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Positive Reviews of Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Toilette by Chanel

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White citrus powder,
Like key lime pie on Allure's
Textured woody crust.
15th November, 2017
Mix the Allure base with creamy lemon notes and you get this summer staple for your wardrobe.

It does go beyond the usual citrus scent in both classiness and performance. Should be a go to in warmer weather where you need to dress it up a bit.

A crowd-pleaser that's actually excellent in many situations, so don't be afraid to wear in not-so-warm settings as well.
01st March, 2017
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
Mostly what I get is a lemon and vanilla scent with a bit of pepper thrown in on a clean vetiver base.

Slightly creamy/powdery...but nothing like the powder that is Burberry Brit for example.(I can't stand that) This Chanel offering is blended wonderfully. Very versatile scent with great longevity on me.
11th June, 2016
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The citrusy opening and creamy vanilla lemon cheese cake like smell makes it a delicious juice that everyone who could smell it will love.
22nd April, 2016
I really like this one. Always in my collection.
It smells really elegant and luxurious.
I don't wear it everyday, but just when I want to feel more classy.
01st April, 2016
Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche is unsurprisingly a fragrance that is very popular in the online community but is relatively difficult to find in stores among other men's Chanel offerings. Given the hype and descriptions of a lemon cream pie smell, this was a blind buy for me and at the time I recently bought it, seemingly only the EDP was available. I never smelled the EDT before so the EDP is my only impression of the fragrance, and the consensus is mainly that the EDP is very similar or the same as the EDT.

That said, the fragrance is excellent--I don't find it especially woody, but rather a mix of lemon and vanilla that is artfully crafted to not smell like cleaning fluid or a room fragrance but rather something that a man can and should wear. Of course it leans toward warmer weather but it's robust enough to project in colder weather, like this morning at 47F. It begins with more citrus and devolves into more vanilla, as one might expect. Luckily, for me, it does not come off too powdery as most of the bite is in its opening citrus. And despite its citrus opening, it is unoffensive and frankly could probably work for women, as well. Projection and longevity are strong for an EDT, on par for an EDP, but nothing crazy.

Definitely a gem that needs to be explored among fans of Chanel and those curious if it's worth the hype--for something priced similar to Bleu, which is also outstanding, Allure Homme Edition Blanche is surely worthwhile, as this could be a summer go-to option for many.

8 out of 10
21st October, 2015
What a great unique smelling fragrance. Chanel1 said it best. It literally "dances on your skin"
18th June, 2015
Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche is a lighter summer, lemon version of Chanel Allure Homme. It is heavenly, but light. Almost too light. But it has a great, light, dressed-up, elegant, Chanel feel; with maybe some pepper and Tonka to add a little spice and powder.

The Chanel Allure Homme Sport signature note is in here, but it is faint.

I like wearing this line and weighing the differences. It's a fun series from Chanel.
12th June, 2015 (last edited: 20th June, 2015)
I went thru one of my drawers at home and found a sample vial of it... I was wearing Allure Homme Sport at the time If I were to buy another bottle of Allure... I would definitely buy both, although I prefer this one over the Sport version, I love that sicilian Lemon, and because I live in a hot and humid area in Mexico, it has a magnificent projection and staying power, whenever I wear this it makes me want to have an ice cold lemonade.
19th June, 2014
I love everything about this except that Sicilian lemon. Its a tad bit zesty for my taste but I don't allow that to ruin my overall experience with this fragrance.
04th June, 2014
My favorite of the Allure line. Yes it is a lemon pie but it has the Chanel class that is to be expected. Out of the whole Allure line this is the only one I could see using up and buying a new bottle.
06th May, 2014
In need of something versatile for warmer weather, I decided on this fragrance, and it is very nice. The immediate top note of lemon has a richness to it and is balanced well. No sharpness or bitterness that might be expected. I am reminded of lemon pledge right after spraying it, but that quickly dries away to become musky and smooth. Very nice.
07th March, 2014
good modern cologne

It has a beautiful citrus opening of lemon and bergamot with a hint of rosewater and a touch of cream and a pleasant enough, but not terribly interesting, rosy, vanillic, lightly spiced, sandal heart and an orange-tinged, white musk finish with cedar and a bit of tonka.

I favor a different aesthetic philosophy: I want to smell good, not clean. But, this is a good modern cologne in the Hermes style. (Jacques Polge does Jean Claude Ellena, fun idea.)

