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BLACK ORCHID VOILE DE FLEUR is reflect a Femme Fatale when she is ready for enchant a man in a unforgettable night or like a woman who gives a man a come hither look followed by a go away look.yes definitely it is an attention grabber. Provocative,Oriental, Captivating,Mysterious,Complex and Great.

The opening is strong then gardenia and orchid leaves space to the wonderful base notes due Vanilla,Sandalwood and especially patchouli that allure and glamor you when everything is by feminine guiles.Floral notes are more dominant in this one than original BLACK ORCHID for me.

It is perfect for a Evening in AUTUMN/ WINTER and any Special Occasion.It Leaves a heady memory of you in your wake.Anyway if you want to feel something different,You should try this one.TOM FORD fragrances worth Every penny you pay for them.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

11th May, 2015
One of those perfumes that I shouldn't like, but somehow do.

For Voile de Fleur, Tom Ford borrows Guerlain's signature boozy cherry and throws it on top of a juicy tropical fruit punch of mostly pineapple and mango. This would be fairly saccharine on its own, but it's cleverly poised on a bed of coconut juice and waxy tropical flowers (my best guess is that it's largely ylang, but with enough other florals to give it a pinch of that powdery white flower accord and some vanilla for added creaminess).

I actually prefer Voile De Fleur over the original Black Orchid (though not listed as such here, it's a flanker) because I like VDF's waxy florals more than BO's weird minty fruity indoles. But while they don't really smell alike, they're very much in the same spirit, and VDF is just as nuclear-strong as Black Orchid.

VDF is very much a nightclub fragrance to me. It's strangely unisex in the same way as the original Black Orchid, a sort of wild scream for attention (in a good way, though) that mocks gender. Have you ever seen a faux queen? It's a natural woman who impersonates a drag queen in nightclubs, wherein she revels in a sort of mock femininity that's so over-the-top that it transcends gender and leaves everyone confused. That's what both Black Orchid and Voile de Fleur smell like to me, something so ridiculously over-the-top feminine that it no longer fits on a regular woman, the perfume equivalent of a crazy fruit hat or a ball gown encrusted in those little disco ball mirrors.
29th June, 2012
Creamy, Boozy, lasts forever
02nd June, 2012
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Plums are very seductive fruits and they do not get any more sensuous than they do here in BOVdF. They are dark, opulent, and slyly sinister here. I am over the moon in love with Tom Ford’s misunderstood boozy villain. This villain in velvets also brings gardenias to woo its prey in the cloak of darkness. Its drydown is consistently dark and dense, with heady fruits and berries, spicy sandalwood, and loads of amber and patchouli. Compared to its older sibling, Black Orchid, this is a lighter, effervescent version but it’s still heavy hitter with a secret double life.

This is a dense cloak of a fragrance with sillage that announces, “The wearer has left the building.” It is certainly a fragrance with a bullhorn! Very much like anyone with a bullhorn, this fragrance is unconcerned with offending others, though it has the potential to do so. I know I’ll be wearing this the next time I go bar-hopping in Downtown L.A. BOVdF was made for upscale nightlife and devil-may-care urban adventures.
05th May, 2012
A more contemporary and milky sort of aldehydic blend of Paris YSL, Coco Chanel and original Black Orchid. The combination of white flowers (starring the gardenia on the side of honeysuckle), coconut, milk, vanilla ,cinnamon,sandalwood and patchouli produces a very radiant and milky-floral-spicy kind of smell just partially shadowed by a toned down Black orchid, dark fruits and pepper. The last impresses dustiness in order to give more consistence to the notable volatility of the gassy smell. The beginning is made of citrus and exotic fruits that tend to fade soon in the middle of the floral and milky exhalations. The gaseous effect is enhances by a touch of black truffles and spices together with aldehydes while the tastiness is enhanced  by the combination of milk and coconut. Radiant and sophisticated but lacking of mistery and complexity. Better than the  original Black Orchid but i don't rave for this fragrance.
25th October, 2011 (last edited: 29th December, 2016)
A sophisticated tuberose floral composition. Nice if you like tuberose, great if you're into an affected and mannered kind of elegance. Too much for me, sorry!
23rd April, 2011
Just gorgeous- black orchid tends to devolve after the beautiful opening whereas voile de fleur does not. The sillage is incredible and persistent. Other than the note of violet in the opening it's very similar to black orchid so it would be redundant to own both (for me anyway). It's definitely more of a feminine fragrance.
15th August, 2010
A spicy floral that feels creamy and gets a little dark and sweet at the end.... poetically speaking, a flower and an herb garden got in a fight and fell asleep on a vanilla pillow.
15th July, 2010
The first time I tried BOVdF I sprayed it into the crook of my elbow; the only piece of skin left after a mammoth perfuming testing expedition. I recoiled against its strange, thick creaminess which reminds me of melted ice cream. I immediately turned to another fragrance to get rid of the offensive smell from my nose. That night, some 8 hours later, I caught a faint whiff of something delicious. By that stage all the other perfumes I’d tested had faded to nothingness and only BOVdF remained. The following week I went back to test it again and had the same experience; immediately repulsed by the opening but totally enamoured with the dry down. On third testing I bought a bottle.

