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Neutral Reviews of Private Collection - Un Crime Exotique by Parfumerie Generale

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A refreshing twist to an otherwise predictable theme

The notes describe this one well in that it sits somewhere between chai tea and gingerbread. As with several from the PG line, it's tastefully balanced and not nearly as sickening as many other gourmands on the market, offering a more nuanced experience due, in part, to the smart inclusion of the anise that favors freshness over syrupy sweetness. The name feel like a bit of a misnomer at first, but you could imagine this scent emanating from Phyllis Dietrichson's mug as she maps out her husband's death. Consequently, there's a weirdly incidental, noir-like quality to it that could potentially calm the nerves during sketchy dealings.

PG has brewed up a gourmand for those who'd rather not smell like ultra-sweet cake dipped in sugar and coated with caramel. As a tea scent, it's more mimetic than it is interpretive; so if you like the idea of smelling like chai—without smelling like you rolled around in sugar for an hour—this one might be worth exploring. Although it's not my personal cuppa', it's one of the better one's out there right now.

Pros: A highly mimetic, yet brisk tea scent that doesn't add too many spoonfuls.
Cons: It's a tea scent -- a good one, but not much more.

23rd June, 2013
This smells like a frosty fall day, christmas dinner, and cloves all wrapped up - a truly unique perfume. It smells overly spicy at first but mellows to a really complex yummy flavor. I wanted so badly to love this perfume, but after about 15 minutes, it smelled like potatoes! Darn my weird chemistry...

Even though it didn't work on me, I would reccomend this as a must try.
02nd December, 2008