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This is an absolutely delightful concoction of extremely boozy truffle. It smells like those chocolates that contain liquor in them. Very masculine leaning as well. I am really in love with this scent! Sillage and longevity are both great on my skin. One of the best boozy fragrances ever made in my opinion.

12th June, 2018
Casting doubts upon
Thoughts that perfume's golden age
Ever really left,

For such dark beauty
Arrives not in dark ages
Though in dark scanner,

Rumors of rumors
Of the exaggeration
Of perfume's demise.
16th December, 2017
Some people complain about the name Vs the performances of this fragrance. Here “Extreme” is much more in the sense of "a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average” to quote the dictionary. It's in its uniqueness and complexity that it perfectly deserves its name especially compared to TF for Men which is very conservative. It could have easily been in the Private Blend because of that, plus its ingredients as you can clearly notice their quality. But instead it's rather lost in between Ford's regular and higher end lines, even in price. And it's a shame.

Tom Ford Men Extreme is rich with incenses and quite leathery (On the verge of being rubbery). It's earthy but very, very smooth at the same time. It's somewhat boozy, masculine and with an important and fantastic combination of fungal black truffle, just a bit of caramel and a main purple fruits accord of plum and fig with its unique savory side. It's joined by lemon, violet and basil in the early stage to give a slightly brighter side to this dark fragrance. I believe it can be a loved one for fans of Amouage Jubilation 25, Varvatos Dark Rebel and John Varvatos or Olfactive Studio Chambre Noire.

This is a mature scent in my eye. It's a grown man one. It's cozy and inviting enough to be a "romantic" scent but also quite mature and serious so it can be a perfect business/office one as well.

Make sure to properly try this very underrated, misjudged and inadequately marketed fragrance! You could be among us lucky ones to fully enjoy this gem. One of my all time favorite.
11th November, 2017
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Tom Ford, I have only a faint idea of his role in fashion, but I know very well that he is a gift he is to perfumery. His oversight of the collection that bears his name has presented us with now dozens of first grade perfumes, many completely original, others classical in style but built with a lot of care and high quality ingredients. If I had to limit myself to one collection, or if a rich friend wanted a recommendation, the Tom Ford line would be my pick without a shadow of a doubt, with the MFK line a distant second.

And this Extreme edition in the regular line is signature worthy for the accomplished businessman, an opulent yet conservative blend that is true to the note pyramid. Dark dried fruits over a collection of my favorite masculine notes with rum thrown it. There was always a danger that the notes would deliver something too dense, to heavy. Certainly the opening is just that. But there is enough counterbalance to open up the heavy, sweet and boozy notes after 45 minutes.

On the issue of longevity, what is clear is the regular 4 sprays that so many on Basenotes are fond of (in case they are identified as a fragrance wearer in a public space) will not cut it here. The reason is that the sprayer on this bottle delivers a 3rd of the volume of most sprays. So yes, you need 3 spritzes on the same spot to achieve a proper single spray. That skin scent that lingers will now project enough for this to be an excellent personal fragrance. Then you can sit back and enjoy this incredible fragrance's development.
22nd November, 2016
I give this a slight thumbs up. The positive.... the juice smells great. I find it to have a slight barbershop quality on my skin which is a good thing. It morphs into a light sweet skin scent that lasts around four hours with four sprays. The negative? Four sprays for four hours of longevity... and it's even called "Extreme". IF you can find it for a decent price then go for it.

Update 12/12/16
After multiple wearings I find this scent to be an absolute winner in all respects. This is a must have IMO. Enjoy!

Update 4/19/17 (For what it's worth....)
Yesterday I noticed that this juice is similar (80%-85% or so) to On El by Jesus del Pozo. It doesn't have the depth of Tom Ford nor the sillage but on initial spray and at the dry down these are similar to my nose.
15th November, 2016 (last edited: 20th April, 2017)
My oldest son hit it right on the head and described it as smooooooth. Definitely a fall winter fragrance for me. Smokey and dark but has a buttery smooth vibe to it.
08th October, 2015
Holy Patchouli!

Designed for the outdoorsy gentleman. One of my best buddies wears this as his signature and it is a warm, comforting fall/wintertime scent. If you're gonna wear this one it should be your signature. You either pull it off or you don't. I am one of those that does not, but I love the fragrance. The notes that stand out the most to me are patchouli, vanilla, and the fir balsam. I would wear this one to a dinner party in the wintertime, or maybe on a ski trip. Every cabin out in the woods/mountains should come with a bottle of this. Some women could pull it off. 9/10.

