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Positive Reviews of Les Echappées - Siwa by Memo

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I wonder if I got a wrong sample. I smell citrus, vanilla and rose... lasting power is good, but it doesn't have much sillage. I'm the only one who smells it.
So different from what I'd expect from reading the description, notes and reviews... but good anyway !
24th December, 2016
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United Kingdom
These Memo scents are strange creatures, transparent and ghostly almost. Ethereal interpretations of times, moods and destinations. Siwa is cereals, vanilla and aldehydes, so soft as to be almost haunting. Like walking through an abandoned holiday villa but knowing you still feel the traces of parties before you. I know gourmands are now everywhere, leaking their sugars, caramels and chocolates into an already sticky atmosphere, but I found myself oddly addicted to this. Popcorn and whisky are listed in the notes and it does have a whisper of Glayva, a weird whisky liqueur I sipped in my teenage years, with pretentions to sophistication. It smells like well made white chocolate on my skin, with little traces of spice as it settles, the popcorn thing? Who knows…..maybe it’s the lick of nut butter? I went through three bottles before getting bored. Can’t really explain why I liked it so much, it just smelled so good on, deeply comforting and so …white. Actually, thinking about it now, maybe the popcorn note explains the lack of control I had with Siwa, constantly reapplying and inhaling. I find with popcorn, once I start I just can’t stop.

09th July, 2010
Actually Siwa is a gorgeous not overly sweet gourmand fragrance, there is nothing FLORAL about this one at all. Great comfort scent for the cooler part of the season. Great lasting power too.
24th October, 2009
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