:

This indecisive product swings in between a perfume and a body oil, but to judge by the fact that 1/5 of the bottle was gone only 5 days after Azuree joined my glass clan – I think of it as a body oil. The scent is mild and non-overpowering. Despite its definite presence and unique odour, it does not seem like an improbable act of insanity to wear other fragrance on your wrists while your skin is covered with the glowing aura of this subtle, sensual scent. I was a bit surprised when I smelled it first because it is rather spicy. With all the coconut and gardenia hype, one might grow to expect Azure to be just another fun suntan oil scent. Azure is mostly a woody scent, warmed with allspice and cloves. It has a spicy-sweet and woody-dry, warm presence at first, with less-than-obvious melted-honey-comb top notes. Than it gradually melts into the skin and radiates an aura of warm sand and skin, or shampooed hair heated by direct sun light. The gardenia is very subdued and so are the coconut and myrrh. The overall feeling when wearing Azuree Body Oil after a while is what one would want a sun tan lotion to be: a non-obstrusive complement to one’s skin. And that’s what I love about it.

The oil is made mostly of silicone (cyclopentasiloxane caprylic/capric triglyceride), it is made friendly and moisturizing with olive oil, macademia nut oil, kukui nut oil, grapeseed oil and wheat germ oil. I believe it's that combination that makes the oil absorb so fast and not feel so oily (like most suntan oils are!). The list of ingredients definitely makes me like this oil more...

A downside is, though, that all the cinnamic acids and spicy aromas can be a bit tough on the skin. If you have a sensitive skin don’t apply it all over your body – it may result in a burning or itching sensation or irritation to the skin. This is why it would be nice if it came in a more concentrated oil that can be applied discreetly to pulse points, or just a perfume, a-la-Youth Dew Bath Oil.

Another issue is the price: if (and I repeat: IF) Azuree was a perfume, the price (below $40 CAD the year it came out) would have been very attractive. But, considering the fact that it is a Body Oil, and is meant to cover more skin than a perfume – it goes faster that I wish it would, and so the price is actually not as great as it seems…
25th July, 2009
Thanks to Mike Perez for both his review and for mentioning Bronze Goddess because I now have both (BG in the skin oil) and they are quite close. Also, like Mike, I get a definite briny dried-salt hovering over the hint of coconut and hesperedics. And I get MOLTO compliments whenever I wear it.

On me the Goddess is a bit higher and harsher pitched with a hint of...cedar?
14th June, 2008
Truly a "skinscent", wearing extremely close to the body without noteable sillage. Nice for the beach or boat, but beyond that I don't see the point. Maybe if I layered it with the oil it would bloom better...
10th June, 2008
I live in Miami - so smelling like you've been to the beach (coconut suntan lotion, salt water, etc) is easy to smell naturally. Yet, scents like this that are well done, I like.

Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche manages to bring the coconut note in an extremely subtle way, folding it into the marine/salt skin accord and smelling just a tad sweet (caramel) in the middle. However my favorite part (hardly mentioned by other wearers) is a kind of coral rock, mineral accord that hovers just above my skin when I wear ASEF. It recalls the smell of the ocean, where it meets a rocky shoreline and the smell those rocks get baking in the sun, wet from ocean water.

I remember another Basenoter (when I sent him a sample of this) mentioning Tom Ford has bottled the smell of sexy Brazilians. :)

This is now (May 2008) an officially discontinued fragrance from Estee Lauder - however Lauder (because their contract with Tom Ford fragrances ran out) has re-packaged and re-named ASEF - so you can still buy this scent at Lauder counters under the name, 'Bronze Goddess'. I have tested several times side-by-side and I must say BG is very similar to ASEF.
17th May, 2008
I absolutely adore this fragrance! I first fell in love with this scent in spring of 2006. An Estee Lauder SA took great pleasure in slathering Azuree Body Oil Spray all over both of my arms and then told me it was sold out. I wasn't too impressed, until the morning after, when I woke and smelled like I had slept in a cabana on a remote tropical island. I called about 15 different stores until I had secured two bottles of this oil. I anxiously awaited Spring 2007, hoping that Mr. Ford would create a perfume to match my beloved body oil. He did and he didn't disappoint! It has everything that the perfect scent (for me) needs: there's Coconut, Tahitian Gardenia, Sandalwood, Vanilla, a bit of Orange Blossom and it's damn sexy. This is one of the few scents that I wear year-round. It works in the Spring, while I'm wishing Summer would come faster. I wear it in the Summer when I want something light and sunny. I love it in the Fall, while I reminisce over another Summer gone by. I need it in the Winter because I can't take a real vacation and this brings the vacation to me. I'm wearing it as I'm watching the snow fall and I can almost feel Mr. Ford massaging suntan oil on my back. I fell in love with this, not at first site--but the morning after--which we all know is RARE.
29th December, 2007
This floral tropical-inspired semi-oriental is as good as it gets in coconutty fragrances for women.
It’s very fresh at the top and it definitely has that top-quality tanning oil feel to it but with added elegance and silkyness, it feels a bit waxy and not overtly sugary which I like a lot.
This coconut feels more like coconut water than coconut oil to tell you the truth.
The orange blossom top is very unexpected as I was thinking I was going to get more bergamot or blood oranges as is more common with scents like this, and this orange blossom is not too heady either.
The base is a very warm, very comfortable bed of vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and something that feels like incense which gives it yet another surprising twist to it.
I also thought I was going to get some sort of oceanic or even ozonic notes but there was nothing of the sort in here.
Tom ford sure knows how to choose a fragrance and he knows his audience as well.

13th October, 2007