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Neutral Reviews of Cereus pour Homme No. 5 by Cereus

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Many times I don't get the comparisons that people make so I try not to make them. However, When you open a new cologne and can only think of another cologne...

Like the other reviewers I immediately thought of Terre d'Hermes. This cologne fades MUCH faster and is far less powerful. This would be a great cologne for someone that likes the fragrance of TdH, but thinks it's a little too strong. Also, The dry down is much more floral the TdH.
13th May, 2010
Nice spicy woody top with a unique middle accord that's like Terre d'Hermes' dominant bitter orange peel accord. All around light and a good spicy scent to wear for warm days.
17th January, 2009
Cereus 5 has a nice opening, with hints of green leaves, spice, and woody bark. I think it would be more interesting if greater emphasis were placed on the cardamom and licorice elements. The mid phase has an intriguing dusty quality that is difficult to describe. The spider orchid smells a bit like some day lilies, with an earthy-floral note. As well, there is a distinctive baked-goods/toasted note; at times reminiscent of apple pie. The woods are light and pleasant. This settles into a nice light lemony-vetiver scent that is clean, fresh, and a bit like a cookie. Not bad, wears well, safe, conservative. Well done but I don’t find it to be compelling… which it should be for the price.
02nd September, 2008
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