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Neutral Reviews of Halle by Halle Berry

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I have absolutely no problem with this fragrance except that you can do better, even for the money. On me poor sillage and projection. The bottle is similar to the Beckham's (also Coty)
I buy actress inspired fragrances only rarely and only at a price point where I don't mind giving them away. So, if not Halle, then what?

In Black by Jesus del Pozo should please those who swear by Halle and as I write can be purchased at a better price for a superior perfume. In Black has a lovely bottle too. The dry down in Halle is commendable if it lasted long enough to enjoy.

Damn with faint praise?
17th October, 2012
I had heard so much about this fragrance prior to testing it, and I must say that I expected it to be less sweet and perhaps more floral. For some reason I thought it might be similar to Dior's Dune.

Halle, although nice, is my least favourite from her releases. I don't follow her as an actress, however I admire her intelligence and talent. I never mock celebrity scents, as being an actress myself, if I reached celebrity stardom then I wouldn't hestitate to release a fragrance myself.

Like I mentioned before, it's a little sweeter than I would have liked. I wanted beachy but Halle gave me syrupy pear, exotic flowers and sugary vanilla, which smelt more like a juicy dessert more than anything.

The fruity pear, bergamot and fig tend to overshadow the florals in this composition, with a strange warmth and with a touch of spice. It smells like a far distant cousin of Just Me by Paris Hilton, just that little bit peppery. What bothers me is that sweet shampoo like note that comes and goes.

Towards the drydown, Halle becomes increasingly musky, which is either a turn on or a turn off depending on the person. Personally, I don't feel as if the musk blends too well with the other notes.

On a happier note, Halle has good sillage and excellent lasting strength, lasting days on clothes and at least a whole day on the skin. At least that's one thumbs up from me.

All in all, it's not bad, but it's not as impressive as everyone makes it out to be in my humble opinion.
24th March, 2012
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United Kingdom
I'm not sure what I think of this one. I own it but rarely werar it. There is an ingredient in this which is quite heavy & cloying otherwise I think this is one that you to be in the mood to wear - quite sweet and heavy.
18th February, 2011
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