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Neutral Reviews of Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Toilette by Chanel

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Chanel's strict policy on letting sampler companies sell Chanel samples means I had to track down a sample on eBay for this. Well, after that effort, I finally give this a spritz...

...It's decent. It's just Allure Homme (which I think is a bit "mall" to begin with) with a fairly nice lemon accord at the top. I sort of get a lemon pie note, but depending on the fickleness of my nose, some days it comes off as a bathroom cleaner lemon. Not often, though. That quickly dries down to a fuzzy vetiver, then down to a mall scent.

I'd love to see a house like Comme des Garcons try out this idea, since I know they can do photorealistic accords. As it stands, Chanel did a decent enough job, but not "wow!" territory for me.
02nd March, 2018 (last edited: 11th April, 2018)
The good news is that it smells quite good, especially after the initial 5 minutes or so.

It opens with a lemon-pink pepper pairing that is neither invigorating nor zesty but is rather restrained. On bad days this can be mistaken for a furniture varnish. The opening leads to a very linear creamy (vanilla) lemon fragrance with hint of some woods. It's not cheaply made, the 'Chanel quality' is discernible.

However, it is also rather boring. There is no development, no dynamism, and the prolonged accord that sits on the skin is not that compelling either.

Additionally it is extremely shy, and tenacity on skin is quite insubstantial.

02nd June, 2017
I'm always a sucker for scents that combine sparkly ginger and citrus to create an effervescent soda effect. Unfortunately, Chanel buries this effect in a sludge of cheap aquatic aromachemicals that are ultimately the featured stars of this scent.

The soda effect is nice, but I'd recommend Kenzo's short-lived but vastly superior Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme for a similar shot of refreshment. Meanwhile, Chanel's confusing drydown of fake citrus and disembodied sweetness mixed with cleaning products and swimming pool smells is completely not engaging to me, despite its popularity here. It's not that this is terrible, it's just that I feel like everything about it has been done better elsewhere. Or, more accurately, that there's a great perfume in here, unfortunately drowned in aquatic sludge.
02nd August, 2016
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Soft starts almost scentless,
then freshness and joy born with an orange or tangerine very aromatic sweet,
with other small notes also fresh smells around,
  and continues so for a while,
perhaps pepper help on this,
  then the same scent almost linear mixed good with my skin especially with sweat.
What bothers me is its linearity from start to finish.
Is refined and clearly has some class,
at one point it seems a little to Anteus.
It is a rich and refined citrus salad,
and with respect I dare say that falls short of the glories of the past of this house,
That is just my opinion.
07th June, 2016
Lemon open to beautiful and perfect creamy vanilla dry down. The longevity and projection are non existent and penalizes this otherwise deserving fragrance. 3 out of 5
09th August, 2014 (last edited: 25th August, 2014)
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United Kingdom
A very nice scent, once the 'Mr Sheen' effect wears off after 10 minutes or so. Basically a citric sandalwood sweetened with vanilla. A touch of suede sexes it up a bit. The Achilles' heel is the lamentable sillage and longevity. I get 3 or 4 hours from 8 sprays before it becomes a skin-scent. For me that relegates it to office wear only and earns it a reluctant neutral rating. Negligible danger of over-applying renders it a safe choice for the likes of dentists, estate agents and my window cleaner.
18th April, 2013
Back when I knew absolutely nothing about scents and was just casually trying them for fun, I liked Blanche a lot. When I wised up a little, I realized that this smells like, well, furniture polish. That's what you get. The opening is too much lemon, but there isn't really anything else to balance out the pure citrus. The dry down is actually quite nice though, the perfect creamy blend of vanilla and lemon. The bottom notes kick in a few hours later, a sharp pepper. You should put this on at least 30 minutes before going wherever you're going so that the pure palmolive layer goes away and the creamy layer kicks in.
12th February, 2012
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United States
Nice sharp lemon opening, that I liken to Pledge furniture cleaner(but alot nicer, if that makes any sense). Dries down to a creamy faint vanilla with the lemon still present but taking a back seat. The lemon stays throughout the life of the fragrance which is extremely short-lived on my skin Im afraid. I get maybe 2 hours max. Nice fragrance but certainly not something that screams must have.
29th October, 2011
Lemons and wood
Lemons and wood
How I wish there were more
How I wish this was good
But wishes can't mend
What this is in the end...
Nothing more than lemons and wood

Pedestrian poetry for a pedestrian fragrance.
02nd June, 2011
I find the citrus in this is pretty well crafted. It smells great - however, it's just a bit too sweet for my nose. I love lemon, but this one makes me sick to my stomach.

