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Positive Reviews of Silver Bond / Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

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One of the better Bn9 fragrances. Incense and floral. A nice combination. Too bad they charge so much for it, changed the bottle, and have horrible customer service. I might have bought a bottle.
12th June, 2017
Andy Warhol bottle.

A scent that really embodies the whole persona of Andy Warhol. I can almost imagine being in the Silver Factory with this on. I just imagine the smoky incense filled atmosphere of the Silver Factory through this fragrance. I actually like many others had to acquire the taste for this one, and it is the very one that got me into the world of Bond no. 9. Great fragrance.
25th April, 2017
“It... could... work!” – that’s what Silver Factory by Bond n.9 is for incense (and for the brand itself). Finally – finally! – a non-boring, non-flat, no-nonsense incense fragrance, unexpectedly coming from one of the most boring and nonsense niche brands there are today. One of the most improbable and surprising “what-were-the-odds” coincidences I’ve ever witnessed. But well, it’s here. Silver Factory is very good. It’s a deeply creative take on the incense theme, and somehow it does have a “pop” soul as the name suggests.

First, they finally gave some thickness and substance to incense, instead of diluting & stirring Givaudan’s Mystikal incense compound and selling it as-is; it smells solid, vibrant, alive. The substance is made of an array of nuances which are this close to smelling messy, and instead smell just beautifully kaleidoscopic: there’s amber, there’s a bold metallic vein with a smudged pink shade of iris, there’s some odd smell of ashy rubber, even something resembling to a dusty old drop of musky castoreum popped out of a vintage chypre, and a distinguished, slightly urinous touch of lavender and violet. Just as you would assume with something named after Andy Warhol, it’s old and new, naif and dirty, cold and oily, dark and colourful mixed altogether. And obviously, completely unisex. If I had to sum this up I’d consider Silver Factory a pinkish ambery-lavendery-candied-metallic incense, but that would make little justice to the funny, cheerful, complex texture of this fragrance. It’s at once elegant and juvenile, funny yet troubled, hippie and hipster, but perfectly easy to wear and like.

I agree with what many others said – if Bond ever made something nice, it’s probably this. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not suggesting you to get it: the price is completely mad and this is surely not worthy that money. But if you get the chance of some deals, then surely grab a bottle!

05th March, 2016
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I'm an amber fan, so this fragrance can't do any harm. Smells like quite a few amber fragrances I've smelled in the past (not a bad thing). Amber Absolute, Ambre Premier, yada yada yada. Great fragrance nonetheless. A slight swanky note gives this some muscle. Will be purchasing a bottle soon.
11th December, 2015
smells exactly like nag champa, brightened by a splash of black currant. the incense that burns in some of these downtown south asian shops. i cannot detect any metallic note. i bought a 100 ml. most of my purchases are blind to keep things interesting. no regrets at all. a keeper.
03rd March, 2015
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United States
Incense centric fragrances have always attracted me.
Fragrances by the uber talented Aurelian Guichard are always worth my time to investigate.
Silver Factory is a gem. It strikes the perfect harmonic tone on my skin.
I smell nothing "generic" in this.
The jasmine & nod to Andy Warhol's beloved violet blend with the amber & wood notes to create a lovely silage.
The incense settles into my very pores & provides 6 to 8 hours of scented bliss.
I adore Silver Factory.

24th February, 2014
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United States



27th September, 2013
walking on the wild side

a get a whiff of amber from this scent, it's a like it or leave it kind of affair. I simply love it, at work gives you a kinky vibe!

Pros: fascinating, persistent
Cons: pricey"

12th July, 2013
There are many bad scents from this house that i don't even want to explore it further, but got a sample of this one.

