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In Unspoken Roja Dove has crafted a chypre, surely somewhat feminine-leaning, stereotypically, that is nonetheless sufficiently unisex, particularly in its dry down, to suit chypre-friendly men.

It consists mainly, to my nose, of aldehydes, lavender, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and labdanum.

Certainly on the opening I get more of the floral / aldehydic / powdery blend, while in the dry down, the mix becomes woodier with rose and resins as more interesting supporting characters. It's almost slightly sweet in the dry down as well, perhaps due to teh resins.

Performance is excellent, extreme in both projection and longevity.

It's versatile in terms of season and perhaps occasion, but gender-wise, it leans feminine enough that it might not suit my mood at all times. Still, I quite like it, and will have to consider when I'll wear it, situation-wise.

7 out of 10

23rd February, 2018
I have a sample of the extrait. I smelled a lovely, poignant iris throughout its development. It is very pretty, but didn't have much longevity for me.
If this was a fragrance from anyone else it would be a strong thumbs up. But I expected more from Roja Dove. It is merely pretty, but not OMG.
11th April, 2017
Old world delight

It's a very old world perfume.

Reeks of iris and labdanum and other resins that are there but I can't pick out individually.

I'm wearing the pure Parfum by the way.

The other florals are there but blended seamlessly.

Plenty of moss and sandalwood.

I'll add that there was no hurried , haphazard , plugged in, and 'one size fits all' dry down.

It maintained a solid and deliberate composition all the way to the dry down.

31st May, 2013
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In my nose this is almost identical to Narcisse Noir by Caron.

I love them both but Caron is a classic and also French...

Big thumbs up...!!!
08th June, 2012
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United States
I searched for something redeemable in the opening....and I could sense hints of earthy notes to tame the candy sugary beast....but then they were lost, swallowed whole by syrupy candy.

The dry down is much more pleasant, when the sandalwood peaks through the syrup, but overall I felt very displeased with the fragrance.
11th March, 2010
this is in my opinion the best 'modern' chypre available. As in the review above wish i can afford the pure can find it @
08th April, 2009
Outstanding Chypre!! Starts off with a blast of bergamot,,,as in most chypres. Then a candied sweetness of rose and ginger. It's stunning,,,and my idea of a good chypre. FBW!!! This for the Eau de Parfum,,,moderate lasting power,,,would love to be able to afford the parfum.
26th January, 2009