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Negative Reviews of Hermèssence Brin de Réglisse by Hermès

Total Reviews: 2
Genre: Floral

Brin de Réglisse goes on with a really lovely savory-salty accord of black licorice and lavender. Contrary to my expectations, it does not then settle into the sharp, synthetic woody accord that anchors so many of Jean-Claude Elléna’s previous scents. Happily, this means that after twenty minutes it doesn’t wind up smelling exactly like Un Jardin sur la Nil, Un Jardin en Méditerranée, or Terre d’Hermès. Sadly, it also means that after twenty minutes Brin de Réglisse winds up smelling like nothing at all.

15th June, 2014

The notes in the opening of Brin de Réglisse form an unusual and interesting accord. The lavender is much more herbal than floral, which is the way I prefer lavender, and the licorice fits well with this particular lavender note because they are augmented with a salty note that adds more interest. I’m not highly enamored of the accord and I think I would tire of it if I smelled it for more than a few hours, but I do find it interesting and unique. Nothing more seems to happen with this fragrance besides this salty herbal accord. Then, it is gone in a all too quickly. It’s an ok scent, but the terrible longevity is unacceptable.
28th November, 2010