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Neutral Reviews of Infusion d'Homme by Prada

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It's a "neutral" for me, this IS too much like a fancy soap, like so many people on the web compare this to.

If you're okay with smelling like a nice feminine leaning soap then you'll do fine with this one. I purchased a small bottle of this then sold it then somehow ended up with a sample vial and gave it another try, just not for me. "Powdery Notes" and iris indeed, not exactly a scent for impressing.

Why did they hang "pour home" around this one? They would have been more up front by categorizing it as a UNISEX scent.
21st April, 2016
Very clean and fresh, a touch or floral without any sweetness. I don't find it interesting so I'll pass on a purchase but it smells nice. Should be great for everyday office or daytime wear. Not big on projection.
14th March, 2016
A straight forward soapy fragrance with a lipstick undertone, an initial evanescent citrusy crispiness (mostly orangy) and a final mossy soapy dry down. Shockingly soapy to be a marketed fragrance. It possesses an incensey vibe anything but dusty or liturgical. The olibanum performs just in order to support and enhance the neutral soapiness of the almost milky balsams. The note of iris is mossy but almost entirely "lipstick bodied". A scent must aim to possess structure and texture, sometimes the high quality "raw materials" and the extreme skillfulness in the balance and subtleness pursuit by the master perfumer provides a sort of surprising silkiness and the aroma waves in the air as an heavenly cloud; all of it is not going on in this case as the Infusion d'Homme's aroma is just soapy synthetic despite never in a disturbing way. Your skin just smells "neutral" as after a bath with a musk/iris shampoing pour le corps, nothing else. The bath foam effect is well performed indeed.
31st December, 2013
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On a whim, I spritzed some on the usual spots one day at Sephora.

What I experienced over the next several hours was unique, and not necessarily in a good way. Not necessarily in a bad way either.

To me, there were parts I liked, but I think may be a bit confusing for those nearby.

Neutral because many might like it and I didn't find objectionable.

I just think there are too many others that are similar in uniqueness that aren't accompanied with the potentially confusing character at times.

Also seemed a bit feminine to me. Dior Homme would probably top Infusion for me, as well as several others, without the questionable possibly-too-fem aspect.
16th October, 2012
I can summarize my impression of Infusion d'Homme thusly:

Take one part Aqua Net Hairspray, and combine it with one part Faultless spray starch. Amplify the essence by 10, dilute with a little alcohol, and you have it.

It has great silage and longevity, so if this is what you want to smell like, it's a must buy.
18th September, 2011
I kind of liked this one, somewhat sophisticated (no, it's not the Prada name, which doesn't appeal to me), but kept getting hints of hairspray mixed with the soapy scent- a classier soap, but not so much the hairspray. Seems to last well, mild projection, but don't think I'll add this one to my collection any time soon. BTW, I noticed similar "hairspray" odors in other Pradas for men, but not sure what's behind that note. Any ideas anyone?
14th May, 2011 (last edited: 10th June, 2011)
Infusion d'Homme: clean, starchy, white hotel soap. It's pleasant, but not my cup of tea. Definitely powdery, but in a soap sense. If I wanted a "clean" fragrance, I'd rather wear Gendarme EdP or Mugler Cologne.

Still, Infusion d'Homme isn't bad. Definitely unisex and the longevity is good (6 - 7 hours).
13th May, 2011
Too sweet! It makes me smells like a teenage girl!
But it has 5-7 longevity and smell is not really bad, it's actually pretty nice for girls.
I would not spend $50 for this girly fragrance cause I'm a guy.
10th September, 2010
never got any soap from this one but i guess that's just scent memory for most.
20th August, 2010 (last edited: 02nd February, 2011)
All right, so this could easily be marketed as a shared(or even Women's) Fragrance. It smells clean and soapy, but has NO longevity at all. Sure if you smell your skin, you can slightly notice it, but no one will ever smell a cloud of it, even if you bathe in it. It's a good smell, but not worth the $ due to the poor longevity.
27th July, 2010
This is a pleasant scent, but it is not what I would expect given its ingredients. Specifically, I think a scent which has galbanum and frankincense should have a green and coniferous or resinous quality. The “Somalian incense” here smells more like myrrh to me, since it is slightly sweet and soapy. The cedar should give some wood notes, and the vetiver should give earthy or grassy notes – but I get none of these.
What I do get is a grey/silver sort of scent. Iris and soap notes dominate. This is done in the typical Prada style; which is round, smooth and has no edges. The scent is attractive, soapy and slightly sweet, and sits close to the skin.
[update} What an odd scent! Fresh, soapy, clean, somewhat juvenile in style. Sweet and kind of twee in a pretty way. The myrrh is done in a sweet-soapy style. There is a fresh, slighly ozonic note here. Does not evoke a masculine image –a young boy perhaps, prior to his first beard. This isn’t a scrubber, it is just not my style.
12th July, 2010 (last edited: 07th December, 2010)
dacerace Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Well...I cannot say I am totally disappointed as I got mine at reasonable price in a sale...otherwise it might have been different.It smells nice,and so it should at it's average retail price...but I think thats the problem....for the price you expect more....and to be honest it smells like a slightly vamped Tabac original...(thats what I thought of first whiff...the 1980's...and my first favourite)...I am tempted to buy some Tabac to get if I am right.....but I have a good memory.....If I wanted Tabac costs less...anyone else think the same?Feel ripped off somehow.
12th January, 2010
UPDATE: I would like to add this observation to my original review: Prada's Infusion d'Homme is the best fragrance I have ever found to use as an adjunct to Sandalwood Colognes. Because fine sandalwood trees from India are in very short supply, many sandalwood based fragrances are suffering from some type of emergency re-formulation. Prada's Infusion d'Homme is a very high quality Iris cologne which works wonders on all scents which depend on sandalwood. It does astonishingly good things to Caswell Massey's relatively undistinguished Sandalwood Cologne. Prada's Infusion also elevates Arden for Men's heavily lavender & rough sandalwood concoction, sweetening and enriching that cologne's nature in mysterious ways.

