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Positive Reviews of Private Collection - Un Crime Exotique by Parfumerie Generale

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This really is a gourmand work of art. It's overly sweet, but not cloying. Also, there is no dark, chocolaty, coffeesque, caramel notes that I usually expect when I hear the word, "gourmand." The pineapple and rum sort of stick out as well, keeping this fragrance very unique without sacrificing yummy pleasantness.

The overall impression is a dessert table with pastries. There's also fruit for those that don't want a quintuple bypass. There's no coffee, which I would be looking for at any dessert table, but there is tea, which, I suppose, will do.

The "lighter" nature of this gourmand makes me think that it would be better suited on a woman. Although I see absolutely nothing wrong with a man wearing it. In fact, the deliciousness of it was quite confidence-inspiring while I wore it.
Still though, as great as it is, I prefer my gourmands dark and rich, like Oprah.
21st August, 2011
Oh dear I thought on application, but it definitely grows on you. It smells of honey though I dont see it mentioned. Herbal spicy tea with a large dollop of honey or a boiling cup of honey Lemsip.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to smell of Lemsip, but it's warm and very reassuring
24th March, 2011
Private Collection Un Crime Exotique by Parfumerie Generale

This name alone creates a sense of..
Heightened DRAMA.....
something will happen or is about to happen
and your in the middle of it .

Intrigued and lured by its Old Hollywood Film Noire name
I ventured to sample it ....

might have been a better suited name ....

Allow me to set the film up....
The Decadence of the French living in Vietnam and the exploitive evils of Colonialism....
A exotic place all Steamy and Humid!
Languorous visits to hidden
Mandarin "OPIUM DENS"...
All the while you are floating on a "JUNK" on tranquil waters.....
When suddenly you are awakened by the rude shots of a gun....
You feel the wetness of liquid on your chest. the OPIUM has dulled your sense of pain ....
Is it blood ? NO!
The smell of fragrance fills the air ...
Your favorite crystal decanter lies on the floor shattered....
You smile ...
having cheated death one more time ... you return to your revelry.

My review:
I really like this Spiced Tea Infusion scent.

The fragrance is so heady with GINGER and Spice... predominantly Saigon Cinnamon.
Perhaps this mysterious sounding ingredient ..called
which in CHINA is infused with green or black tea leaves, to create a scented tea called guì huā chá (OSMANTHUS TEA)
this might create the "CRIME EXOTIQUE"
in this Potent,Intoxicating and Long Lasting Fragrance....

A 50ml bottle for 100.00 bucks
not bad ...
I'll add it to my Ever Expanding Fragrance Wishlist
15th January, 2011
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Sybarite Show all reviews
United Kingdom
An Exotic Crime is yet another gorgeous PG Privé ! ... A rich buttery gingerbread cookie dipped in milky tea. ~ Just delicious !

(FYI ... I hate cloves usually, and did not find it that clove heavy actually. It's much more about the cinnamon, ginger and tea). ...
And I found it overall much richer than "5 o'Clock au Gingembre", which though exploring the same theme, is somewhat lighter and fresher.
It "drys down" to be somewhat similar to L'Artisan's "Tea for Two".
08th November, 2009
Kazzy Show all reviews
United States
My HG gourmand fragrance! I get the gingerbread references but to me this is more of a warm from the oven, rum soaked mincemeat pie with cream on top and a side of spicy black tea. I groan with delight when I put this on. Excellent lasting power. Dry down is whipped cream edged with vanilla. If you remember Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Pain D'Epices it is similar to that, only better, richer, creamier, boozier. Delicious! It costs more than I like to pay for fragrance, but this is worth it!
23rd October, 2008
bbBD pretty much nailed it. Densely spicy gingerbread garnished with cinnamon and served with a cup of tea. Makes Five o'Clock au Gingembre feel like an EDT. This lasts forever and ever. Amen.
13th October, 2008
bbBD Show all reviews
United States
Absurdly fantastic! Similar in concept to the new Serge Lutens 5 OClock Gingerbre, but definitely distinct and unique, and while its a gourmand I think it would appeal even to those who don't like gourmands. It starts with a distinct gingerbread note, not sweet like cookies but rather spicy like mulled cider spiked with cinnamon and rum. This is a very, very full bodied fragrance, and is develops a distinct black tea accord intertwines with the spicy gingerbread, with just enough sweetness. The interplay of tea and gingerbread is what makes this fragrance and will probably lead me to buy a bottle. On drydown sandalwood and vanilla become more prominent - as does the cinnamon, and blend everything together perfectly.
17th August, 2008