Also, they should make a candle with this frag.
03rd September, 2015
Lounging in a red leather booth, with a beautiful Japanese woman, under a pine tree, next to the remnants of a cedar log fire, for 25 minutes... Very nice if not too brief. I feel you TF, I can dig it.
23rd July, 2014
I love Tom Ford Extreme. I love it so much I have owned the same bottle since 2008. I wear it on special occasions and when I feel daring. To me it smells very masculine, mature, mysterious and sophisticated. The tobacco, leather and woody notes makes this fragrance unique. It lasts a very long time on my skin.
15th January, 2014
A great masculine scent

I really like this scent a great deal. When I say it is a great masculine scent, I mean that there is an almost "traditional" vibe to it. Big, brooding, a bit in your face at first. However, the dry down gets a bit complex. As was mentioned there are so many notes here that it is hard to it apart. Yet, I find myself smelling myself throughout the day; that is the sign of a really good fragrance, to me. I get 6-8 hours with three spays, even more of I go a bit heavier. Too heavy though, and it comes across as a 70s powerhouse style (not a bad thin, gbut be aware).

It also strikes me as a bit of a austere, dry version (cousin perhaps) to TF Black Orchid. Is it worth the price? Hard to say, for me the answer is yes.

06th July, 2013
Tom Ford Japon Noir on oriental steroids! I can't see people's comparison with Black Orchid. It's much too dark, broody, not sweet enough and herbal for that.

Japon Noir however, I can see a faint image of that in TF Extreme. The last part of the drydown is similar to the heart of Japon Noir, only less loud.

TF Extreme: it's bitter, herbal, slightly sweet and definitely packs a punch. I like.
19th February, 2013
Manly, elegant, mature, complex, interwoven, balanced, powerful, sophisticated, mysterious, smoky, woody, a bit chocolaty, leathery, pricey, long lasting, lady killer.
02nd June, 2012
surge Show all reviews
United States
Blew me away.
Could easily be part of the private blend line.
The Incense is very reminiscent of Amber Absolute but it's a bit lighter, and there's also some citrus notes in here as well. Longevity is superb, I get 8 hours at LEAST, and then some!
The great thing about this also is the versatility; you can easily wear this to work or on a date, in the summer or winter, spring or fall...To me this is one of my new fav. fragrances and will probably become my next signature scent. It's a little mature for me being in my 20s, but I don't care; I love it...and the "mature" part is really only in the opening.

Also I just have to add that this is the exact opposite of a "linear" scent; it is a magical beast that changes form constantly as you wear it. Each phase of this is totally wonderful.

Only downside? Price -- if you can pick this up on discount, do not hesitate; just get it!
I don't think I would pay retail for it just because it only comes in a 1.7oz bottle; they should at least offer a 3.4oz if they're going to charge that much for it.
12th May, 2012
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I get the smoke and the wood and not so much the leather. Very elegant, mysterious, classy. I would seriously consider it for my signature cologne if it weren't for the price.
27th October, 2011
I have had EXTREME by TF for about 6 months....i wear this fragrance one day out of the week with a rotation of my several other fragrances. I get an old world meets modern world vibe. The smell of a good single malt scotch, some fruits and sensual incense with a smoky woody background.

Masculine and sexy.
19th October, 2011
This fragrance is not to be played with at all.
Straight up wood and smoke.
A strong base of smokey woods.
I love it but i would only use this for very special occasions because It is so strong and special.
10th August, 2011
I have been on a fragrance joyride with all the notes this one has. It opens with a spicy leather with fruit and truffles. The leather becomes more pronounced as time goes by with a boozy note that is like whisky subtly underpinning the leather. Throughout this other notes like tobacco and woods are weaving in and out of the scent until the leather becomes dominant for a few more hours.

Then what I loved was the musky vanille basenotes which smelled sensual and sexy on the skin and this stays around for a few more hours until the scent is just a skin scent. I have really enjoyed it as its very masculine and like a symphony of notes blended really well so no individual note overwhelms the others. It reminds me of a classy gentleman's club where you have leather seats and whisky with cigars. And damn those sweet musky leathery vanille basenotes are something to behold. I am really liking this.

I got about six hours out of this and it has been quite a ride and its just a skin scent now. The sillage is strong but soft if you know what I mean. It stays within your personal space.
26th July, 2011
I just discovered TF Extreme last week at Heathrow airport. (Very late to the party, I know...) I was in instantly captivated by the strange, enigmatic, dark notes. To me it was reminiscent of the peaty, tarry nose on some Scotch whiskies - in particular Lagavulin which has this dark, peaty aroma in spades. I wasn't sure if I really wanted that in a perfume but remained intrigued. While chatting to the lovely young woman at the Jo Malone counter I asked her opinion of it on my skin and she said "interesting... makes you keep wanting to come back and sniff it again". Which really verbalised my own experience - so I threw caution to the winds, flashed the plastic and bought it!