My original review from December 2009 remains unchanged:

A very soft, floral, orris root fragrance that reveals as an unusual and subtle sandalwood over its dry down. This is a gentle scent that requires patience to come to appreciate.

It seems more an after shower fragrance to enjoy by yourself than a social fragrance to signal others, at least in most social circumstances. It does not project. It is most interesting after it has begun to dry down close to the skin.

It is a fragrance for very intimate moments with another person whose face comes close to your skin.

The iris root note is gentle, quiet, not abrasively cool, and registers as a complex but very low volume sandalwood chord with floral over tones.

I find that Prada's Infusion d'Homme lasts much longer than more traditional eau de colognes like those citrus and orange classics offered by Hermes. In some ways this "Infusion" is a completely different take on an evanescent, close to the skin, toilet water that is not designed to project, at least not very far.

Given the right complimentary fragrances, I think this would be an interesting scent to layer with other colognes, particularly those that have abrasive, or rough edges, or rather uncomplicated or simple natures.

I understand why some reviewers dismiss this creation. Except for the subtlety of its complexity, it first impresses as a subdued, minimalist scent. If it is "soapy" it is soapy in the same clean afterglow that Mugler Cologne is soapy. I use both of these fragrances as after shower splashes; not necessarily together, but that works, too.

There are myriad crisp, citrus, and vetiver grass toilet water splashes available for men. Prada has invented a soft, wood toned floral toilet water splash for men who enjoy something more complex, subdued, and subtle. Infusion d'Homme is a pleasant, quiet alternative to traditional eau de toilets. If you are not seeking to attract a new lover, this is a new fragrance that in intimate moments your old lover will find attractive.

Read more:

To my nose orris and sandalwood share certain blossom and wood reverberrations, and the Prada Infusion is made of quality ingredients which add luster to more mudane recipes. Prade Infusion d'Homme is lovely to layer with almost any fragrance, but it is magical with sandalwoods of any qualiry.
13th December, 2009 (last edited: 05th September, 2010)
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not my style. 2 me it seems a little to feminine. overall its nice but it reminds me of somethin my ma might wear. scent remains the same from initial spray to dry down. try b4 you buy. My opinion might change dependin on what the ladies think. that always seems 2 change my opinion ;)
04th September, 2009
lunoar Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Wasn't too sure about this at first, very different from the fragrances i'm used to. It is a very soapy smell and reminds me of "imperial leather" soap but a lot more refined and elegant. I have come to appreciate this more over time and enjoy wearing it. More suitable for work rather than a night out as it doesn't really draw attention but is very clean smelling, inoffensive with amazing longevity and just as you think the scent has faded it has a strange way of waking up again for another round.

Had a change of heart with this one, it is as i said above "refined, clean smelling, inoffensive with amazing longevity" but also very very boring after a while.
After a few hours i want to remove it so i can smell something exciting again.
Its not that its a bad scent or poorly made but i now find it very one dimensional.
Thumbs Up is now a Neutral for me.
19th May, 2009 (last edited: 14th March, 2010)
For the irst hour or two I really thought that I would purchase this. Initially it smells fresh, but not in the calone sense of the word; more like cold wet dirt and soap. I get a healthy dose o iris, soap, and a clean frankincense. I held off on going back and getting it right away because it seemed to be walking the line of either staying fresh, or becoming cloying. Unfortunately it went the way of cloying, and ended up smelling like my skin after I have been in a heavily chlorinated hot-tub for too long. Much to heavy and leaning to the feminine side IMHO.

