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Negative Reviews of Versace pour Homme by Versace

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Versace pour Homme would be an abomination compared to other notable mainstream releases of its time, including Dior Homme, Grey Vetiver and Infusion d'Homme. Curiously enough, now it is above average in a mainstream store crowded with Sauvage, Invictus, Dylan Blue, Aqua Atlantique and the likes - it will almost smell like a sophisticated Italian cologne for all of two minutes. Reconciling the two drastic experiences would reveal that this eschews meritocracy and idiocracy, and firmly embraces mediocracy. It is a run of the mill concoction on the overplayed fresh woody-amber theme, marginally inferior to and substantially cheaper than Chanel's Allure Homme Sport, which is itself a banal offering. Acqua di Gio Profumo, while somewhat different, would be recommended as a more respectable and competent offering that can be worn as an alternative.

23rd July, 2017
I hate aquatics from ADG to Bvlgari Aqua pour homme.

All these aquatics remind me of stagnant water in a tank with green algae growth underneath.

Versace pour homme smells like the above described with some rotten eggs thrown into that tank.

Projection: 6/10
Longevity: 6 hrs


17th February, 2016
The nice bottle and nice price lured me into trying this.

Smells like a citrusy windshield cleaning fluid. A horrible composition of the most synthetic citrus aromas. So piercing and obtrusive, any other notes are basically not perceivable for me. No evolution to speak of, either.

Absolutely unwearable and a huge disappointment.
16th July, 2015
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I have been Disappointed with the EAU FRAICHE and my first thought were this brand redd itself with Versace PH.
Thereupon i bought it Too Expensive around 90 Dollars!with this price i really Expected a Great cologne but not only was not Great but also it was Ordinary and Weak like a 20 Dollars Cologne!

Yes i find Versace PH so ordinary without any Scents that makes it is Great or Unique.It is very much dominated by the Citrus and Alcohol.Sour,Fresh and Casual.
It is more Aromatic Citrusy than Aromatic Fougere.Longevity?Another disappointed for me as it was less 2 Hours.
Overall i think VERSACE Colognes was better before.

10th May, 2015
Synthetic and undifferentiated

I admit, I liked this one for nearly one third of a 100ml bottle. Then, I started to become uncomfortable with the synthetic quality of it; it really could not get any "natural" scents that I could pick out. I started to feel like I was wearing some kind of cleaning product, perhaps one that I enjoyed the smell of from time to time, but did I really want that in on my body?

While I am not one who cares one way or another about bottles, this one is particularly tacky.

04th July, 2013
Too synthetic for me. Kind of nauseating. I'm suprised that Versace would put out some crap like this!
09th November, 2012
If you would like to smell like a chemical cleaning product, you have found your holy grail.
27th July, 2012
Where are the masterpieces of the past? What an obsessive bore! Fresh, aquatic, orangy, chemical. The virility is boiling, bleu, artificially prickly, calcareous and a bit medicinal. Period.
11th October, 2011
I'm usually a pretty easygoing reviewer, even with scents that are very unpopular or that disagree with me strongly. But I have to say...Versace Pour Homme is just exquisitely bad. It's like someone took Allure Homme Sport, made it project like Kouros, and dumped pesticides in it. Certain scents are so synthetic they make my mouth taste plasticy...this is one of them. Really, really unpleasant for me.
18th January, 2010

Not until now have I had reason to question Versace’s intention to make good fragrances. Well, now I have reason: This is one of those synthetic, headache-inducing miscarriages that had been the province of so many other companies’ productions, but that Versace had heretofore avoided, I believe. The synthetics have entered into Versace pour Homme with a vengeance. This fragrance smells pretty much like all those fragrances in the surreal “synthetic” marketing... the lowest common denominator-driven universe. This stuff is powerful: its accords have projectile capabilities, and its longevity is enduring... thumbs down for sure.

