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Negative Reviews of 8 88 by Comme des Garçons

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The pepper, saffron(ish), turmeric opening is kind of unique. It isn't my idea of the concept of gold, though that inspiration seems more something to spin this fragrance on. It may not have to end up where it started, so I'll just acknowledge the seed at the heart of this of a sort of cool, solid mineralic strength, a seriousness.
It is on me, very dry, herbal, and centered. This odd saffron doesn't in any way warm my skin, like it usually does. I don't pick up the florals other people have mentioned, or any amber in the dry down. That would have made it more wearable for me. Instead it became even more uncomfy - aggressively aromatic herbs, like a raspy dry wild thyme bush. I couldn't find a resonance with this one.
04th April, 2015
Genre: Woods

Fragrance houses don’t always do themselves favors with their advertising copy. Comme des Garçons’ 8 88 is a case in point: its smell is supposed to evoke a gold ingot, a notion so patently silly that it bears no further discussion.

What I like best about 8 88 is its marvelously juicy bergamot top note. You know, the one that’s there to make you buy the perfume before you have time to stop and think about it. After that comes a perfectly pleasant but mundane combination of spiced amber and woods so non-descript that to call it no great shakes is to overstate its case. Maybe Comme des Garçons ought to think about releasing fewer scents. The house could once be relied upon for innovative compositions at reasonable prices, but with fragrances like 8 88 and their Monocle and Luxe lines they’ve taken to peddling redundancy and mediocrity at a premium.
08th June, 2014
Another big let down for me from CDG. I was so curious what this metal smell could be like. I now wonder if it is because of my sensitivity to synthetics. CDG is known for their artificial scents. Or whatever.

I just didn't like this.

I smelled the saffron very clearly, and then it was all amber. Everything else was sort of muddled in the background. It wasn't horrible, but something is missing. I don't even want to keep the sample.
28th November, 2009
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Watery peppery scent, smells like a nondescript washed "perfume" like any number of women's scents from the dollar store.. Weak and uninspired. Sharp, sour, metallic, green... all notes that don't say "love me". Dries down into a talcum powder like rub but without the powdery texture, this amber base feels really dull.
20th April, 2009