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Negative Reviews of Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Toilette by Chanel

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What a boring concoction this is... I was extremely disappointed because the original Allure is one of my favourite fragrance ever and i enjoy Allure Homme sport as well but in fact, I think Chanel should have stopped those allure flankers, they were getting redundant and pretty boring.
This fragrance in particular is one of the most boring i've ever smelled. It's not that it's a bad smell in itself, but i find it to be extremely linear, it has a citrus ice cream vibe, and then... nothing else.
It's a very poor scent indeed, to the point that it smells exactly the same on my skin as on a paper strip, even after several hours, and that's rare enough to be mentionned.
I definitely pass this one, get Versace Pour Homme or Mugler Cologne if you want a good summer fragrance.
26th July, 2014
Way too much lemon for me and it never seemed to die down.
11th July, 2012
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United States
Although I love the original Allure Homme, this version does very little for me. I admire its familiar (but overly-pruned) pink pepper top, and find its creamy lemon drydown to be trite and uninspired. Very well made, but too simple and unworthy of the brand.
30th January, 2012
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A lemony scent that is a bit sharp and a bit creamy. And very linear and its very good longevity! This was my first chanel and, knowing a bit of scents today, I was thinking something different of a elegant lemony scent from this house. Very lemony indee. I can not dissociate something elegant from something pleasant, and so, Dior Homme Sport and Davidoff Adventure eau Fraiche feels more in that way, to my nose.
29th November, 2011
are you joking me?
projection and longetivity are non-existent!
smells a little harsh off the top, acidic harsh lemon with no taste/style.
29th October, 2011
well.. when I smell it, it seems like I smell a cup of lemon tea. and it could have been ok - coz it's fresh and will probably never make you headache - despite the figure of almost 100 on the prix.. why on earth?
21st July, 2011
Robyogi is spot-on! I tried this after the reading many positive reviews. But come on, this is all about lemon, lemon, lemon! The dry down to a woody/creamy stuff is not bad, quite sexy. But please Chanel, the lemon volume is to loud in the top and middle notes. This is not well balanced at all. And it lasts about one hour on me. It may be my body chemistry. The fact is I don't want to smell like a lemon cream pie! Even if I like lemon cream pies...
For you who like this kind of scent, go ahead: longevity is good, but projection rather moderate...
But sorry Chanel, for me, the thumb goes down :(
06th July, 2011
Tried this one once. The opening is pleasing to me, when applied sensible. A lots of yellow citrus, faint wood as from dried grain. Neat as long as it stays as that. The dry down starts about 1h later. It raises some specific odor that I myself may have smelled especially in Hermes' Terre D'Hermes. Unfortunately I can't stand it, while others don't dislike it. Some aromachemical that becomes an honorable note of its own now, overdosed?
11th January, 2010
This is Jacques Polge having a bad day at work after a lemon cream pie party the night before.
05th November, 2009 (last edited: 06th November, 2009)
A bastardization to the Allure-Homme line, much like it's predecessor, the Sport-"Cologne". This stuff is so vile I can only imagine Chanel is spinning in her grave at the association of it with her name. Allure Homme, and Allure Home Sport: you can't go wrong. If you honestly must smell like the "Edition Blanche" save your money and bathe in bug spray and dry off in a bed of cedar shavings. I couldn't wash this horror off fast enough and my girlfriend was repulsed from the minute I first tried it in the store. Had very high hopes for this one based upon reviews but my disappointment was unparalleled.
19th October, 2009
This fragrance really does not work. I can see what Chanel were trying to do from a marketing standpoint -- create a lightweight, summer version of Allure Homme -- but in retrospect maybe it wasn't such a good idea. While you can definitely trace the lineage to Allure Homme, Allure Homme Edition Blanche has none of the balance and structure that made the original great. Too much lemon and ginger along with a faint petrochemical note make Edition Blanche smell too much like furniture polish in my book. Maybe not Pledge, but Hawes Lemon Oil springs to mind.
16th October, 2009
I hang my head for Chanel. That THIS should be a male offering from them? This immediately reminded me, and still does, of the almost equally nasty Rumeur 2 Rose. There's the EXACT same musty-fresh 'modern' smell ALL the way through, what aromachemical from hell is this? Yes, it's about lemon, quite a tolerable lemon, but that weird note is the prism through which it must be smelled. Big NO.
24th August, 2009
Wow, this one reminds me of a holiday at the beach.. because it smells like sun lotion. Use sun lotion instead, thats much cheaper...
15th August, 2009
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not worth to review.