It wears pretty close to the skin, and has average longevity.
25th February, 2011
Well when I 1st sprayed this I didnt really like it just due to the fact that I didnt like that it was really peppery.. But the lemon and vanilla in this is awesome and is very natural smelling and pleasant...As it dries down a little the spices still remain but calm down and this starts to really smooth out and is quite pleasant... Honestly though unless this is kind of a more mature scent than I expected so if your an older gentlemen or someone in there mid 20's with a more sophisticated taste in fragrance, chances are you will love this. but if your looking for something youthful and more similar to Allure homme sport than look elsewhere.. The more I wear this the more I grow to like it but its not 1 of my favorites
23rd January, 2011
DJB Show all reviews
United States
Smells like lemon cake. I love lemon cake, but I don't want to smell like it.
07th January, 2011
The opening notes of lemon and other citrus are pretty good. They are framed by some dry peppery notes which are subdued and not very spicy. The scent is cool, not sweet or heavy. It is light and translucent. There are mild wood notes which add a bit of interest. This scent is better than I expected. It is deliberately done is a smooth, mass-appeal style. Little hints of vanilla and vetiver. The scent plays it safe in my opinion. Nothing offensive here, but I don’t find anything compelling either. The sillage is substantial, and the scent has good longevity.
04th November, 2010
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Good but not great .
This fragrance belongs to that group of scents that are neither unpleasant nor impressive .
As other reviewers say , it's overall scent is a blend of citric (mostly lemon) and creamy notes .When the citric dries down you get a soft woody and floral smell. It reminds me a bit of Le Male .
It has a good longevity being a EDT.
I personally prefer the sport edition.
01st November, 2010
Overwhelming. After wearing Bleu, the new offering from Chanel, I decided to revisit this. The initial lemon burst was nice but then I expected a development of some sort. All I got was this over the top lemon and cream and slight pepper note that was headache inducing. And the combo just kept getting stronger instead of settling into something more pleasant. The only reason this is a Neutral rating is because it doesn't necessarily smell horrible but it is too much of one thing and it never ends.
25th August, 2010
Nice opening notes - blend of citrus and cream.
The dry down is a disappointment and fades away with little sillage for me.
If you like this, but want more longevity and punch, go for Versace Dreamer!
04th July, 2010
Would agree with the other reviewers in this is a creamy lemon smell (maybe even a hint of wood). The problem for me is, while it starts off rather citrusy, after about an hour or so the cream part really starts to dominate. As I picture this more of a warmer weather scent, it's a little too heavy in that regard for my tastes.

Given a few samples of this at a store, and while I probably will wear it another time or two to use up the vial, do not see this one ever making the "to buy" list. All that said, it does have that "classy" feel I associate with Chanel, so I certainly wouldn't disuade another from giving this a try.
19th June, 2010
Allure Homme Edition Blanche really is nose punching with its full strength of lemon and bergamot.

IMHO, these are the only strong notes left apart from a mild vetiver and amber staying close to my skin. It is a very nice well-formulated scent but unfortunately, not for me ☻

I prefer Allure Homme Sport over this one. FYI, Allure Homme Edition Blanche is definitely a good summer fragrance ☻

16th March, 2010
So i finally gave this a try with high hopes it would be great! Well it was not so great, Lemons, cream, lemons & cream is really all I get.. Now I could not smell this at first but than it grew on me. Now in no way, shape, form or fashion is this stuff horrible, however I cannot see myself spending $80 for this either. I'll go inbetween on this one only because it does not smell bad once the dry down appears, other than that, it's a waste.
07th December, 2009
I bought this blind in the Seychelles (I'm a chronic Duty Free shopper) so it will always remind me of heat and humidity. That said, it's just OK on me. Nothing much to write home about ... not unhappy with it but probably won't replace it when the bottle is finished. It's sad and frustrating that great houses like Chanel are jumping on the "trendy" bandwagon. Although this frag contains a lot of notes I really enjoy, they feel a little bereft of quality. Nonetheless ... I'll enjoy wearing it until the bottle is done.
27th November, 2009
Very aromatic citrus fruity opening leads into this very generic fresh woody drydown. Soft and smooth with some sharp and tart undertones.

