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Neutral Reviews of Black Sun by Salvador Dali

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Love the opening, but after awhile all I could smell was a musky powdery sort of scent. Little bit too feminine for my taste, but something I think I will still wear occasionally. Worth it for the $10 I payed for it, but not something I think I would pay full price for
18th March, 2012
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The basil is controlled by a labanum / cedar accord creating a unique and interesting masculine opening. This slightly resinous green accord gives an aromatic halo with a creamy resinousness, creating an edgy, near off-putting interpretation of “masculine.” I love the opening for its creativity even more than for its aroma. But the initial creative surge is lost when the nutmeg in the heart notes runs rampant over the sage and fir: I tend to dislike excesses of basil and / or nutmeg in fragrances… in Black Sun the basil is handled nicely with its combination with labdamun / cedar; but the nutmeg, which should be more muted by the sage and fir, escapes to dominate too much to my nose. The end of the middle accord goes a bit too sour and synthetic. The base’s vanilla, too, is ill-used. It comes off to my nose as too sharp and synthetic.

I wish that the quality of ingredients of Dali fragrances matched their creative inspiration – they would be brilliant fragrances. But to my nose many of their fragrances too often turn plastic and synthetic… Black Sun entices with its creativity and energy, then all too soon disappoints with its synthetic ambiances. Good sillage and decent longevity.

10th June, 2010
Warm like the 'Sun'. 'Black' like it's pitch dark, and you can't see where you are going. So it is with this sweet, powdery scent. Salvador Dali's Black Sun has trouble finding its way beyond that of being the less handsome cousin of Armani Code.
26th August, 2009 (last edited: 10th September, 2009)
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A sweet, woody oriental. Gives a hint of licorice. I find this charming and warm.
08th September, 2008
I was expecting much more form Black Sun... The name seemed to describe a very different fragrance: dark, funeral, introspective. Instead, I get a rather generic scent, a bit similar to Armani Code. Not as complex as I would have wanted it to be, not as dark as it should have been.
10th August, 2008