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Positive Reviews of Anvers 2 by Ulrich Lang

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Genre: Chypre

With its soft, woody/herbaceous/floral center, brightened on top by some crisp citrus and coniferous notes, and buttressed by mossy woods beneath, Anvers 2 is a slick, contemporary take on the classic green chypre structure. I find this scent remarkable in its combination of transparency and complexity. Most scents that have this much going on at once are big and boisterous, but when I wear Anvers 2 I feel as if I can (or perhaps do) smell my own skin right through it.

After the first hour or so of wear an extraordinarily well balanced, labdanum-rich amber makes itself known in the base line. Upon reflection, I wonder if it isn’t the labdanum component in that amber that suggests a natural skin scent shining through Anvers 2? Cistus ladaniferus (the source of labdanum,) grows in abundance in my neighborhood, and the resin smells quite like my own skin – only amplified 100 fold. What I haven’t heard mentioned in reviews so far is leather, and while it does not appear in the official pyramid, I keep getting an impression of leather at Anvers 2’s heart. Is it illusory? Perhaps. But if so, it’s a pleasant illusion.

In its quiet sophistication, Avers 2 is similar in mood, though not actual scent, to Ormonde Man and Jil Sander’s Scent No. 79 for Men. If it were twice as potent, it might also conjure up Guerlain’s Derby, which while no sillage monster itself, takes a more muscular approach to this green/leathery chypre theme.

So, is it good? Yes, I think so. Would I go out and buy it? Probably not. I like my scents more forthright and conspicuous than Anvers 2, and so might gravitate toward the bolder Jil Sander if I were looking for an understated chypre of this sort. Then again, I’ll probably just stick with Derby. It makes the most impact of all, and is no less suave than any.
09th June, 2014
Sweet, leathery fragrance which; and I know this sounds silly, but this is how it is; smells "hot" to me.

There's honey, soft leather, and a lot of spice. Anvers 2 is complex, yet understated.

An addition to my permanent collection.
13th October, 2012
I glanced at Anvers 2's pyramid awhile back and almost ran away without looking back. I tend to dislike "everything but the kitchen sink" scents. They usually come across as an unfocused mess of notes in disarray. Looking at the pyramid, Anvers 2 should fall into this category.

Thankfully, it does not. I was convinced to get a sample after reading Off-Scenter's excellent review, in which he alludes to the simplicity/complexity paradox of Anvers 2.

In short, he is right. It is complex, but never bludgeons your nose with chaos like, say, Antidote. Anvers 2 reveals a whiff of greens here, florals there, tobacco, pepper, woods, amber and more. This concoction should collapse under its own weight and project a swampy, dismal cloud. But instead, it's an agile, cat-like fragrance. None of the elements conflict. Light on their feet, they dance around each other, perfectly synchronized.

Anvers 2 manages to smell rich, fresh and ethereal all at once, and it's a great experience for almost any occasion.
09th August, 2010
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Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Sweet, woody, rich and almost pipe tobacco in the drydown. A vast improvement to Anvers 1, which is ok but a bit bland. If the fragrances are improving the higher the numbers get I am going to buy Anvers 3 blind.
04th March, 2010
I think this can be unisex. Reminds me of a refined, classier, and more acceptable Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue for Women just without all that powdery mess (and I like D&G LB). Not love at first sniff but this is an amazing blend of, well, everything. Foody, sweet and grassy and spicy and... well.... everything. But it doesn't settle down at all and yet it doesn't confuse you. Like a motivational speaker, it keeps you entertained without you knowing it. The price is right, too, as far as niche frags go. I don't know where this can go wrong.
26th June, 2008
A nice soft modern scent that is slightly sweet, slightly woody, and distinguishable from the whole army of ozone fragrances by its aura of warmth and charm. Despite the fact that it is light, it has some decent staying power. This is one mod scent that actually has personality. For young guys who wear wild Prada jackets with super tight black pants and stay out very late. Hip, young and exciting, it is dangerously close to being unisex.
18th November, 2007 (last edited: 31st January, 2010)
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
This is a captivating scent. It grows on you slowly, but it blossoms beautifully. There's a lot going on in this scent. The pyramid is crammed with different notes, but somehow, it's all making beautiful harmony. Apart from the hesperidic notes in the top, the rhubarb and cypress (also in the headnote) pick up the cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver in the heart. The floral accord lends a touch of sweetness without overwhelming the greener, spicier and darker notes. Some oakmoss in the base gives this a chypre quality, anchored by the florals and bergamot; and yet this is balanced by oriental notes in the base. It's not cheap, but in my estimation, it's much better than some that are even more expensive!
25th October, 2007