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I fell in love with this in Kohls and knew that I just had to have it, and my dad got it for me for Christmas. Had I known how poor the projection is, I might have asked for a gift card instead.

The scent itself is fantastic. It's a sophisticated citrus that I believe would work best in summer. It's best for formal events, or casual events that call for something more than jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, the projection (and longevity, in my opinion) is lacking. Unlike Eros, which announces your presence before you're visible, Pour Homme seems like a more intimate fragrance(or I just have a bad bottle).

The scent itself is great, fresh and citrusy, but I can't give it a thumbs up due to everything else.
15th April, 2017
Well, this certainly has a lot going for's fresh, safe, clean, inoffensive and actually smells pretty good...but, I do have a few issues with it...right as it opens, it smells very chemically/synthetic to me...the best way I can describe it is it smells like some sort of plastic... luckily, this quickly passes and the chemical effect seems to morph into a half way decent neroli smell accented with a little touch of is in the mold of todays sport/aquatic scents and, as a lot of others have mentioned I sense kinship to the Chanel Allure line...semi-generic and basic, but better than a lot of other options...maybe not a true aquatic but has that " ozony " quality...silage is good for a while, but like most scents of this type, at least on my skin, last maybe 2-4 hours tops on me...if you can find it for a good price this is a good summer workhorse...
FBW if that's your thing
Aromatic Citrusy Sporty Semi-Aquatic
20th November, 2015
One of those frustrating buys which you love the smell of, and is extremely versatile (smelling 'nice' to most), but the longevity is virtually nothing.

Such a shame. I'd pay more money for this same scent in a parfum concentration in the blink of an eye, but I will not be buying the EDT again... I've moved over to guerlain homme for a better, more reliable, rendition of this vibe.
17th November, 2015 (last edited: 30th November, 2015)
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Smells amazing but Only lasts about 2 Hours.. This is the only reason I dont wear this often. Its a shame this doesn't last. Otherwise This frag would have gotten a 10/10 for me because I have been looking for this smell to be my signature scent, but the longevity issue kills it for me
18th July, 2015
This is a safe scent that reminds me 30% of the HEADACHE inducing Guess Seductive homme blue dry down. I want to love this cologne but recently purchased that Guess mess mentioned earlier and it now bothers me. Best Versace scent IMO.
21st August, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Nice start

The initial citrus and bergamot are pleasant, but the drydown is overly synthetic with a sweetish slightly sickly floral drydown. A somewhat dull musk and vanilla don't save it. Longevity two hours. Stop after the top notes.

05th September, 2013
nyguy Show all reviews
United States
Nothing special

Smell it before you decide on buying it!!! This smells synthetic, at least for me to the point where I wish I hadn't put it on. Seeing as how I blind bought a bottle, I kept it for use at the gym and then just gave it away...smells fresh at first for a minute.. but then just gave me a headache all the time. Buy Chanel Bleu if you want something fresh and a bit better, or even Acqua di Gio Essenza for a citrus freshness.

