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Reviews of Jardin de Kérylos 16 by Parfumerie Generale

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Fig with all the usual nuances : woody, green, milky, bitter sweet, juicy, but this isn't quite a rerun of Premier Figuier, it's more floral than that with a pink tinge from peach and a tuberose with a pronounced metallic edge. At heart it's still a fig though, and while it could work in the hot southern sun, up here in the north I tend to see fig as more room fragrance than fine perfume.

11th September, 2017 (last edited: 15th September, 2017)
I'm not a fan of fig scents, but if I had to choose one, it would be this one. The fig is green (I thought it was fig leaf), crisp, fresh, yet milky with a bit of sweetness. I don't get anything else than the fig but it's a nice one. Longevity and sillage are on the low side. A bit too weak and green for me but any fig lover should give it a try.
11th April, 2017
Genre: Green

Because it emphasizes the bright and fruity, rather than the milky aspect of fig, Jardins de Kérylos could be my favorite fig scent to date. As beautiful as Philosykos and Primier Figuier are, their milky olfactory texture wears very flat on me. Not so the more juicy and tart fig of Jardins de Kérylos. Whereas Olivia Giacobetti’s well-regarded fig scents lean towards coconut and powdery woods, Pierre Guillaume’s uses tart citrus and floral accents to balance the potentially cloying character of its star accord.

Jardins de Kérylos wears close to the skin, and holds closely to its crisp, refreshing course until its quietly musky drydown sets in. My chief complaint is that the scent is very short-lived, and lasts only three hours on my skin at best. Even so, Jardins de Kérylos merits praise for its distinctive approach, and while it lasts I still enjoy it more than the other fig fragrances I know.
18th June, 2014
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a fresh and lovely take on a green fig that reminds me the image of a fresh and milky fig whose peculiarity here is that the opening is accompanied with a soft peach note which gives it a special color to the smell.

great for summer.
15th March, 2014
Delightful. Fresh sap-filled woodshavings and green leaves, followed by fig that isn't lost in milky sweetness or mashed into a gloopy pudding. If only it lasted more than 3 hours. Not much sillage, one for secretly rubbing your nose against your own delicious skin and smiling when no ones looking.
31st October, 2011
The first thing that I immediatley noticed while smelling Jardins de Kerylos is the outstanding quality of this composition. Guillame's interpretation of the fig anhances its leafy green aspect to the point of becaming almost bitter. This "dangerous direction" is cleverly balanced by a subtle floral accord (most detectable in the drydown) that makes this composotion reaching an incrediblly sophisticated and refined perfection.

Jardins de Kerylos is far from beeing a semplicistic fragrance and together with Heeley's Figuer, Diptyque's Philosykos and L'Artisan's Premier Figuer settles among the best fig interpretations around. Good.
09th May, 2011
This is a lovely green fig scent: fruity in a crisp, acidic way. The sycamore wood note is dry and sappy. These sheer, translucent notes create a light green impression, rather than a dark or mossy green one. This is intentionally a minimalist scent: I find fig and grassy notes, with a hint of wood and also a mineral aspect like rocks in the sun. The simplicity and vitality of it is a joy.
30th March, 2009
One of the finest figs I've come across. JdK has a very VERY green fig accord which teters on the smell of a freshly-picked peach, fuzz warmed in the sun. While this may suggest a foody resonance, it is not gourmand in any way. There is just the faintest glimmer of something animalic as it quickly begins its descent from the lofty and fruited heights.

As Vibert says, it doesn't last; but I am of a mind on scents such as this-- so beautiful, so evanescent; catching a fleeting glimpse of a satyr dancing in the sun dappled wood, the image remains etched in the mind as something beautiful, remembered. As I sit at the desk in the shortened days of November, this scent conjures a golden sunlight, and vistas through the trees of a warm oceanic coast. I'll tell you what: anything bottled that can do this is aces in my opinion.
10th November, 2008