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Neutral Reviews of Bois de Santal by Creed

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I've now tried this fragrance, and yes it is officially discontinued since around 2008. Unfortunately, in my view, I cannot say that constitutes much of a loss. The opening note definitely contains more than a subtle hint of civet, though not in a unique "Kouros" type of way that one might enjoy.. It simply lingers in the background, barely there, finally drying into a very dry and floral sandalwood. By the time the transformation from top to base note is complete, you're left with something rather orange, floral, and hinting at sandalwood, though not very distinguished. It tends to lack the level of depth or character throughout that I've enjoyed in other Creeds. In a day and age of myriad scents, this comes across as common yet very dated in its feel. It lacks an identity that sets it apart and becomes significant to the wearer. It wouldn't be a favorite in my collection, and while intriguing at first sampling, it transforms very poorly for me over time. If collecting rare and vintages Creeds is a hobby or passion, it's one to seek out for historic value; its not one I enjoyed wearing nor could recommend.
22nd January, 2011
This fragrance has more wood than Original Santal, but the sweetness in this one makes it too perfumey and definitely in my eyes an older woman's scent.
24th May, 2010
I have now tried the three Creed offerings with ‘Santal’ as part of their name. Bois de Santal avoids the cloying sweetness of Original Santal. And it provides a greater potency than the weak Santal Imperial. What disappoints me here is a very clear civet note (which thankfully one other reviewer alludes to). For me this remains from application through much of the drydown. The civet does not enhance the experience for me; rather it mars the sandalwood. I find myself ambivalent to this one. On reflection, I think Creed’s Bois du Portugal is their best wood dominated offering.
13th October, 2009
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