28th November, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
25 years since the wonderful Versace L'Homme and they produce this piece of crap. That's progress for you.
25th November, 2009
Too sweet and boring , gives me headache.
I'm so glad I'd tried this before buying.
31st October, 2009
The fragrance is out of this world to smell, but doesn't last even for more than an hour. Very high price for such a shot-lived luxury.
06th June, 2009
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zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Imagine a new modern classic which grabs hold of your senses by a sparkling bouquet of natural citrus notes, surprises you by unraveling a well blended heart of spicy woods and floral notes, and then goes for the touchdown by landing on a ravishing base of a top quality oud note with a nod to modern perfumery by implementing a 'mineral note' flanked by a rich oriental base. 'Dynamic and entrepreneurial. Truly for the man of today'.

Well keep on imagining because you ain't getting any of that in Versace Pour homme (VPH). Bursting forth with bitter citrus and a sharp neroli note (with a tinge of aquatic whirled in), the opening burst is about the only high point of this woody aromatic/oriental from Versace. The after effects of these clean citrus notes can actually be felt all the way into the drydown .. must be some high powered synthetic note operating underneath the top construction to extend them so deep into the formula. Anyways, the heart notes introduce the 'generic gang'. Like Timbaland whoring out the same tune over and over, Morillas seems to have borrowed the current accord du jour of generic woody-amber/spicy-woods with the nutty-herbal note of clary sage recalling Platinum Egoistes' far richer heart accord. VPH then fizzles out to a tinny drydown of some thing like a bitter wood note which, if it is really oud, smells like an note leftover from Montale Aoud reject. A whiff of a mildly interesting mineral note peeks out amongst a very anemic presence of 'oriental notes' like tonka, amber and white musk. It says a lot for this fragrance that even at this point the most interesting thing going on is still the sharp neroli blast from the opening whose muted presence can still be felt. The evolution of this inane generic 'masterpiece' is finally complete and I am left clamoring for Versace L'Homme..

Rating: 5.00/10
03rd May, 2009
I am quite disappointed with this one. The top notes are gorgeous but the scent deteriorates into a very pedestrian ubiquitous aquatic finish. Not one of Versace's best.
03rd April, 2009
i bought this versace pour homme, and i must say that this is a copy of Allure homme sport by chanel...... i dont like allure homme sport, so i give this to my brother........
21st November, 2008
Spirited discussion here. I think that if a fragrance lists interesting ingredients, then it should deliver interesting and well-done notes. In my opinion, VpH does not deliver the goods. I agree that the citrus notes are very good: they should be, given their number and variety. However, I find the middle to be boring. I don’t get any clary sage (a particular favorite of mine), nor cedar wood. All I get is a light, cool, marine vibe. Yes, it is a salty breeze but I do question the value of yet another entry in this over-populated category. The oud (normally a really quirky element) is so domesticated as to be invisible. The amber is dry, thankfully. In sum, this seems to me like another airy, slightly synthetic blast of cool air. It just doesn’t appeal to me in any way. Marks deducted for lack of originality.
03rd September, 2008
First of all, I would like to say that this is a very unoriginal and uninspiring scent so it is not my fault that the following review is boring…
Well, let us see…
Your best friend’s birthday is next week. (You are thinking:) What kind of present would he like for his birthday? Maybe a scent? Yeah, definitely, it is a terrific idea. He has only Allure Homme Sport in his wardrobe. But, what happens then? You and your best friend have some stupid conflict. You are mad at him; he has said to you some things that hurt you. I will offer you a perfect solution. Just buy to your friend Versace pour Homme for his birthday. He will get a copy of the only frag he already has, he will smell unattractive, and it will be an adequate punishment for the words he has said to you.
15th July, 2008 (last edited: 17th July, 2009)
How come no one still haven't drop a review on this one....
Well , i got a test bottle, and I must say it is nothing special, allthough I think i could bouth it one day.
First blast is citrus refreshing , it reminds me of Aqua di Gio, but have something in the middle that keeps it strong and heavier that AdG.
Something like pepper. Drydown is something like less intensive initial citrus refreshment.
I'll give it thumbs up couse i think this could be great pick for warmer days.
08th June, 2008