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Reviews of Miroir, Miroir: Miroir des Envies / Mirror of Desires by Thierry Mugler

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A most unusual scent and thumbs up for originality.

Mugler loves gourmand scents and this is no different. SirSlarty nails it when he denotes the milky quality of the toasted hazelnuts - it's flavored/scented coffee creamer, all right.

The florals are to my nose indistinct. Basenoters in these reviews detect a number of them that my nose does not register. There is a caramel-like base that grounds the milky hazelnut, but it is not loud, just very softly provides the anchor.

My edp sample is very light, needing continuous application. It's not something I would wear, but as a gourmand, it is quite likable, warm and comforting, and subtle enough not to offend anyone.

Turin's four stars are well deserved.
24th November, 2015
Miroir des Envies is a very interesting fragrance, one that I've worn three days in a row in order to gather any kind of opinion on the way it smells and speaks to me.

It's a jasmine fragrance alright, there's no doubt about it, however it's not necessarily pretty or flowery. The jasmine blooms in this fragrance, have been burnt or roasted alongside an array of hazelnuts and cashews.

It has a rather smokey and foody quality, which leans towards being gourmand, but not in a sweet sense of the word. The scent of toast is pretty spot-on, as I find this fragrance more savoury than sweet.

Many are referring to this fragrance as being a little similar to Alien, also by the same house. I know they're both dominated by jasmine, however I find Alien far more refreshing and a touch more feminine. Miroir des Envies is quite daring and strange, perhaps the name Alien was more suited to this Mugler creation.

This fragrance brings to mind marmalade toast, cocoa powder, an assortment of unsalted nuts and burning plastic. It's very strange, at times a little unpleasant, yet overall the kind of fragrance that you can't stop inhaling and spritzing on just to experience the weirdness of it all.

The longevity is good, very long lasting, yet the sillage is quite intimate and soft. I also find the scent a little soapy at times, but it's not really a clean scent. It's really hard to describe.
20th April, 2012
Fantastic decadent scent!

On the feminine side...perhaps...

An amazing blend of roses, cocoa, vanilla and in my nose long lasting patchouli...this last note lingers for ever and ever...

You must give this scent at least 12 hours to develop a good wine, it should be enjoyed calmly and slowly...

Fantastic longevity and silage...

Big thumbs up !!!
10th February, 2011
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As everyone said before, it realy has something of Alien. Seems like they have constructed a similar jasmine and amber fragrance, but that has a less intense projection. It's like this fragrance envied Alien, and decided to be like Alien, but different. And the difference relies on the opening accord - which is foody, but doesn't make you feel like a living dessert. That's something which is part of nutty and that in part reminds you of the smell of sugared cereals. And it works perfect here, where the amber and jasmine seem to wrap the sweet opening perfectly, canceling part of what could be an oversweet fragrance. This is an envy that work quite well, more balanced and complex than what it was envied, but without loosing what made the font of inspiration great and unique.

24th January, 2011
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United States
It's no secret that many Muglers have a distinctly gourmand feel - in fact what makes Angel, A*Men, etc. so interesting is that they combine gourmand notes like cocoa and vanilla with very un-gourmand notes with unique effect. Therefore a pure gourmand from Mugler is bound to be decandent and that's exactly what Miroir des Envies is. Vanilla, hazelnut, caramel and cocoa all expertly balanced with tons of sillage and longevity. What makes Envies special and not 'just another gourmand' is that special 'something' - florals in the background? Aldehydes? Something, that keeps it just a bit restrained and far more sophisticated then spilling a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato on yourself....

Fantastic and highly recommended.
12th December, 2009
Definitely feminine. A deliciously sweet, gourmand floral (mostly rose) with a dominant hazelnut accord. After the hazelnut fades it's virtually identical to By Kilian "Love".
16th November, 2008
Smells milky... like a cup of hazelnut creamer (the stuff for coffee) with a rose scented parasol on the side. Nice and sweet but not overly so. I can see this more on women than on guys.
05th October, 2008