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Dislike this fragrance a lot. Soapy, very powdery and too much iris making it feel very feminine. Very similar to MFK Absolue Pour le Matin which I also dislike...yuck!
13th October, 2017
One of those fragrances that I would find hard to accept that anyone could dislike. Very soapy, very clean and very luxurious smelling. Prada are fast becoming one of my favorite houses!!
02nd October, 2017
I get on this one a very powdery Iris. I used to own a bottle and I finished it in no time. So easy to wear.

Very in the line of Thierry Mugler cologne but less conceptual and more elaborated and complex.

However, the original Infusion d'Iris is slightly better and more rounded.
22nd May, 2016
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Some may disagree with me about this, but Infusion D'Homme is one of the best designer scents made in the last 10 years imo. I love this scent and own a flacon of it. How does one hate smelling like expensive soap? better yet...How does one hate smelling clean? lol...Maybe this isn't the scent for some but its a masterpiece to me. This scent is truly Niche quality and can be owned for under $100.

I like Irish Spring in a bottle (Mugler cologne) too, but Infusion isn't your Walgreen/pharmacy type soap or typical GYM scent. It is just next level. While anything is unisex these days, this scent leans unmistakably masculine. It lasts and projects well- especially for its genre. I get 8 hours typically and always carry an atomizer of it in my pocket...

I really love that its a fragrance you can wear year round. It's very versatile and since it's also colorless I know it won't stain my clothes. If I want more Umph I'll add a couple sprays to my t shirt or the collar of my jacket. Unlike a prior reviewer I don't find this cloying at all. To me its blended to perfection. I respect that every nose is different but to me Infusion D'Homme isn't your typical soapy frag. It's THE soapy frag...

I layer this with Fahrenheit in the Spring.

27th April, 2016
It's a "neutral" for me, this IS too much like a fancy soap, like so many people on the web compare this to.

If you're okay with smelling like a nice feminine leaning soap then you'll do fine with this one. I purchased a small bottle of this then sold it then somehow ended up with a sample vial and gave it another try, just not for me. "Powdery Notes" and iris indeed, not exactly a scent for impressing.

Why did they hang "pour home" around this one? They would have been more up front by categorizing it as a UNISEX scent.
21st April, 2016
Very clean and fresh, a touch or floral without any sweetness. I don't find it interesting so I'll pass on a purchase but it smells nice. Should be great for everyday office or daytime wear. Not big on projection.
14th March, 2016
Another win!
It smells like baby powder, like, a girl asked me once if I had put on baby powder on my skin because it smelled so soothing. It's not offensive.
It's just like Amber Pour Homme: not for clubbing but perfect for work, school and even for the movies and theatre.
15th December, 2015

Unpredictable in spirit,pure in its essence.INFUSION d'HOMME is a cuddly and clean-sexy that can be worn anytime,anywhere,all day or night.It is not a fancy "out on the town" scent.The scent is simply gorgeous and the notes are real nice for this fragrance. Powdery,Clean,Elegant,Chic,Subtle,Fresh, Luminous and Soapy.

The graceful and clean beginning leaves a subtle, lingering trail which wears like the emblem of the good life.for when you want to indulge yourself. Mandarin orange in the top notes,Iris in the heart and benzion and powdery note in the base notes are more dominant for me and totally it is not absolutely masculine.

This PRADA EDT has prestigious formula and wear it year round.I recommend it for Everyday and Office use and it is also perfect for those time when you are going to your bed as you get the comment "wow you really smell lovely".Anyway if you are looking to wear a nice scent but don't want to worry about what is appropriate for what time,This one is for you.


Longevity?Quite Good on my skin.

11th May, 2015
Neroli, Iris, Incense, Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoin.

I reviewed this 3 years ago and since then, I've acquired a huge bottle. It behooves me to revise my post as I find myself reaching for this as a go-to work scent. I suppose it's safe to say that the totality of Prada's Infusion D'Homme is one of versatility and acceptability. As "clean" a quality that this possesses, it's also good to note that this is deceivingly strong for the first few hours. One tends to think of clean fragrances as a genre lacking projection or tenacity. Not so with Infusion D'Homme. I'm not as liberal these days when applying it since I find it easy to do so. It simply smells terrific.

The rendition and tuning of Iris present allows Infusion D'Homme to be broader than just a masculine wear. It's versatile enough for this to be worn by the female persuasion. There's nothing macho here and to me, it sits squarely in the middle of the gender line.

