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Positive Reviews of Unspoken by Roja Dove

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In my nose this is almost identical to Narcisse Noir by Caron.

I love them both but Caron is a classic and also French...

Big thumbs up...!!!
08th June, 2012
this is in my opinion the best 'modern' chypre available. As in the review above wish i can afford the pure can find it @
08th April, 2009
Outstanding Chypre!! Starts off with a blast of bergamot,,,as in most chypres. Then a candied sweetness of rose and ginger. It's stunning,,,and my idea of a good chypre. FBW!!! This for the Eau de Parfum,,,moderate lasting power,,,would love to be able to afford the parfum.
26th January, 2009
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