Reminds me of so many other fragrances that I don’t want to even start to name them…

Well made, long-lasting and somewhat pleasant but, also very boring and disappointing in the end.
30th July, 2009
As much as I like Allure Homme, its siblings have never really endeared themselves to me. Edition Blanche begins with a rather disfigured lemon accord that is both cheap smelling and ill judged. The hollow middle notes are a little more interesting, with a snort of ginger to titillate the palate in the wood themed heart of this fragrance. The base has the the old Allure chassis, but with the veitiver much more prominent in this version. There were phases where I actually began ro warm to Blanche, but this is one fragrance that will probably never get that second date.
27th July, 2009
Ordinarily I would not have purchased it, but I had a $50 gift certificate so I decided that I would take a little risk and buy something I would ordinarily pass by. The necessary department store had no niches and most of the designers did not have fragrances, so basically I was limited to Chanel, Dior, and Gucci. Nothing interested me at Dior - I already owed Dior Homme. At Gucci I asked to test the Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci. Although there was a tester prominently displayed, both Gucci SAs told me that I couldn’t try it because they have no bottles to sell… (It’s one of those things that happen here that I don’t try to figure out). So Chanel and Allure Homme Édition Blanche became my option. When I tested Allure HEB it seemed very light and pleasant but there was something in it that set a tiny bell ringing in the back of my head, but my head was really too busy with the thinking about the Chanel SA who was assisting me, so I quickly disregarded the bell and doubled my attention on the her. On paper Allure HEB opened with a citrus accord that I would describe as “Chanel”: It’s a bit fresh but reluctantly so… and it certainly isn’t Lemon Pledge or anything coarse; it’s a stylized and sophisticated citrus with a firm element of stylized and sophisticated spice notes - it was very Chanel. The spice stays in the background at first and the scent stays soft and pleasant into its spicy / woody heart with a quiet accord of pepper, ginger, cedar, and a slight touch of sandalwood... very competent, quite sophisticated. The heart holds for over an hour, and the light base of tonka, vanilla, and white musk takes over and completes the movement with excellent longevity. There is nothing spectacular going on but the performance of Allure HEB is quietly understated and it is certainly an attractive fragrance to wear here in East Asia where fragrances are very rare and almost always understated. I bought the fragrance and the aforementioned SA received her commission, so everything turned out as rightfully destined. Unfortunately, by the third time I wore Allure HEB, my reaction to it had changed. My skin had come to magnify the creamy ginger note that moves to prominence in the opening and then it stays there until the fragrance is exhausted. Soon, the ginger became about all I could smell; it broadcast itself a too strongly for my appreciation, and it hung on for ages. I know now what that bell in my head had been trying to warn me, had I been paying attention: “Beware: meroriess of Bulgari Blu Pour Homme.” Of course Allure HEB is much more soft and refined than Bugari BPH, and the creamy ginger isn’t the juggernaut that the Bulgrai BPH ginger becomes, but… still, I could do without the penetrating creamy ginger. If it’s not on MY skin, Allure Homme Édition Blanche is an original, well-made fragrance with a pleasantly soft, creamy citrus / spicy feel and with excellent longevity. But it kind of loses control when it comes in contact with my epidermis.

23rd June, 2009 (last edited: 09th September, 2017)
People say lemon. I say pepper in combination with vanilla. This is what it actually smells and it lasts. I am not supriced why people like since it to me is a standard perfume. Nothing spectacular with it. Typical day perfume, more spring than summer.
05th June, 2009
I like this smell. It is sweet and creamy, could pass as a gourmand (cake with lot of lemon cream). Longevity is quite fine and projection as well. I gave this one a second chance after couple of more testing. Turns out it is very nice, but is not something I personally dig very much so I'm neutral about it.
06th April, 2009 (last edited: 26th March, 2010)
Not a thumbs down because my wife liked it. I found it ok, but after 2 hours it smells very much like Hererra 212 for men, only 212 has a stronger twist of originality to it.
16th March, 2009
top notes smell almost exactly like lemon pledge. They simmer down a bit to a lighter lemon and then the fragrance almost totally disappears. What I can still smell smells very good but it is so light that no one would be able to smell it without their nose pressed to my skin, and even then it is still light.
23rd February, 2009
this is a nice fragance.... this remind me of Blv by Bvlgari........... i like the ginger note here..... is a fresh - creamy fragance for spring time and summer........
21st November, 2008
This smells like a lemon Italian ice, like the kind you get down in little Italy, or maybe in a good pizza place in Westchester. This shares something in common with sport, and I can also only assume the original. Even as time passes, it still smells like someone spilled an Italian ice on my vanilla, tonka, and white musk cologne soaked wrist.

Although pleasant, the longevity and sillage are far too weak.

I prefer the sport, but then again I'm a simpleton.
20th September, 2008
This is simply too lemony for my scent. The bottle is extremely nice and it sure is a "fresh" scent. I like the regular Allure and Allure Sport better.
05th June, 2008