The presence of soap is easily detected here, but this aspect is one of quality and sans anything scratchy or caustic. The opening is an extremely pleasant experience. Fresh-out-of-the-shower vibrancy is manifested and I enjoy the faint violet and slightly sweet resins coming to life after the first minute. This is a very uncomplicated scent that smells full bodied and sheer at the same time. It's lightweight and deceptively substantial; a quality that has intrigued me since my initial wearing. I also experience rather impressive longevity and that's an added bonus I hadn't counted on. Leather is hinted at during the heart accord and onward, but it's never extroverted on my skin.

There's also the suggestion of smoke, but it too is of a passive nature. Regardless of whether or not Infusion D'Homme was intended to have transitions or simply be a linear wear is unimportant. On me, it's simplistic, pleasant, versatile and those around me have made mention of it on more than occasion. I've concluded this is a really good choice for where I work and being around all sorts of different people.

Sillage is moderately perfect. The longevity on my skin is approximately 6 hours before morphing into a personal space scent. The first few hours of wear are easily detectable and this is where it is deceptive. Go easy on the trigger until you find the amount that works perfect for your situation and environment. Thumbs up from Aromi for Prada's Infusion D'Homme and as always, a sample wear is highly recommended in spite of my opinion. As for me, I'm quite sure I'll be picking up a large backup bottle before this scent disappears either into discontinuation or reformulation.....if it hasn't already.........
01st March, 2015
Prada Id'H started out really floral and feminine on me and dried down to a very floral powder scent. Should be uni-sex or feminine. I've no desire or use for a fragrance like this.
28th February, 2015
My wife and I both love the scent on me. I think I may like Prada Amber a little more. Nice clean scent.
13th February, 2015
This is probably one of my all time favorite fragrances. Extremely well done male floral which oozes class. The main notes I smell are iris, neroli, vetiver, and what is known as a soapy or powdery note. What it smells like to me is very expensive soap combined with just a touch of baby powder. Normally I don't care for powdery fragrances, but the addition of vetiver makes this more masculine. I would compare this to Dior Homme which is also another extremely well done men's floral.
12th February, 2015
When it first goes on it really gives off its soapy, powdery scent. As it begins to dry the iris and cedar take over. But the most appealing thing about this fragrance is when it dries down it becomes a masterpiece. I get a different scent every time I smell it. Whiffs of all the fore mentioned seem to come and go, but I also detect vetiver, leather, ANISE, neroli / orange. Then as it fades away about 6-8 hours after its application it settles down to a nice powdery bouquette of Iris sitting inside of a cedar box. Its very complex. Very good office scent. Similiar to Prada Amber Pour Homme but missing the Vanilla and replaced with cedar and iris.
25th December, 2014
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United States
Arguably the most perfect work-scent ever, Andrier ups the ante from her work on the original "Amber Pour Homme," with this Iris-fueled heaven of-a-juice; a concoction that just stuns the wearer and all passersby!! Not the loudest, most noticeable, or the strongest out there, but, like I said, if you enjoy wearing a work-scent that turns heads, you could do MUCH worse than Daniela's Iris Demon! It makes you feel like the most accomplished, the most dapper bloke out there. The iris is powdery-soft, yet incisive. Like laundered, starched semi-pointed collars, this does the job!
23rd December, 2014
Infusion d'Homme is a wonderful masterpiece by Prada. I love to wear this cologne in the summer. It makes me feel fresh and clean all day long. The citrus, iris and powdery notes come together to make this fragrance very addicting. I get many compliments every time I wear it.
24th July, 2014
Another hall of famer from Prada. Fresh and soapy!
16th May, 2014
Great fragrance for men.....powdery, light, the opening! This reminds me of Molton Brown Navigation Lijiang; rich, soft, yet smooth. Although the notes differ yet they harmonize; they seem to be smooth. A perfect summer fragrance!
03rd May, 2014
A straight forward soapy fragrance with a lipstick undertone, an initial evanescent citrusy crispiness (mostly orangy) and a final mossy soapy dry down. Shockingly soapy to be a marketed fragrance. It possesses an incensey vibe anything but dusty or liturgical. The olibanum performs just in order to support and enhance the neutral soapiness of the almost milky balsams. The note of iris is mossy but almost entirely "lipstick bodied". A scent must aim to possess structure and texture, sometimes the high quality "raw materials" and the extreme skillfulness in the balance and subtleness pursuit by the master perfumer provides a sort of surprising silkiness and the aroma waves in the air as an heavenly cloud; all of it is not going on in this case as the Infusion d'Homme's aroma is just soapy synthetic despite never in a disturbing way. Your skin just smells "neutral" as after a bath with a musk/iris shampoing pour le corps, nothing else. The bath foam effect is well performed indeed.
31st December, 2013
Crisp and clean-cut fragrance

I was shocked to see such a minimalist clean and simple fragrance to come from Prada. The other fragrances in the line like intense are common and bland. This is a scent everyone can get behind. It exudes luxury and modernity. Easy for a night out or just laying around in fresh sheets. Recent purchase for me, but I'm excited to see how it grows.