Where others smell rubber I find it more smoky or peaty - in a pleasantly organic way. It reminds me of the "rubber" note in Bulgari Black but here it is much less sweet and all the better for it. There is the hint of toffee or caramel but again it reminds me of the caramel notes in whiskies - very dry and not at all cloying (The complete antithesis of a Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur!) Unfortunately, the smokiness that so fascinates me fades rather quickly. Still, there's plenty of depth in the remaining spice and wood to keep it interesting - if not quite so captivating - for a few hours longer.
26th June, 2011
Rich, I sensed cinnamon in the top, leather in the mid, with a sweet base (patchouli?). Excellent blend, and the scent is intoxicazting, but for the high price, one would expect it to last much longer (3-4 hours on me).
25th February, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)
woody spicy and aromatic scent.
warm,sexy sensual and modern.I smell woods, patchouly ,leather vanilla, tobacco and incense- well balanced and composed to a modern male scent.Intense and powerful-recommendable for night .Nice package! Great Work Mr.Ford- chapeau!
28th January, 2011
It is a warm scent and the fig and spices really come through early. This is a very nice and masculine scent. I will have a bottle of this soon and wear it often. The only issue I have with Tom Ford Extreme is the Sillage. It would be nice if it projected a little more than it does.
07th January, 2011
Of all the Tom Ford fragrances, nothing else is more distinct. The only reason I don't own this right now is because I can't afford it. If you have the type of skin that reacts well with musks and dark tones, you've got to snag this one. I have never received more compliments than this scent.

I will definitely say that this scent does not work for everyone. I'd say only 1 out of 10 guys can mesh well with the aroma, whereas the "Black Orchid" tends to work well with more people, with about a 7 out of 10 ratio.
08th December, 2010
I like Black Orchid, and while I think it can be worn easily by a man or woman, Tom Ford Extreme keeps some of the intriguing qualities of Black Orchid while tailoring it into something a lot more masculine.

I really love TF Extreme. It's a very dark, spicy, leathery formal-ish scent-- a very seductive choice for an evening scent. I initially thought the longevity was poor, but it can be deceptive. I wore it out last night and halfway through today I took a bath-- oddly, after I towelled off I noticed the wonderful musky smell of TF Extreme had come back to life and radiate nicely off my chest. I'd thought it was long gone!

TF Extreme gives off a luxurious, dried fruits/spice vibe with just enough caramelized sweetness to balance the dry woody amber. I also agree with Mike P.'s assessment of it smelling like an expensive shoe store. I love the way the leather is done here-- a bit of shoe polish and the kind of patent leather that goes with a fine tuxedo-- I think the "tuxedo" feel is what Tom Ford was going for here.

For an important evening, you can't fail with Tom Ford Extreme.
10th May, 2010
i love that it has starts off quite strong with a spicy caramel start then mellows to a vanilla smell, very masculine!
11th April, 2010
I must begin by stating that I am a huge Tom Ford admirer. I am actually very surprised at this scent's soft sillage for such a complex composition. In my adoration for fragrances, this scent and Houbigant Duc de Vervins 'L'Elegance Pour Homme' Eau de Toilette are the epitome of class, urbanity, nobility and character.

Tom Ford 'Extreme' Eau de Toilette opens with a soft lemony citrus but fades quickly into the earthy natural fig and black truffle notes. There are some detectable floral notes that come and go like a gentle breeze yet still noticable, I'm guessing violet; all the while there is a delicate woodsiness that is woven through the scent.

To round-out this fragrance, the dry down is again, woodsy with some perceptible incense and leather facets. The incense and leather are the endcap to this Eau de Toilette.

Extreme is a complex fragrance that blooms superbly in layers. As afore mentioned, it has a soft sillage that wears close to
the skin and would welcome anyone to come in close to admire. Tom Ford Extreme is another special occasion fragrance to be worn on a romantic date, an evening out, a candlelight dinner or to black-tie affairs.

Tom Ford develops some of the most complex, impeccably blended fragrances in the business; they are extremely well crafted.

I would highly recommend this fragrance to everyone! This is a must buy!
24th February, 2010
I bought this on a whim and then promptly regretted it. Then one day I went back and loved it. Strange because I originally found it cloying and short-lived, but once I gave it a chance I really enjoyed the dark, but zesty opening that dries down to something warm and sexy, like sharing a blanket in front of a fire, in an old log cabin in the middle of a tobacco-plum grove (use your imagination). And it actually lasts a respectably long time. Dreamy.
12th February, 2010
Tom Ford Extreme

I am an admirer of Tom Ford's style of fragrance making, there are very few releases that I have just dismissed out of hand as not being wearable or boring. Unfortunately one of those fragrances that didn't zing my strings was Tom Ford for Men. I found it to be a confused melange of too many notes over that lemon pledge note that all perfumers try to avoid. Therefore a scent named Tom Ford Extreme should be a stay away at all costs kind of experience. But I read that, the 2007 release, Tom Ford Extreme was very different and that in this case Extreme signified something different and not more of the same.