27th May, 2013
I was hoping this would be interesting and was looking forward to trying it given the notoriety if its creator. I was very disappointed, but not at all surprised given the house that commissioned it, to learn that it is another citrus clone. It absolutely dead common. I'm ready for mainstream designer perfumery to turn the corner on this trend. And I'm sure it will when profits from the genre begin to wane. I'm somewhat surprised, actually, that it's gone on so long. There's nothing objectionable here, just utterly ordinary. It's been said, but I can't help but think that Gianni would have been so much more out front than his less gifted sister is now.
17th March, 2013
Versace pour homme is a very citrusy, fresh but safe scent. It opens very generically, like many other citrus based fragrances. If you are looking for something unique, this is not for you. If you are just starting out in fragrances, and looking for an everyday, non-offensive work scent, this could could be one of your more economically sparing choices. I'm surprised that this scent gets so many positive reviews while Bleu de Chanel is so hated on. Must be due to the fact that Chanel is held to a higher standard.
13th February, 2013
Smell like Allure Homme Sport, but without the characteristic creaminess chanel and some lower quality ingredients.
10th January, 2013
Clearly inspired by Allure Homme Sport, a little less sweet. So it has zero uniqueness, but it smells great certainly. I'd choose AHS instead of this because in my opinion Chanel has a better lasting power and sillage.
12th December, 2012
A good fragrance with pleasant smell and amazing looking bottle.
The opening is fresh and semi sweet with neroli and lemon which is really pleasant but nothing really unique or special. there is hint of floral notes in the background too.
In the dry down the sweet and floral notes push citrus notes in the background and dominate through the hole fragrance life on your skin.
So in the dry down and in the base, you will have sweet floral notes with hint of citrus in the background.
All and All, a good, pleasant and safe fragrance, great for spring and summer with good projection and longevity.
08th November, 2012
This is a nice aquatic scent, but too subtle for my dry skin. Soon after applying, I barely know it's there. As so many have already said, it's very similar to other "aqua" and "sport" scents, but I think others have better projection and longevity. I expect more from the Versace name.
15th July, 2012
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I can hardly explain how boring this is. It's like amnesia for the nose, in that when I'm not sniffing it I can't seem to remember it. But it is smooth, obsequious, well put-together, and will probably be a hit with youngsters on warm days. I'd like a little more character in my scents, for better or worse.
11th June, 2012
the sample smelled full tilt aquatic..the real stuff I bought was missing something, just not the same opens with alcoholic notes, the dry down makes it nothing special a cool water wannabe!
13th May, 2012
This is a nice scent. I use the shower gel and the fragrance and women seem to really compliment this scent. Major downfall is that it only lasts around 2hrs. After a few hours, I can not even tell i was even wearing a fragrance. It just dies so fast.
08th February, 2012
Inoffensive, light, lemony dries down to a warm feeling citrus smell
nothing spectacular. smells best when mixed with some sweat-- seems to project better
projects in the opening, much less detectable after 2 hours
not a very noticeable scent overall esp after dry down, which may be what some are looking for.
For the majority of wearing this scent is subtle, lemony, and warm.
27th November, 2011
Bergamot, and neroli in the opening with decent projection. Not exactly what I was expecting from Versace's flagship fragrance, but then again, I can see this appealing to the newer generation of fragrance lovers. While personally, I feel The Dreamer should be their flagship fragrance.. I don't think Versace pH is horrible though.

It's actually a bit different from most aquatics on the market. Where as, you'll find a lot of the melon notes, fruits, and the aquatic feel. VpH goes more the citrus/floral route, yet still manages to be an aquatic. If ya don't like neroli, then ya won't like this one. The tangy bergamot/lemon may start this fragrance off, but it isn't long before the bitter/powdery neroli note comes out and dominates the opening. Neroli is a flower on an orange tree that blossoms, its smell is distinguished and anybody who knows a bit a about fragrance notes, should be able to pick this note out in virtually any fragrance. It's bitter, powdery, semi-sweet with a little spice. The problem I have noticed with many neroli notes in non-niche fragrances, is they can come off smelling very chemical if ya sniff too much. This is no different in VpH's case.

As it fades into the floral heart notes, the neroli compliments it, but it also becomes spicy out of no where. It reminds me of Adidas Moves heart notes more than anything. But where Moves is incomplete and lacks base notes for the most part, VpH has a nice light cedar, oud wood, and tonka base. The neroli is there until the end.

Longevity is pretty good (6-8 hours), but projection isn't the greatest on my skin. It reminds me of Adidas Moves until it dries down more, where it reminds me of Allure Homme Sport. I give it a neutral rating, because it's simply quite hard to find an citrus/aquatic that impresses me. This isn't bad for the average Joe, but I have some personal complaints about it.
25th May, 2011 (last edited: 26th May, 2011)
Nice smells but doesnt last long..usual run of the mill stuff..nothing extra repeat buy for me on this one..
03rd February, 2011
djnnjd Show all reviews
United States
It smells nice, but doesn't last long. An OK summer fragrance for warm climates. I am somewhat disappointed that I purchased this. I should have checked the ratio of positive to negative reviews on! It's basically 2.5 to 1.
14th May, 2010
another boring fresh fragrance. Please bring some mature colognes again!!!
17th March, 2010
Despite what many others say this isn't your typical fragrance. It may seem like it if you smell several fragrances and this one may sneak by you. It's very clean and fresh with a soapiness feel to it. It's similar to Acqua Di Gio but this is smoother, less peppery, leans towards the more clean side and is more elegant and mature than the Armani favorite. The sillage is moderate although the longevity is relatively poor.
It's a very well done fragrance as well as masculine. I wish the longevity was better and had a bit more complexity as the fragrance is very linear. It smells the same on the scent strip as it does on your skin and the composition doesn't really change. The only thing that changes is the sharper top notes which dry down to something more refined.