Pros: Inviting and fresh fragrance all can enjoy
Cons: there are none"

23rd August, 2013
The best soap scent I've found in years

This is my favorite fragrance. I've been using it for two years now, and I don't get bored, because I love luxury white soaps, and this scent is a masterpiece in this area. The only thing that I find a bit disappointing is that Prada tends to release variations of the female counterpart, but this male version doesn't get any variations (just the vetiver one, no longer produced).

I'd love that more noses created more fragrances that smell like luxury white soap, but this one is the only one that really achieved it, in my humble opinion.

A masterpiece (if you love good soaps, of course)

Pros: A masterpiece for every soap lover

13th July, 2013
Oh dear. Where do I start? Infusion d`Homme by Prada opens with a blast of soda water and citrus fruit and settles down to become dry, soapy iris covered in laundry detergent musk and sodium bicarbonate. A little benzoin and vanilla hum in the background and a very light floral note floats on top, but I just can’t get past the soapy, carbonated, laundry effect. In fact, it is so overbearing that I need to scrub it off. This fragrance might work for me if I smelled it on someone else standing on the other side of the room.

I was really hoping to like Infusion d`Homme, but alas, I am quite disappointed. I read several great reviews, noted the adorable bottle, and found the price point very reasonable. Too bad the juice didn’t complete the fantasy.

20th April, 2013
Subtle vetiver soapy scent with good lasting power. Excellent for everyday use. Calm and relaxing. Smells like Infusion D'Vetiver but this is sweeter and softer. Absolutely thumbs up!
26th October, 2012 (last edited: 19th December, 2012)
On a whim, I spritzed some on the usual spots one day at Sephora.

What I experienced over the next several hours was unique, and not necessarily in a good way. Not necessarily in a bad way either.

To me, there were parts I liked, but I think may be a bit confusing for those nearby.

Neutral because many might like it and I didn't find objectionable.

I just think there are too many others that are similar in uniqueness that aren't accompanied with the potentially confusing character at times.

Also seemed a bit feminine to me. Dior Homme would probably top Infusion for me, as well as several others, without the questionable possibly-too-fem aspect.
16th October, 2012
Much better then terre d hermes, this is one office scent, smell of cleanness with heavy iris-powdery note, and smells so unisex and much more pleasant and rounded composition then terre d hermes, with that sharp peppery dull note
11th October, 2012
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United Kingdom
A sober, white-soapy, dry and angular iris. I find it quite austere. Not my favourite from Prada but it does have its own niche; namely those occasions when frippery is uncalled-for (disciplinary meetings, sackings, job interviews etc). Good longevity.
04th October, 2012
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United Kingdom
Not really my thing, smells like a very expensive soap. I can't really see where you would wear this other than to the office. Inoffensive and safe, not worth the price tag in my opinion.
31st August, 2012
This is walking the line for me as far as soapy-fresh fakeness goes, so I guess this is the pinnacle of that sentiment. A clean, powdery, vaguely creamy, and just slightly smoky delight of a scent. For the young club-goer or burgeoning socialite who wants to balance the charm of Edwardian classicism with the broad appeal of vanilla gourmands and aquatics. Very nice.
03rd June, 2012
A lot of people talk about this as a good soapy scent, and I'll concur with that, but it's a very different type of animal from Mugler Cologne, Gendarme, or most of the others because it's in part a musk scent. The opening is very nothing-ish, and as people have suggested, it really smells like the skin-plus-residual-soap scents of a man who just got out of the shower. What I don't like is how the sweetness is very metallic and artificial...even though it's not super sweet, what sweetness there is is like encountering aspartame when you were expecting real sugar. As it starts to get less floral and more spicy and musky, this aspect goes away to some extent, but now it becomes a question of whether the musk is too rosy and feminine. (And synthetic!) It's not an over-the-top tour of the candy and detergent factory like Prada Amber, but it still can't escape that same surreal, almost fake edge. As the musk retreats a bit in the base to reveal anise, its downfall is complete according to my nose, and what's left is a tacky post-modern mockery of vintage women's perfumes.
14th May, 2012
Rubbery Iris and Bubble thanks!
12th May, 2012
Imagine yourself blasting yourself in the face with rubbing alcohol. After a minute or so, you smell a lot of ivory soap and shortly after some flowers. Then you keep the flowers around but dump a bunch of baby powder on the flowers.

This isn't for me, at all. It's really just a lot of white hand/face soap and baby powder. Like, you can smell that way without cologne if you want to.

It's "clean" but not interesting.
01st May, 2012