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Reviews of Marc Jacobs Splash Fig by Marc Jacobs

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A really nice, bright fig frag which seems to be a single note, but has other subtleties going on in the background. Even though it's a splash, longevity and sillage are very good and the fig note lasts right through to the end. It does lack the depth and complexity of Philosykos and Acqua di Parma's Fico di Amalfi, but when you consider the difference in price between the three (£50 for £50ml of Philosykos, £48 for 120ml of Fico, £44 for 250ml of Jacobs) the Jacobs fig presents good competition. A double bonus is that this is, in my opinion, the only Jacobs fragrance which doesn't disappoint anywhere along the line.
07th January, 2010
A very complex scent by Marc Jacobs - none of the "easy sniffing category". It is so tender and gentle, the kind that I learned to love at third sniff. Expensive floral, fruity chypre notes - really classy and seductive (in spite of a certain freshness)!
06th February, 2009
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26th September, 2008 (last edited: 11th March, 2010)
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