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Negative Reviews of Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

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This smells like a natural, herbal lavender, with that slightly musty anisic edge that stops it smelling too artificial. Then it turns into a generic slightly sour soapy musk. This is a recent sample so I suspect it has been reformulated since the review in the guide.
26th June, 2018
I expected to like this as I'm a big fan of Caron pour un homme, I read the Luca Turin 5-star review and like lavender scents in general... but I can't stand it.

The lavender is nice enough but doesn't last long before a monstrously ugly musk takes over and dominates proceedings. Unfortunately its one of those very basic, brutal laundry-style musks... in fact it smells like a big basket of laundered clothes washed in an industrial strength product.

That's not the kind of smell I want to walk around's bad enough when other people's clothes stink of washing powder. I think it's a very crude perfume, badly constructed and can't see the attraction or understand the appeal.

03rd March, 2014
Again - high expectations, lowered thumbs. The musk of mine (2010, full bottle) is way to strong. The Lavender is gone within about 30 minutes when the musk takes over. As reported by Luca Turin the musk is exaltolide. Its odor strength varies from individual to individual and too with every person by time. That has been scientifically approved.

I personally don't like exaltolide. It is strong, dirty and long lasting. Frequent reapplications of CL as to refresh the lavender part will eventually lead to a guy who thinks of himself in "blue heaven". His surrounding may think of a muskrat instead. On the other hand, a dirty lavender - if You like to feel as a monk from time to time - why not?

24th April, 2011
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With its appealing heritage aura, and given my own fondness for lavender, Caldey Island Lavender promised to be a winner. But while the initial application is appealing enough, it didn't last on my skin above a quarter hour.
10th September, 2008