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Neutral Reviews of Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

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To my nose, this is practically identical to Trumper's Sandalwood, for all intents and purposes. That is, it settles on the same, sole note: pure, unadulterated, reeking musk. Granted, the opening is quite different. As others have said, the opening is a very impressive, earthy, dirty lavender—not at all the sweet, clean, pretty or light lavenders one gets from less distinguished fragrances. However, this opening is so fleeting that it's barely worth noting. The musk fixative is so dominant and persistent that any other qualities go out the window.

Longevity and sillage are tremendous. I could smell this on myself all day long after what I thought was a sparing application. It is certainly a quality product, and a definite bargain.

Perhaps my take on this fragrance will change with time, but presently I must resolve that it is not for me. I was looking for a cleaner, more herbal lavender, or a lighter, fresher one, at least, and found Harris's and Yardley's offerings to be more suitable.
24th December, 2017
As with other reviewers on this site, I was led to Caldey Island by Luca Turin's five star review and such statements of his as "perfect lavender" and "the best lavender soliflore on earth."

I find it no better, no worse, than a dozen other pure lavenders I have sampled over the decades. It is soft and powdery as is my favorite lavender, Caron's Pour Un Homme, but lacks the persistence of that scent classic.

What is confusing is how other reviewers got their bottles as the Caldey Island site states it does not ship outside the UK. I sampled a one millileter vial from Surrender to Chance.

I give it a neutral as it is not great in my opinion, just competent, and lacks longevity.
13th March, 2016
I don't hate this, but honestly, the musk is far too strong. It seems oddly unbalanced, it should smell more like lavender.
25th September, 2011
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