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Neutral Reviews of Voile de Fleur by Tom Ford

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A more contemporary and milky sort of aldehydic blend of Paris YSL, Coco Chanel and original Black Orchid. The combination of white flowers (starring the gardenia on the side of honeysuckle), coconut, milk, vanilla ,cinnamon,sandalwood and patchouli produces a very radiant and milky-floral-spicy kind of smell just partially shadowed by a toned down Black orchid, dark fruits and pepper. The last impresses dustiness in order to give more consistence to the notable volatility of the gassy smell. The beginning is made of citrus and exotic fruits that tend to fade soon in the middle of the floral and milky exhalations. The gaseous effect is enhances by a touch of black truffles and spices together with aldehydes while the tastiness is enhanced  by the combination of milk and coconut. Radiant and sophisticated but lacking of mistery and complexity. Better than the  original Black Orchid but i don't rave for this fragrance.
25th October, 2011 (last edited: 29th December, 2016)
A sophisticated tuberose floral composition. Nice if you like tuberose, great if you're into an affected and mannered kind of elegance. Too much for me, sorry!
23rd April, 2011
A spicy floral that feels creamy and gets a little dark and sweet at the end.... poetically speaking, a flower and an herb garden got in a fight and fell asleep on a vanilla pillow.
15th July, 2010
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Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I don't see how this can be viewed as "unisex." I like several "women's" fragrances and Iquitos as well (used in moderation, of course), but this one is basically too similar to other truly feminine fragrances I've sampled (like the original Gucci, though this one has some nice fruit element in the top notes). Yes, it's a little different, more "modern," but it's not unique enough to me. If I were a woman who liked typical feminine fragrances, perhaps I'd find this to be superior to similar ones, but I just couldn't detect anything particularly interesting about it for me, nothing. I also think it lacks a certain dynamism that I seek in fragrances, with notes moving around, swirling about. I didn't get any of that from this one, which would have at least allowed me to appreciate it.
09th November, 2008
Azahar Show all reviews
United States
Well, I like Black Orchid and as you might have already noticed, it's a strong kind of fragrance that you have to spray in little amounts... It's also not an everyday frangrance. Anyway, I guess that since I love Black Orchid this voile would be perfect because it is meant to be lighter, etc... Well yeah it is lighter, but there's a terrible problem with that fragrance and my skin... right from the start it smells as if it contained a note of metal... yeah metal, I'd call this fragrance (judging by the way it smells on me) "Eau de Fleur Métallique".
I wonder which note(s) is/are the one(s) that make it smell that way on me.

Lovely voile (on the right person that is!), I'll stick to Black Orchid.
19th November, 2007