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Negative Reviews of Infusion d'Homme by Prada

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Dislike this fragrance a lot. Soapy, very powdery and too much iris making it feel very feminine. Very similar to MFK Absolue Pour le Matin which I also dislike...yuck!
13th October, 2017
Prada Id'H started out really floral and feminine on me and dried down to a very floral powder scent. Should be uni-sex or feminine. I've no desire or use for a fragrance like this.
28th February, 2015
Oh dear. Where do I start? Infusion d`Homme by Prada opens with a blast of soda water and citrus fruit and settles down to become dry, soapy iris covered in laundry detergent musk and sodium bicarbonate. A little benzoin and vanilla hum in the background and a very light floral note floats on top, but I just can’t get past the soapy, carbonated, laundry effect. In fact, it is so overbearing that I need to scrub it off. This fragrance might work for me if I smelled it on someone else standing on the other side of the room.

I was really hoping to like Infusion d`Homme, but alas, I am quite disappointed. I read several great reviews, noted the adorable bottle, and found the price point very reasonable. Too bad the juice didn’t complete the fantasy.

20th April, 2013
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KSG Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Not really my thing, smells like a very expensive soap. I can't really see where you would wear this other than to the office. Inoffensive and safe, not worth the price tag in my opinion.
31st August, 2012
A lot of people talk about this as a good soapy scent, and I'll concur with that, but it's a very different type of animal from Mugler Cologne, Gendarme, or most of the others because it's in part a musk scent. The opening is very nothing-ish, and as people have suggested, it really smells like the skin-plus-residual-soap scents of a man who just got out of the shower. What I don't like is how the sweetness is very metallic and artificial...even though it's not super sweet, what sweetness there is is like encountering aspartame when you were expecting real sugar. As it starts to get less floral and more spicy and musky, this aspect goes away to some extent, but now it becomes a question of whether the musk is too rosy and feminine. (And synthetic!) It's not an over-the-top tour of the candy and detergent factory like Prada Amber, but it still can't escape that same surreal, almost fake edge. As the musk retreats a bit in the base to reveal anise, its downfall is complete according to my nose, and what's left is a tacky post-modern mockery of vintage women's perfumes.
14th May, 2012
Rubbery Iris and Bubble thanks!
12th May, 2012
Imagine yourself blasting yourself in the face with rubbing alcohol. After a minute or so, you smell a lot of ivory soap and shortly after some flowers. Then you keep the flowers around but dump a bunch of baby powder on the flowers.

This isn't for me, at all. It's really just a lot of white hand/face soap and baby powder. Like, you can smell that way without cologne if you want to.

It's "clean" but not interesting.
01st May, 2012
A liquid laundry starch and shampoo aroma that is better suited for collectors of strange odors, rather than practical cologne wearing gentleman.
29th September, 2011
Infusion d'Homme smells like clean, white, fancy soap. However, it leaves an overly formal impression that doesn't sit right with me. There's something of a detached, cold quality to it that establishes a barrier between the wearer and his audience rather than creating a connected, inviting presence. It could just be me and the way I perceive this fragrance. There's nothing wrong with it, as the Iris, neroli, and vetiver work well together and don't hit any awkward notes. At the same time, I find Bergamotto Marino, Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum Intense, and Mugler Cologne offer a similarly clean, soapy impression with much more character. Mugler Cologne is sportier. Bergamotto Marino is fresher. And the Narciso Rodriguez is a lot more alluring and smooth. Even some of the Gendarmes work better. At least they don't seem like they're trying so hard. Maybe that's what really ruins this one for me. It seems like it's trying so hard to be the beacon of perfectly composed male grooming, that it kind overdoes it, like a guy who spends too much time on his hair and gets frequent manicures instead of just clipping his nails--a little vain, uptight, and self-conscious.
14th May, 2011 (last edited: 12th December, 2014)
Izzy Show all reviews
United States
There's nothing special here just another money maker for Prada. I can't see anybody actually buying this & thinking they're really going to make an impression. The only people they're going to impress is themselves. I got a sample of this for free & that's as far as I'll go to using it. It doesn't smell bad it smells like soap & for that effect I'll stick to using Dove. It smells like a different variation of Prada Amber Pour Homme. If you happen to get this as a gift the best time to use this fragrance would be after a shower. I see no point in purchasing this fragrance.
17th January, 2011
What an utterly disappointment. New to Prada fragrances as I am, having read a lot of positive reviews around the net, I really expected something at least clean and elegant.

A better part of the reviews mention soap. Well, soap doesn't smell like this where I come from, but the cheapest hairspray does. Having skimmed through all of the reviews here, I have only found one who gets the cloying hairspray odor. Is it me (us) ? And is it just me who gets the rubberish smell of the first notes; like the inside of an old car tyre?

I can only hope for Prada's sake that the mini-bottle (8 ml) I bought from Hong Kong is a fake. Actually I hope so for my own sake too; that my sense of smell is not that different from all the noses that praise this scent around the world. And anyway, I am throwing it away. Not my nose, the bottle.
01st November, 2010
orrisboy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Now I hate the Prada stamp of fragrance, the ever-so carefully constructed idea of high street luxury scent. It really irritates me. All the scents are mediocre and vapid. Like air from balloons, steam from kettles, debate from politicians, best dispersed high into the air away from all forms of life. The men’s are the worst offenders. Metallic, flat and totally lacking in imagination. If even a tiny amount of the fashion house’s flair had been applied to the scents we might have something nearing charm and eccentricity. But no, we have the scented equivalent of GQ models, airbrushed, oiled, blue-tinted and very very bland. I know they sell in huge quantities, but that means nothing. Millions of people buy John Grisham novels…..formulaic, safe and you know what’s gonna happen. Same idea. Now I like iris, love it treated properly, with respect, aged, macerated, applied to scent with discretion and imagination. But you know what; it is slaughtered here, lost amid the ozonic boredom. This scent is office drone personified.