Since that time I have learned to love the quirky facets of BOVdF; which seem to change with each wearing. BOVdF is heavy on the gardenia and honeysuckle; I find it to be very tuberose-eque although that is not listed in the notes. The combination of the potent white flowers makes for a heady concoction and the smell is thick and almost waxy. It’s like being surrounded by white flowers on a hot day; the smell is intoxicating and unescapable. BOVdF also lists warm milk and vanilla tears as notes; which I think is what creates the ‘ice cream’ note for me.
21st June, 2010
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United States
Narcotic cream with spice. Voile de Fleur blooms in the heat and can cut the cold.
Heady tropical accord-coconut, pineapple, gardenia
Fracas lineage.
14th April, 2010
I tried this before the original Black Orchid and I adore both. Viole de Fleur makes me feel sexy in a sweeter, more feminine way than the original. I'm not overly fond of white florals but this has enough depth and richness to make me love it. I fell in love with this fragrance at first sniff, something which rarely happens. I find this is perfect to wear during the day in winter or on cooler evenings throughout the year.
29th July, 2009
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United States
I don't see how this can be viewed as "unisex." I like several "women's" fragrances and Iquitos as well (used in moderation, of course), but this one is basically too similar to other truly feminine fragrances I've sampled (like the original Gucci, though this one has some nice fruit element in the top notes). Yes, it's a little different, more "modern," but it's not unique enough to me. If I were a woman who liked typical feminine fragrances, perhaps I'd find this to be superior to similar ones, but I just couldn't detect anything particularly interesting about it for me, nothing. I also think it lacks a certain dynamism that I seek in fragrances, with notes moving around, swirling about. I didn't get any of that from this one, which would have at least allowed me to appreciate it.
09th November, 2008
Black Orchid is probably one of the best scents to come it awhile, but this version, IMHO, is even better. The arrangement of the floral notes is nothing short of breath taking and like Black Orchid, can work just as well on a man as well as a woman. For me I think the addition of the truffle also makes this a true stand out - yummy!

Notes (as listed by Sephora):

Black Truffle, Bergamot, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Black Orchid, Black Pepper, Lotus Wood, Noir Gourmand Accord, Vanilla Tears, Patchouli, Balsam, Sandalwood.

The longevity of this is incredible, it will last all day and still amaze.

I think it is great for any season and works well everywhere.

5 stars. Great work!
18th July, 2008
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Like many other people, I love Black Orchid. I am a guy, and I am using it with great pleasure. It is a unique scent I consider, so when I learned that there was gonna be a second edition of the gorgeous scent, I got very excited. Black Orchid is so heavy, which is something I am in love with, yet I had always expected a lighter version to be created, to reach to even bigger masses, and turn in profit. Yet I was scared that it was gonna be some crappy watered down summer edition, which would strip it from its soul and make it another sweet fruity/citrusy summer edition.

I am very pleased to say, Black Orchid Voile de Fleur is not that edition. It is super creamy, enriched with a heavy dose of milk and white flowers like gardenia, jasmine, or Casablanca lilies I think they are. This is strictly feminine. Patchouli seems to be much less in this edition, yet it keeps the dark sweetness of the original scent to the core. Kind of reminds me a much thicker Gucci Envy, with a foundation of very dark notes which still includes a healthy dose of Vanilla. In many ways, it is very different from Black Orchid, even though they are definite sisters. I think Tom Ford could have released this scent as something totally separate from Black Orchid with maybe in a white bottle or something. It is not a silly sidebar 'limited' edition to me. It is just as potent, unique and magical as Black Orchid.

It should have perhaps been called 'White Orchid' because of its heavy white floral notes. As a guy, it is impossible to find a good scent with these notes, which are being rightfully seen as very very feminine: at the top of the pyramid of feminine scents I think. Yet, I love these smells: they remind me of my childhood in a way. Make no mistake, this fragrance is not as innocent as a 'childhood smell' though -it is indescribably sexy once again- yet it is a little more familiar than Black Orchid.

EDIT: It has been discontinued.

HUGE MISTAKE, Mr. Ford or whoever that controls his perfume business. Huge mistake. This could have easily been a future classic if it were given a chance beyond the temporary flanker treatment.

28th April, 2008 (last edited: 04th August, 2011)
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United States
Well, I like Black Orchid and as you might have already noticed, it's a strong kind of fragrance that you have to spray in little amounts... It's also not an everyday frangrance. Anyway, I guess that since I love Black Orchid this voile would be perfect because it is meant to be lighter, etc... Well yeah it is lighter, but there's a terrible problem with that fragrance and my skin... right from the start it smells as if it contained a note of metal... yeah metal, I'd call this fragrance (judging by the way it smells on me) "Eau de Fleur Métallique".
I wonder which note(s) is/are the one(s) that make it smell that way on me.

Lovely voile (on the right person that is!), I'll stick to Black Orchid.
19th November, 2007
I have to say, this is a much better version of what I consider a weak offering in Black Orchid. This fragrance is sweet, but not overly girly. If this was offered as an EdP I'd have a bottle already. Oh, and to me this seems like a completely different formula than Black Orchid, at least parts of it. Enough so that I like this one while I do not like Black Orchid.
10th November, 2007