The so to say stamp of the house is here as well, that syrupy sweetness, but here it nicely blends with rich incense note creating pleasurable experience, and i quite like it, its little smokey but balmy , creamy rich opulent incense note is modernized and turned into unisex perfume,
It reminded me instantly of Sahara Noire by TomFord, which is newer creation, so this might be original at a time and i like it much better in this version, also smells rather natural, no synthetic sharp notes..sweet ambery drydown reminds me of base of some amouage attars...
11th May, 2013
Such a unique fragrance. A very modern incense scent, you can definitely smell out the silver metallic note. Develops wonderfully on my skin and has good sillage as well. People always comment on my interesting perfume when I wear this. Despite the hefty price tag, I would definitely recommend this scent to anyone who is looking for something special.
16th March, 2013
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New Zealand
This is my first time smelling an incense based fragrance so I can't comment on the comparisons made to similar perfumes. Having said that this is a gorgeous dry, slightly ambery scent. I'd highly recommend this even though I don't consider it very versatile
15th February, 2013
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United States
A masterpiece.
I blind bought this and when I first smelled it, it threw me off completely.
I don't know how Bond managed to do this...honestly, it's so great.
The theme here is sweet incense.
I think I get like iris, grapefruit, and jasmine \ violet on the top and then this really killer "wood resin" and incense smell in the base. It takes incense frags to a whole new level because the top florals make it so much more can wear it in any weather and it's not overpowering.
One of the few bonds that's worth the retail price they charge, imho.
02nd June, 2012
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United States
Andy Warhol Silver Factory is the scent version of the Bach Toccata and Fugue in Dm beautifully played on the massive pipe organ retrofitted to a classic European gothic cathedral.

Sweetly pungent sillaging incense and garlands of flowers lift the sense of smell toward olfactory ecstasy, one that culminates in an unctuously resinous-sweet drydown.

As with the Dm organ work of Bach, I find AWSF to be one of Bond's most intriguing efforts.
29th December, 2011
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United States
I like Silver Factory but don't love it. I find it has a relatively pleasant incense accord, mixed with a synthetic Oud-like note that comes off as a bit rubbery. I kind of liken Silver Factory as a mix of Incense Oud and Pure Oud from By Kilian, except it is not as good as either of those individually or mixed, for that matter. Projection, longevity and sillage are all well-above average here. Bottom line is Silver factory at a rating of 3 stars out of 5 is a relatively good effort from Bond, but it is debatable whether it is worth it's lofty price tag when many other scents in the category are better, IMO.
26th December, 2011 (last edited: 26th December, 2012)
While Silver Factory is one of the very few compositions from the Bond No 9 range that I enjoy, I still believe that it's not particularly brilliant. A modern and well crafted waxy iris/frankincense composition that brings to mind of a couple of fragrances by Comme Des Garcons and Lutens. Opens austere with citruses and incense galore while iris adds the waxy effect. Dries down sweetish and ambery/woody.

Said that, If you're ready for the challenging price tag, go ahead but be aware that Carthusia 1681 does basically the same thing for much less than half the price.
12th October, 2011
Does anybody else see Bond, as a marketing product, as Creed with a different fetish? Both rely on a symbolism of affluence and privilege. Creed's ancestor worship, prestige and mythology-as-history give the air of a quality that only pedigree can grant. Bond relies on neighborhood chic. The brand deals the currency of privilege and exclusivity of NYC real estate in the same manner that Creed manages lineage. (Please just give me one crack in the image of either. Offal Millesime from some disavowed pervy great uncle or Bond's Gowanus Canal Superfund.)

I'm cynical about schtick, and Bond's is ridiculous. But Andy Warhol Silver Factory is a sensational take on the incense/floral. The floral note centers on a beautifully high-pitched iris, and the incense is resinous, not at all smoky, and wonderfully sharp. This doesn't smell like church and it doesn't simply smell like olibanum oil. The shiny metallic note (silver, get it?) is the common link between the iris and the incense.

I find AWSF quite unlike the other incense perfumes of the mid-2000s, an era that gave us some gorgeous incenses. l'Artisan's Timbuktu is a deconstruction/rebuild of incense with woods and fruit. CDG's Avignon and Heeley's Cardinal riffed on the smoky church. Jubilation XXV emphasized frankincense's voluptuousness. I find AWSF closest in approach, though not outcome to CDG 2 Man. Each takes a particular aspect of incense, CDG's smoke and flame, AWSF's metallic chill, and builds a portrait. AWSF also smartly refers to a direct predecessor, taking Bond's Chinatown's cool resinous incense base as a leaping-off point. Which leads me to my ubiquitous fandom of Aurélien Guichard, author of both Chinatown & AWSF. This guy makes some gorgeous perfumes.

