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Neutral Reviews of Aomassaï 10 by Parfumerie Generale

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I loved this at first. The sweet carmel, the resinous drydown, woods... All things I love! But something about it is wrong on my skin. Like I'm making carmels with milk that has slightly gone off, then I cooked it on heat that was a bit too high. I absolutely hate that I can't love it. :( I should. But I also realized that the base is PG Indochine all the way. And that one I love. So I will add my own sweets on top and a guess be pleased I don't feel obligated to spend all the extra money on a FB. :)

15th March, 2012
Upon initial application I get a blast of cedar with something slightly sweet in the background. It smells like my father, who works as an arborist and loves cream cheese danishes. I was hoping for all the caramel, hazelnut, smoky gourmand yumminess because I normally like gourmands, but this was just all woods and sweet powder on my skin. I would definitely say this is an enjoyable fragrance, but this is not something I would purchase, or contribute to the hype of.
08th May, 2010
Opening accord is sour and watery..Like maybe damp rotten takes some time to settle to the lovely smell of im reminded of the seminal release by L'Artisan Parfumer, Mechant Loup. from here on, it pretty much smells like roasted shells with touch of spices.. after an hour or so, this scent evokes touch of sweetness and what was devoid of any sweetness suddenly reveals sweeter accords...i find this this pretty interesting in PG scents. seems he enjoys doing development of scent in phases. the base is pretty soft and woody with hint of sweetness from resins. stays close to skin though. i'd prefer Mechant loup over it...sorry...
14th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
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Asha Show all reviews
United States
Parfumerie Generale Aomassai

Notes: caramel, toasted hazelnuts, licorice, bitter orange, spices, wenge wood, vetiver, balsam wood, incense, dried grasses, resins (from

On first spray, Aomassi is incredibly sweet, the main note being burnt and caramelized sugar. Under this note is something more "fresh" and green smelling--I was not sure what this could be, so I sprayed the fragrance on a tissue for slower development. The green note smells very much like celery to me, both watery and herbal. I find the smell of celery to be rather off-putting, and its presence really takes a note I find difficult (burnt sugar) and turns it into a nauseating mess. Imagine the combination of carbon (smoky, gritty), sugar (sweet), caramel (balsamic) and celery (medicinal, aquatic). I am pretty sure this is a love-it-or-hate-it combination of notes, and unfortunately, it is one that I find almost intolerable. I am thankful that there is not anything *wrong* with this accord, i.e., I have no headache, runny nose, nor any hyperosmia. I simply do not like it. And it doesn't help that it turns my stomach.

The top accord wears off after about an hour to reveal a sweet vanillic, powdery and light floral middle and base. The drydown is lovely, although not anything ground breaking. The powder is nicely subdued and never becomes harsh or sharp. The vanilla is well done, slightly woody and leathery, and does not venture into cooking extract territory. There is a tiny bit of spice which is barely perceptible. I am sure the spice helps round out the fragrance, especially since the sweetness carries all through the development. The very late drydown is faint, and smells vaguely dry, woody, spicy and powdery. Longevity is low, around 3 hours, and sillage is light to moderate. Aomassi seems quite feminine, but with its smoky and green top notes, a man may enjoy it also.
14th February, 2009
Gag! Thick and syrupy chocolate and woods. While I like gourmand scents, does something need to be this intense? And as far as I know, it's an EdT! While I find the scent absolutely delicious, it is not bearable to wear.
18th January, 2009
jrd4t Show all reviews
United States
I've tried many times to enjoy this more, but it's very much a neutral for me. It starts out like canned cake icing, has some middle notes that almost hint at some woody depth, but that soon vanishes and it leaves you with a cotton candy base that lasts an incredible amount of time. Even just a dab on the hand will be detectable 13 hours later.
11th November, 2008
Opens with a sweet caramel and spice over a woody background, like resin. I get a distinct butterscotch accord. This is a gourmand fragrance that doesn't become too heavy- handed with the candy. It even has a bit of a leather charactersitic. Interesting.
24th October, 2008
Aomassi by Parfumerie Generale starts like a beautiful dessert, with delicious caramel, nut and vanilla scents. If you like sweet foody scents you’ll love this. It then develops a tangy aspect from aromatic vetiver and a bit of wood, as well as a dried-grass smoky aspect. This is a complex scent, with the tangy and sweet elements alternating. Ultimately the sweet wins. The promised resins and woods are under-developed in my opinion. This is a lovely scent. But it is of no interest to me to wear, it is not my style.
11th April, 2008 (last edited: 22nd December, 2012)
LisaWood Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It's a strange one.....a bit like "Angel" only less face slapping....personally more for a woman than a man in my opinion. Smell of chocolate still there 4 hours later.
17th December, 2007