Neutral due to the poo longevity and close sillage as well as a certain note in this that just offsets things for me and I'm not sure what it is.
11th January, 2010 (last edited: 23rd February, 2011)
splashit Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Synthetic but pleasant. No great shakes.
18th June, 2009
A briefly beautiful, but ultimately disappointing attempt at an aquatic style fragrance. I enjoyed the top notes enormously, it is awash with sweet, crisp notes you yearn for when sampling something new. They linger a surprising long time, but when they are finally engulfed by the hollow fusion of Geranium and Cedarwood, the magic has gone. A couple of hours in, and this has become a monotonous bore. I am tempted to give this a thumbs up for the top notes alone, but sadly the rest of the experience negates any initial pleasures I derived.
23rd March, 2009
Very Italian light scent that might be a good choice for summer. Not the sweet lil thing you get from the "Versace Fresh", but about the same. Kinda got a AdG feel right off the bat (albeit a bit better), but then I realized that it's really very close to Chanel Allure Sport as previously mentioned. If you have Allure Sport, no need for this. I preferred the L'Homme from Versace with its lemon and oakmoss. It's more manly, which may or may not be a plus depending on what you want.
23rd September, 2008
This is by no means awful. It actually reminds me of Chanel Allure Homme Sport (silver bottle, not the new citrus one)! Very nice, even my sister complimented me on it. A nice fresh scent for the spring and summer time. Sadly, it's not a very complicated scent and does not last that well on my skin.
06th September, 2008
Versace has lost its olfactory edge I think. Especially with this scent. I am not going to repeat what everyone else said about the scent, but after Versace l'Homme, the Dreamer, Versace Man and even Versace Man Eau Fraiche, this scent is a big let down.

Because of the the listed hyacinth note, I thought this would or could have been a very polarizing scent that walks into a dangerous territory of masculine florals like Dior Homme (iris), Narciso Rodriguez for Men (violets), or Ungaro III (rose). But it is not any of that.

The only way, that this scent would have been somewhat bold, would be possible with a gorgeous, provocative, and sexy ad campaign like Light Blue for Men. But that ad campaign isn't around. Without that artificial 'image' and the usual Versace dream, this is just another aquatic neroli based citrus-y Acqua di Gio creation that noone really needs. On a lighter note, it is much better than both Gio and Light Blue, but that doesn't say much. Versace always creates high quality scents.

It is quite average, plain, and very un-Versace.
30th August, 2008
This smells somewhat similar to Acqua di Gio (they are certainly in the same fragrance category). Where Acqua di Gio is quite peppery, Versace pour Homme is smoother and "cleaner." VpH is dryer and the base notes are more woody that AdG. I didn't like it on my skin, however.

It's potent, lasts all day on my skin, and has rather amazing sillage. Give it a try if you're a fan of fragrances in this category.
26th August, 2008 (last edited: 25th October, 2009)
I liked this much better than the new Guccipour homme , which is sort of like saying I prefer it to 1st degree burns, however this one also seemed like your regular run of the mill designer frag although they advertised it as as neroli based, minimalist male perfume....i agree with minimalist and although i did detect floral notes throughout, i sniffed a citrus like background(probably the orange peel they mention in the notes)....all in all i have to give it a second wearing in order to give it a better estimate.
17th August, 2008
sad to say but this one is ALLURE SPORTS by CHANEL the smell is not bad but its a copy
09th August, 2008