But back to Bond as a line. I spent more on Chinatown than I have on any other single perfume. These two perfumes warrant high price points, but the other 10-12 Bond's I've sniffed don't. Not by a long shot.
09th September, 2011 (last edited: 10th September, 2011)
Gorgeous incense fragrance!!! The main players in this are Iris and Incense. The iris in this is sweet and waxy. It creates a balmy effect. Right along side is the incense. There is also a touch of violet and a touch a jasmine to compliment. After a couple of hours the cedar comes out to join the fun. This fragrance after the 5 hour mark hits the base and all I'm left with is amber. I love amber but I wish I would have gotten more longevity out of the heart. I get about 10-12 hours out of this one and projection in great. Almost a perfect fragrance for me.
15th April, 2011 (last edited: 10th May, 2011)
Euphoria in a doesn't get any better or more original than this.
13th March, 2011
Is interesting how time can change the perception of the notes in a specific scent. It`s like you perceive some details as dominant and others as part of the background of the composition, and them, after some time, you have the opposite vision. The scent didn`t changed, but the way you see it at your skin has changed.
This happened to me with Silver Factory. I remembered it when i tried two years ago as an metallic iris and violet fragrance, where you had a smoky-soft incense at the background. Then, today, it seems that the incense is the main theme, and now i only perceive the metallic iris and violet as secondary characters. Silver Factory has that mineral warm incense that Aurelien Guichard had used again in Kenzo UFO. Both seem like studies on warm, soft, spicied incense. Here the incense is more resinous, woody, complex, and has something metallic, silverish, that matches the theme perfectly. For me, it seems to go more on a male direction, but it suits well a woman that loves incense too.
13th December, 2010
This is quite an odd scent overall and only people with an open mind should sample it. Why? It's top notes aren't very appealing overall unlike most fragrances. It's incense, syrupy wood, violets, metallic iris and plenty of cedar. The more it dries down it becames VERY nice and where it shines. It smells like a unique floral bouquet with sweet incense and syrupy wood in the background. I say syrup because the wood doesn't feel dry, yet sweet, thick and heavier. It's not that heavy of a fragrance though and is extremely smooth and not sharp at all.

It lasts all day and projection is above average to average. It's a scent that really shines once you wear it, not sampling on your skin.
Very unique and definitely a must try.
04th December, 2010 (last edited: 24th February, 2011)
Unique to say the least. Smells expensive. Top smells like whiskey and metal, middle introduces violet leaves and cedar, base ends with a sweet cedar. Lasts 10 hours on me.

17th June, 2010
The first ten minutes is a little weird. However, once the opening notes wear off, it turns into a nice incense based scent. A very unique scent with great silage and longevity.
08th March, 2010 (last edited: 26th March, 2011)
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United Kingdom
This just arrived today and I must say I wasn't sure at first spray, but when it settles its amazing! Not normally a fan of smoky scents but this does fade after a few mins. To my nose this smells like a smoky Costume National Scent! HURRAH! My favourite! I can also understand why sjohnjay feels this is a "modern rework" of Acier Aluminium (my other favourite!). Rather unusual smoky, floral fragrance with a touch of tea to my nose. Almost a slight pot pourriness to it. Unusual and very wearable. Hurrah again!
16th February, 2010
First, I am typically willing to defend BOND every time someone berates them b/c they "smell like CREED". However, I do NOT disagree that 4/5 of their entire repertoire smells UNCANNILY similar to a CREED scent. I defend b/c I just don't see it as a fault.
With that said (and with ALL the CREED comparisons), I am really amazed that nobody here has compared this to its OBVIOUS CREED counterpart: ACIER ALUMINUM.
Perhaps this is ACIER '40 years later'; a more modernized (but inferior) version. While ACIER is lush, rounded, and fruity, SILVER FACTORY is dense, staccato, and smoky. SILVER FACTORY lacks the ambergris of ACIER.
Comparing the 2 side by side reveals vast differences. Perfectly parallel, nonetheless.
Come on- Even the names are perfectly aligned: ACIER ALUMINUM vs. SILVER FACTORY?
24th January, 2010
After smelling this, I can say with confidence hat Bond is certainly the most inventive of the upper echelon perfume houses.
Silver Factory smells so strange right out of the bottle, but only for a moment. Soon it is smoky and incensy and exotic and so many baffling and amazing things; it is absolutely beautiful. The scent stays true through the drydown, although I find it gets a little more powdery; but never does the scent become common or predicable. It lasts all day on me (8 hours+).