On a positive note, this has great longevity, and wears just the right distance from the skin. I can see how some might like it, but its not for me.
29th March, 2009
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Smelling this and original on each wrist I compare them together. It's soapy like the original, but less harsh and a bit more femenine. I Couldn't detect Infusion d'homme on my skin after 20 mins, whereas the original was there for a good few hours later. If you have a choice between the two get the Amber. I hope Prada's next male offering goes in a different, less soapy direction than their first two frags. :P
10th February, 2009
genvy5 Show all reviews
United States
Very nicely done scent with great iris which is all just ruined by a soapy accord. I can't thumbs down this because it is so great besides the soapiness.
01st February, 2009
Not bad, but way too synthetic for my taste. Although I do appreciate the clean, distinct quality of this fragrance, it is, just like many of the modern scents, too artificial for me to enjoy it.
18th January, 2009
I thought it smelled just like Cartier's Declaration.
09th November, 2008
Soapy iris. I'm on the fence with this. I love, love LOVE the iris note in this. Much better than Dior Homme which I found way too powdery and heavy. Here, at the heart, it becomes an elegant beast. However, Prada puts the same sharp and soapy accord that's found in Prada Amber pour Homme. It turns me off just enought to not like the rest of the scent. Lasts all day and sillage is reasonable.
27th October, 2008
This is barely a masculine scent. Barely. Maybe not even.

Another gender-bending creation by Prada which will be used more by women than men. I do not really believe in gender in scents, yet calling this frag 'Infusion d'Homme' is a tad lame.

It has that signature Prada synthetic-ness to it and this time -for the first time- it really really bothers me. Incredibly plastic-y and sticky, Infusion d'Homme is so close to its older sister, one wonders why Prada did even bother to release a scent, which anyone can create themselves by mixing Infusion d'Iris and Prada Amber Pour Homme.

It is incredibly flower-y and almost acrid. Unbearable at times, it hurts the nose after a while. The plastic flowers are that sharp in it. Infusion d'Iris had reminded me of this baby shampoo my mom used to wash my hair when I was like 3-4 years old. It has a sense of creamy innocence. Yet I do not know if it possesses a sense of grown-up sophistication. In Infusion d'Homme's case, I think the perfumers have fallen in love with the feminine version so much, that they tried to twist it so little and try to make it look 'masculine.' That is quite troublesome, because this is what I would call more of a let-down of a scent.

The notes are neroli flower, iris, vetiver, cedar, olibanum resin, and benzoin. The only difference of the scent from the feminine version is the lack of mandarin and incense (which doesn't even matter really since nobody does smell the so-called 'incense' in Infusion d'Iris.)

This is a scent I would never consider using even though I really enjoy Amber pour Homme. Its deep lack of unique character is being attempted to be filled by a very synthetic approach of scent making that I absolutely detest. The only reason why I am giving it a neutral grading is because this scent will make a lot of people feel unique. Moreover, as any other Prada scent, it is very well-blended which is rather hard thing to accomplish.

Also, this is the exact type of scent that will not alter itself on different types of skin chemistry: it is so synthetic that on anyone, it will smell exactly like how it does on paper. The bottle is insignificant, and it is the same with Infusion d'Iris with a more earthy subdued color palette. The bottles lack the minimalistic elegance of the original Prada womens scents and Amber pour Homme.

I do not understand what type of a man Prada aims to create, yet 'the man of the 21st Century' should not be this robotic and cold. This is a scent that just does not feel like a human's scent.
23rd October, 2008
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Well, this is a rehash of the women's versions with a few tweaks, as other reviewers have mentioned. The biggest difference is that the Infusion d'Iris was an EdP, whereas Infusion d'Homme is an EdT. Perhaps that's where the longevity issue comes in for some people. To me, this scent is a nice warm weather player that could be introduced into the summer lineup. If it wears off after 3-4 hours ( which isa its duration on my skin in tests), I don't much care, It is rather mediocre. On the whole the women's is better, longer lasting , and a little better crafted to my nose. The flanker for men? No earthly reason for it especially when the original was as perfectly unisex as any slightly woody-oriental eau-de-cologne style scent.
02nd September, 2008
The mens's infusion is truly a hybrid of the women's infusion and the original men's Amber pour homme cologne. It has the lovely iris, vetiver, woody/incense notes of the women's original, yet has that distinct barbershop/soapy quality of the men's amber. While seemingly well composed, after many applications on the first day after purchase, it sadly disappears on my skin with virtually no trace whatsoever. I do like it though, yet it appears to be an eau de cologne in silliage.
19th August, 2008