To those who didn't like Tom Ford for Men, like me, Tom Ford Extreme is a very different fragrance and it reminds me of another set of flankers and the differences between Cartier Declaration and Declaration Bois Bleu. Bois Bleu doesn't work for me because it tries to be all traditional masculine aquatic while nodding to the completely unique original. Tom Ford for Men tries too hard to be a generic masculine and throws too much into the mix. Tom Ford Extreme manages to be the real deal and feel like a completely original masculine and easily the better of the two.

The top of Tom Ford Extreme begins with that lemon note that so dominates in Tom Ford for Men but in Extreme it is light and zesty versus turgid and cloying in Tom Ford for Men. It also helps that it goes away and in its place comes what Tom Ford calls a truffle accord but which on my skin comes off as a mix of spices like coriander, cumin, saffron, and pepper. As a spice lover this is a beautiful spicy phase that wears very well on me. Underneath all of these spices is a perfectly applied fig note. This is the dark fig accord and not the green fig accord and it is the right choice for Extreme. Next comes a very clean cedar note along with patchouli, this is not unusual but it sets the stage for the base which is a great leather accord along with musk.

Tom Ford Extreme has average longevity and below average sillage on me. There is a fair amount of concern about the longevity of Tom Ford Extreme but I didn't find it to be unusually short lived on my skin.

Tom Ford Extreme succeeds in all the ways Tom Ford for Men fails for me. By keeping to a list of strong notes and letting them each develop and hold the olfactory stage Tom Ford Extreme is the fragrance I want to return to again and again.
11th December, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A totally different scent from the original, which I hated, this is full of spices and woods and I love the smell of the truffle and leather. The longevity is fine with me. Will I purchase at this price? Probably not.
04th November, 2009
Jack Show all reviews
United States
The cold weather is on its way, and thinking of some new scents. This is very hard to describe, maybe sweet, leather, hint of tobacco. IMO this is a very pleasant scent. I like stronger scents and this does seem light. I may buy this soon, but I’m going to use my sample one more day.

IMO longevity and sillage are below average in this price range, but it smells great. I wish it would come in 100ml, at 125$ for 50ml is about the same price per ounce as my 100ml TV.

07th October, 2009 (last edited: 28th March, 2010)
Sybarite Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I don't understand everybody's issue here with longevity. I have a skin that usually swallows up scent, so I don't usually get much longevity from my fragrances. Well this Extreme lasted well up to six/seven hours on me, and I experience no problem with it being fleeting. And on a testing strip, the terribly delicious far drydown, I could still smell three days later, wafting off the strip. Actually this is somewhat unfortunate, because my absolute favorite part of this scent is actually this far drydown. Which develops on paper, two days later, which smells just heavenly. However when worn on skin it never gets a chance to develop, as the fragrance is long gone before reaching this stage.
This scent, as has been noted here before, is totally different from the Tom Ford Man. There is not even a resemblance.. It should not be seen, or expect it to be the "extreme" version of the first scent. Because it is not. See it rather as a totally different fragrance , which just happens to be named Extreme. This makes much better sense.
The opening notes of this fragrance are a very spicy accord, which is actually very remininscent (actually, almost exactly the same) as Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir. The similarity is actually quite striking. Now whereas Pomegranate Noir continues with the same scent, with very little development or change, till it's drydown. Extreme changes and develops into a completely different, smooth accord for it's heart. This is when the scent becomes truly captivating. With the entrance of that simply delicious Italian Black Fig, Plum and Saffron accord. That this scent truly comes alive. This fruity sweetness is tempered by the violet leaves and ceder. At this point all these notes are not actually seperately perceived, as they just blend beautifully together to bring this enveloping sense of warmth and comfort.
And just when you think it can't possibly get any better ... With the drydown it certainly does. This whole wonderful scent lies on a rich bed of Amber, Rum, Vetiver, Incense and Leather. And not forgetting the truelly delicious Vanilla and Truffle, which all together create a just spectacular base to a very beautifully authored fragrance.
Not ever having encountered the Truffle note before in any other scent. I cannot actually pick it out amongst the other notes. But if it's contributing to the deliciousness of this marvelous vanilla accord. Then bring on the trufffles, and I will gladly play the "piggy".
To me this scent smells exactly how a man should smell like.
A total triumph, to my nose !
08th April, 2009