09th July, 2010
I first tested Infusion d’Iris and loved it so I was expecting to love this one, too. I was surprised that I did not enjoy the opening or and other level of Infusion d’Homme. Its pyramid presents a list of notes that I enjoy and look forward to… but it doesn’t carry through to an actuality. It is shallow and uninteresting and annoying. I don’t mind the aldehydes even though they are very prominent. What I find annoying is the “clean note” (or maybe the galbanum... I’m not sure which). It’s not a bad note, it’s just so generically and boringly soapy. My dislike for Infusion d’Homme isn’t limited to the opening: the heart and base notes don’t come through very pleasantly for me because that "clean" note continues to the end, overwhelming everything else the fragrance has to offer. I much prefer Infusion d’Iris over this one.

01st February, 2010 (last edited: 17th April, 2011)
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This smells fresh. Well, fresh enough to clean my bathroom with. Fact is, the tile cleaner I buy here in Germany called "Antikal" smells exactly, exactly like Infusion d'Homme. Not a good sign (for Prada anyway). Major thumbs-down. Fortunately, this has become nowhere near as ubiquitous in Europe as, say, Le Mâle has, which is still absolutely unavoidable in every office, locker room and bar.
01st November, 2009
Well, not atrocious, but soap? Yes, soap! Cloying? Yes! Needless to say, not quite much worth of money.
29th September, 2009
I can see from the flags under your nicks that not many of you have lived through a communist regime, which means you may have not smelled the smells of that time and place. I am only 27, I just touched it as to say, but enough to remember the smell of the most ordinary soap there was. And there was only one. And Prada Infusion d'Homme smells exactly like that. Isn´t it funny?
07th June, 2009
Atrocious soapy iris. I can tolerate Prada's other iris-dominated offerings, but for some reason find this one cringe- and scrub-worthy. By all means test this one all the way through dry down before you buy.
07th June, 2009
In the novel Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, there exists a character called Dunbar whose life is spent cultivating boredom in order to prolong life. Dunbar would have adored Infusion d'Homme. By creating this incessantly jarring and soapy Iris accord is a sort of olfactory sadism I could have done without. Ones initial appraisal of the ingredients concludes that this is quite an interesting cast list, but somehow Prada have managed to mangle them into this fragrant Frankenstein. When encountering this, run fast and run far
03rd March, 2009
It may be an infusion "of" a man, but not necessarily "for" a man. The dominant floral in the middle basically rules it out for me. Perhaps there once was a floral type of man who was otherwise secure enough in his masculinity to pull this off. Perhaps that man is not me.
16th February, 2009
I think it's just a matter of skin chemistry, but it's plain soap on me.
15th October, 2008
bsn Show all reviews
United States
I received a sample vial at the perfume counter and wore it twice. I get a strong soapy note (Amber Pour Homme) and Iris. This fragrance borders on the feminine side of clean. I'm sure there will be plenty of Basenotes reviews in favor of this fragrance. However for me, I just can't say I like this new Prada there is something about this scent that borders on nauseating.
13th October, 2008
I really tried to find something redeeming in this fragrance, especially after being so intrigued and impressed by "Amber". Unfortunately all I get with "Infusion" is a fizzy mix of Cherry Coke (neroli + "clean notes" morph into this, I guess) and iris-scented hand soap. On my skin, the fizz dissipated after about 30 minutes and I was left with heavy, heady iris. It just seemed more suited to a middle aged woman than any construct of masculinity that I can imagine. I would've given this a neutral rating on the basis of complexity or development, but it's just not there.
04th October, 2008
It is like a bottle of Dom Perignon filled with Lambrusco - respect for customers is gone for good !!
22nd September, 2008
Total Rubbish, and thats all I have to say about this
13th September, 2008
Dear all,
I have at home the Infusion d´Iris marketed as a women’s perfume. Ever since I first tried it I thought that it is a great unisex fragrance. Recently I tested the masculine version. What an utter disappointment. So sharp and unsophisticated, to my opinion its silage should be shorter to save us from the trouble! I am sorry if I sound caustic. It is quite indicative though how the industry works. Prada released one great perfume, which they decided to market as feminine, and then they decide to cash its success out by lounging a masculine version … only this time the latter is way inferior to the first. To me Infusion d´Iris for men recalls a clean soupy home fragrance that stinks way too much. It dries out flat, and it lingers, as long as it lingers, unsuccessfully. Gentlemen out there… this one is entirely at your own risk!
08th September, 2008
Oh, I really didn't like this.
All I get from opening to drydown is vetiver, totally overpowering all the other ingredients.
And it's not a nice or balanced vetiver, it's a stale, old smelling vetiver.
I found the whole thing so acrid that I am wondering if the bottle I used may have been cooked.
Silage was average and it lasted about 3 hours, which is pretty short lived for my skin.
03rd September, 2008
CoL Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is just plain rubbish! To my nose it is an exact mix of 80% Infusion d'iris and 20% Prada Amber Pour Homme. Uninspired, like so many of the chemical releases this year.
24th August, 2008