I want to say that this scent may not be for everyone, but it is so beautiful I hate to criticize it. I do think it is more masculine than not. I feel that Silver Factory is so powerful and so unique that it may scare people from wearing it; it requires confidence in the wearer. There is simply nothing (or at least nothing I have encountered) like it . To sum things up I can say that of all the colognes and perfumes I have owned, this is the most beautiful. In fact I will say (in all seriousness and honesty) that Silver Factory is the most beautiful thing I have ever smelled. Needless to say, I love (and am quite possibly in love) with this scent.
17th December, 2009 (last edited: 04th January, 2010)
top notes: metalic, menthol, medicinal, cinnamon?
mid: incense
base: amber, incense

I was very impressed with this fragrance. It is truly a work of art. It is metallic, yet has a warm depth to it. Would be a great late fall and winter fragrance. If I wasn't a student (and therefore had money), I would probably buy a bottle of this.
29th October, 2009
bbBD Show all reviews
United States
AW Silver Factory is by far the most unique Bond No.9 fragrance. Bond No. 9 is a good house but suffers - like Montale - from being overly ambitious and releasing too many similar fragrances too soon after inception. The result is countless citrus and floral fragrances with only slight variation between them. I first sampled AWSF when it was first released and did not like it at all - too strong, too smoky. However that was at a time when I wasn't into strong, bold fragrances and I had yet to understand or appreciate the use of incense in perfumery. Quite simply, this wasn't a fragrance for a relative newbie - perhaps not even for an amateur collector. I put my samples away, expecting to come back to them someday.

Fast forward to now. I've been exploring lots of incense fragrances and I have an appreciation for bold scents. Breaking out and sampling Silver Factory was like sampling an entirely new fragrance for the first time. AWSF begins with a terric woody incense accord that is very strong and so resinous it borders on being sour. Over the next hour the fragrance smooths out, with a amber appearing to cut the resin and sharpness of the incense. The amber becomes more and more prominent, and borders on being a little bit too sweet for my tastes. The incense never fully disappears but it becomes far less noticeable as the base emerges. Discrete florals fill out the base and a touch of violet becomes distinct, giving more sweetness to the composition. From here the woody/amber/floral base persists for many hours.

Sillage is loud, longevity superb and the structure is solid. The only problem with Silver Factory is that it shows how well Bond can do fragrances, making some of their less impressive offerings all the more regrettable.

This is a Bond I hope to have on the shelf someday. Excellent.
09th August, 2009
xtang Show all reviews
United States
Went to the Bond flagship store in NY. I was having a custom blend made for me, when I sniffed this offering. At first I was put off, by a medicinal smell. I got a sample and was on my way. Once home I tried it on my skin and really came to like it. The incense stay from the opening all way through. I detect a menthol note similar to Vicks menthol rub. I guess that is were I get the medicinal smell from. It does have a metallic note like is very unique. Bottom line this is one of the most unique scents I have ever smelt. Great for night time wear.
01st April, 2009
Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory

Bond No. 9 has made three Andy Warhol scents and while they all have striking containers in the style of their namesake only Silver Factory lives up to its pedigree with the juice in the bottle. Aurelien Guichard created Silver Factory in 2007 this was on the heels of Chinatown in 2005, which is arguably Bond No. 9's best scent. Here he chose to use an incense forward scent to try and evoke the experimental culture epitomized by Andy Warhol in the late 60's. The top of this starts with that incense note right out in front and combined with grapefruit and bergamot it is a nice start. In the heart is where the "metallic note" M. Guichard was attempting to create makes its presence known. Based on the note list I think it is a mix of violet, iris and amber that pull this off. I think that because there are times I feel like I get one of those notes but then the metal accord appears right away.The incense in combination with this is where Silver Factory creates a new feel all of its own and one which feels like an experiment Andy Warhol would have participated in. Cedar comes in and then there is a thicker resinous note which deepens the original incense note that has been present from top to base to finish this off quite nicely. This is a very good incense scent and for lovers of incense is one you should try.
28th February, 2009
At first I didn't like this. Then I loved it. Now I just like it. Incense with some fresh notes. Good longevity but most of the opposite sex did not like it on me. Still a must try. Better than most Bonds.
19th February, 2009 (last edited: 03rd March, 2013)