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Reviews of Vaniglia del Madagascar by I Profumi di Firenze

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United Kingdom
I get two scents here:

Imagine walking into a kitchen filled with the most glorious, naturalistic vanilla aroma - a pile of fresh pods on the table, just split open, the promise of sweet delights to come, heady, rich and inviting. A rare, true vanilla.

And in the corner, someone is filling a bowl with hot water, the heat releasing fumes from a sharp, synthetic-floral harsh white cleaning fluid, the kind that really gets the back of your throat.

So try as you might, you can't really enjoy the full wonder of the vanilla, because there is this irritation in the background. Or forefront, actually.

A missed opportunity - such a shame.
10th November, 2015
Excellent Vanilla

The scent begins with a predominating slightly boozy vanilla accord in tandem with an unexpected muguet note, which is very pleasant. This scent is not unbearably sugary and cloying. This is due in part to the quality of the vanilla, which is very, very good—no tinniness that you find with cheap stuff. So instead, what you have is a kind of dry, buoyant sweetness that is feminine and happy-making.

As the scent develops, the floral quality retreats and the vanilla remains, with a trace of powder in the background. As others have mentioned, this would be a great layering scent due to its simplicity.

Moderate sillage. The longevity for me was good—about 5 hours.

Pros: High quality
Cons: Lack of complexity, but is that a con?"

30th August, 2013
Vanilla ice cream with a light floral garnish. Very pretty, light, soft, warm, stays close to the skin.
31st March, 2013
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This is probably a vanilla lovers dream, although I wouldn’t call it a pure vanilla scent. There is a floral – orchid – subtly but persistently present in the background of the vanilla note, and orchid is one of my major dislikes. The vanilla here is excellent. It is not an excessively sweet variety… it has a slight woody ambiance, as if they included the vanilla pod in the mixture, and I think the vanilla has a slightly heated or burned effect, too – I get a trace of caramel. I am not a vanilla lover but I do enjoy the use of vanilla in Vaniglia del Madagascar, even though the orchid rather annoys me. I recognize this as a fragrance that would probably be very dear to a true vanilla lover. It is feminine, has a soft sillage, and does not last very long on my skin – three or four hours.

21st November, 2008
A very sweet and straight up vanilla. None of the complexity of, for instance, Nicolai's Vanilla Tonka or L'Artisan Vanilia, but if you are a vanilla freak, this is great. Lasting power is only so so (about 2 hours on me, then I smell very little but a memory of vanilla and a little spice), but is wonderful when I layer with patchouli fragrances like Jalaine Patchouli. I am a total vanilla nut, so this is in my wardrobe.
23rd April, 2008