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Reviews of Cereus pour Homme No. 5 by Cereus

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Cereus No. 6 (formerly No. 5, but now changed to No. 6 - take that Chanel!) is a dry aromatic herbal green fragrance with notes of fennel, licorice bark, quince and cardamom. All these dry sharp and medicinal notes surround a vetiver and cedar based fragrance with a result that closely resembles Terre d' Hermes, especially after an hour after the bitter opening fades. So why bother with this one if it smells like an already well known and popular TdH? Cereus No. 6 is drier, greener, and a little more on the small batch gin side of vetiver+cedar, with none of the metallic sheen and odd flint aroma that announces the approach of TdH. I like the way No. 6 (formerly No. 5) smells and so I recommend it for its slight differences which make it more rare but nicely improved.
19th September, 2016 (last edited: 20th September, 2016)
The combination of fennel, orchid, and licorice bark creates a fantastic anise accord. It does have similarities to TdH, but I don't think this is anywhere near "clone" status. There's a lot to like about Cereus No.5 and very little not to like.
16th November, 2013
Not Terre de Hermes

I do understand the comparison between Terre de Hermes and Cereus no. 5 but I cannot stand to wear Terre de Hermes and yet I love C#5. I get a woodsy, warm spicy, rum & coke, and earthy vetiver combination that is versatile and can be worn any time of the year for any occasion.


Pros: Versatile, Relatively cheap now
Cons: None"

14th July, 2013
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Better than I thought it would be.

Pleasantly surprised. The comparison's to TdH are there, but this is actually much closer to Yardley Citrus and Wood. What I like about Cereus No.5 is the dry down. I get the vetiver and orchid in the dry down which gives it an earthy type quality that is similar to the earthyness of Terre d'Hermes. I like Terre d'Hermes and Citrus and Wood so this was an instant like. If you don't own either one of these than this would be a great purchase considering it's price so low now. Also, this is a very versatile and summer friendly fragrance. Not bad at all.

Pros: A nice alternative for those who don't care for the ISO E Super overload of TdH.
Cons: Smells like TdH.

26th May, 2013
Very herbal - I'd almost call this a garrigue scent, like a mix of herbs and spices on a breeze. Oregano and black pepper are the stars of the show, with leafy dark basil for depth and clary sage for sweetness. It's foody and quite literal in that it very much does smell like kitchen spices. There's a citrus that fights its way through after a while, but the stars of the show are always the spices (I don't even know what Cereus is talking about with their "spider orchid" note...).

I can see where the TDH comparisons come from - No. 5 has a dark dirty heat to it that does call TDH to mind, but TDH is very abstract, all heat and fumes and earth, while No. 5 is very literal - it smells like spices. I think TDH is better when viewed as a work of abstract art, but I find it weirdly confounding and vaguely confrontational, and No. 5, while arguably less artful, is a lot less confusing to wrap my head around, and I actually quite enjoy it for that.
09th May, 2013
Many times I don't get the comparisons that people make so I try not to make them. However, When you open a new cologne and can only think of another cologne...

Like the other reviewers I immediately thought of Terre d'Hermes. This cologne fades MUCH faster and is far less powerful. This would be a great cologne for someone that likes the fragrance of TdH, but thinks it's a little too strong. Also, The dry down is much more floral the TdH.
13th May, 2010
This comes off as a shy, less masculine shoegazer version of Terre D'Hermes.
It's ok i guess, but since it's derivitave done worse, thumbs down.
30th March, 2010
Nice spicy woody top with a unique middle accord that's like Terre d'Hermes' dominant bitter orange peel accord. All around light and a good spicy scent to wear for warm days.
17th January, 2009
Cereus 5 has a nice opening, with hints of green leaves, spice, and woody bark. I think it would be more interesting if greater emphasis were placed on the cardamom and licorice elements. The mid phase has an intriguing dusty quality that is difficult to describe. The spider orchid smells a bit like some day lilies, with an earthy-floral note. As well, there is a distinctive baked-goods/toasted note; at times reminiscent of apple pie. The woods are light and pleasant. This settles into a nice light lemony-vetiver scent that is clean, fresh, and a bit like a cookie. Not bad, wears well, safe, conservative. Well done but I don’t find it to be compelling… which it should be for the price.
02nd September, 2008