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Neutral Reviews of Les Echappées - Siwa by Memo

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A strange but refined semi-gourmand centered over a soapy-boozy white chord of cereals (kind of rice cream in my perception), liqueur and balsams with a sort of durable floral botanic vibe. I detect the aldehydes with that typical characteristic radiance and catch the role of the sweet spices (the cinnamon is just yummy and tasty but not pungent). The note of whisky is well calibrated and starts fading in the central part of the development. Thanks God the floral note of narcissus is tenacious (but discreet) providing a touch of articulation in the body of an easy and soapy juice. I catch more a sort of soapy-neutral amber-benzoin than properly a tasty-yummy vanilla in the base. The scent is comforting, dreamy, averagely mild and ethereal but in a cosmetic kind of vein and a bit poor about complexity, structure and sophistication. The lasting power infortunately is too faint.
13th September, 2012 (last edited: 09th January, 2015)
When you spray it you have a sniff of vanilla, cinnamond and wiskey in rapid succession. The three are well blent but disapper instantly. What is left is only a faint idea of alcohool. Why working on a nice accord if it doesn't last more than 30 seconds? This is the first Memo product I try, but it is not promising.
13th January, 2012