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Positive Reviews of Ambra by Mazzolari

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An aristocratic rich amber, really baroque, decadent and mysterious. The thousand lamps of the castle are sparkling in the night of the dames in disguise and secret ceremonies. More than vague reminiscences about the vintage Habit Rouge (especially at the beginning), balsams, floral notes, incense and a complex congeries of precious elements interact in the cold air of the night in order to encompass the wearer with a royal olfactory cloud of Court. Nothing to add.
09th October, 2012 (last edited: 29th May, 2014)
This was my "spray and try" at Scent Bar today. It really has a sparkly cola smell with a amber undertone. I really liked it but it just sort of made me want to wear Hypnotic Poison which I like a bit more.
19th June, 2011