i would love to know what is going on in the minds of the responsables at chanel!!!???

if you think of pour monsieur and antaeus, two really great scents-so what has happenend in the meantime to this company-

producing cheap citrus scents that you easily can buy in any drugstore for less money - do only ask for a shower gel and you

get an absolutely better smelling one................

allure edition blanche is a slap in the face- one of the worst launches in the last years!
10th April, 2009
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United States
Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

Allure Homme Edition Blanche starts with refreshing citrus--mostly grapefruit with a touch of lemon and lime. I love grapefruit, but what has kept me from enjoying it in most fragrances is either the tendency for the grapefruit to get a little sweaty and urinous, or, in the case of highly synthetic grapefruit notes, the unchanging linearity which becomes boring and a little too overwhelming. I am pretty sure AHEB contains at least some natural citrus, because the scent is changing, deepening, becoming less of a zesty, fresh squeezed citrus and more like a glass of fresh grapefruit juice. I am also beginning to smell mandarine orange, which is pleasantly sweet--it softens the bitter edge of the grapefruit, and slightly covers the fact that the grapefruit is decomposing into its usual sulfuric compounds. Underneath the citrus I smell herbal notes--rosemary and perhaps an evergreen such as spruce. The development has been slow and steady, and an hour in, still has a pleasing citrus herbal tone, even though there is a bit of sharpness from the grapefruit.

Further into the development, the grapefruit is undoubtedly urinous and sufuric. I never find the ending stage of grapefruit pleasant, but there are some other notes in AHEB which mask it a bit. The fragrance has turned a bit more powdery, and the sweet base notes are starting to come forward more. I smell some faint florals, but nothing that is particularly recognizable. The sweetness could be vanilla or tonka, which might account for the powdery note. Unfortunately, the degraded grapefruit is really ruining this fragrance for me. The effect in the drydown is stale, oxidized grapefruit with weak perfumy powder. Sadly, it has really fallen apart and does not seem to be taking a desperately needed turn for the better. In the deep drydown, the grapefruit is more tolerable, but still recalls its earlier ugly sulfuric stage. The soft powder and vanilla does help, but there are times that the vanilla and grapefruit combine to give an orange flavored baby-aspirin effect. This is definitely not a dreamy drydown that I can sink into.
24th January, 2009
Allure Homme with lemons?

A powdery oriental with an annoying lemon note that just doesn't fit. Sorry Chanel, you just couldn't sell me on this one....
21st January, 2009 (last edited: 31st December, 2010)
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United States
The lemon in this fragrance is certainly tenacious. I deeply suspect it can keep mosquitos away. This misguided experiment makes CK One smell sophisticated.
30th December, 2008
Rotten lemons.
10th September, 2008 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
What the hell did they do with this scent? It's probably the vetiver that sticks out like a sore thumb to my nose. I even think that Homme Sport Cologne had a bigger Chanel imprint in the scent. And here I thought Cologne was a bit of blasphemy to the Allure name. I still think that Allure Homme Sport is the easiest to wear, and I think that I'm pretty much alone in thinking that it's a wonderful scent. I think many went running because the ad mentioned the "aquatic" word into the composition and a lot here at Basenotes went running because of it. HA! It's all in the head. Fraiche would've been the better word for Homme Sport.

Final word for Allure Homme Edition Blanche? Mediocre flanker that defiles a classic.
19th April, 2008
I don't like Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche. I think this was just an excuse for Jacques Polge to create another Allure Homme bottle.

14th April, 2008