Spray on fabric to prolong the fine open and delay the budget close.

Pros: beautiful opening
Cons: cheap and somewhat strident finish, questionable value(s)"

18th October, 2013
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Balanced Citrus

I appreciate Chanel for having created a balanced lemon scent that is neither too sharp nor bitter. The lemon dessert comparison is spot on as other contributors have noted. It has soft projection and would be best fit for work, dates, and casual outings. Well done Jacques Polge as always.

31st July, 2013

More classy, charming and daring than the others from the Allure line although i would not properly qualify this semi-oriental citric/aromatic as a real pillar of the worldwide perfumery (a la Boucheron Pour Homme for instance, a fragrance that, despite standing on a paraller yard, is anyway effectively different, far less dynamic/aromatic and more classy, complex, aristocratic, timeless and floral). I appreciate for sure the spacious combination of citrus, musky vetiver (the latter initially fluidy and wet), cedar and ginger. The latter element, combined with sparkling citrus, musk and soapy balsams, turns "aromatically" out as one of the main interpreters around about this type of radiant balmy muskiness (virile in my debatable opinion, initially a bit prickly and finally a touch woody/ozonic). Cool, also in its final powdery lemony soapiness. This fragrance has been a pleasant surprise to me in any case. An invigorating tart lemony introdution (lemon-bergamot-pepper) makes a prelude to a following (averagely dry, partially balmy and at once talky) glaring cloud of soap (yes vanilla but prevalently benzoin in my opinion), cool vetiver and dry musk with a sparkling pink pepper background and a touch of virile tonka-ambergris plus light woods. Some mild spices and a light suede flanking the milky muskiness complete the well balanced, modern and snob citrusy/musky/spicy creation. Effectively an epitome of the yacht club type of aristocratic sporty fragrances (and in the same clan with some others as Ferrari Red, Bvlgari Man Extreme, Banana Republic Classic, Eau d'Ikar Sisley and others-many not so appealing as the Chanel one), i agree who with rates this dynamic/casual, sporty but elegant juice as one of the better appointed of the line. A balmy soft lemonade (rather natural, edible as a Limoncello cream and florid in my perception) so distinguished, outgoing and playful for us.

Pros: Cool, daring and elegant
Cons: Lack of uniqueness"

12th July, 2013
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Creamy Lemon

Chanel does it again for me. When I heard that this was a lemon fragrance, I assumed that it would be sharp and bracing. However, it is so smooth and creamy. I think that these elements are what make it last so long. Some people describe this as "lemon cream pie", but I get no sweetness whatsoever - but that's not a criticism. Really well done - one of my favorites.

Pros: Smooth and creamy instead of sharp

20th June, 2013
Very Bad - Dont buy it in the dark like me!!!!!!!!!!!!

O dont understand how can many people like this perfume... my sweet money has gone in this :(

Pros: "I have a Chanel Perfume"
Cons: "But smells bad..."

28th May, 2013
Beautiful scent! Lemon creme pie for sure. Has the light, refreshing smell that is very soothing. Gets me lots of compliments
13th April, 2013
this is by far one of my all time favourites. It's the quintessence of fresh, it last long and simply makes you elegant.
31st March, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
the best balanced from the allure series without a doubt. very long lasting,sexy and comforting. a great all day all occasion scent. great for going out on a lunch date or late nights and dates.appeals to all sexes and all ages and races..the top peppery notes mixed with citrus and bergamot is to die for.the slightly vanilla/amber/cedar drydown is one of the best i have smelled. will be in my yearly rotation forever.great sweet/woody mix!!!
11th February, 2013
Most authentic lemon I have smelled thus far. It's a little creamy with some pepper sprinkled on top. Projection is so so and longevity is spotty, but I just love this stuff.
21st January, 2013
Smells exactly like a lemon pie! Actually this scent has nothing to do with others from Allure line. This is a sweet yet comforting vanilla/lemon scent. Quiet but potent, lasting power is around 8 hours while sillage and projection are discret. Definetely thumbs up!
10th January, 2013
This is simply lemon pie with Allure Homme Classic. It's a wonderful fragrance and high quality, but I feel it lacks the sensuality of his older brother. Still, it's my second favorite of Allure range for men.
22nd December, 2012
A lovely lemon vanilla fragrance, with unexpected complexity and subtleties that come out with repeated wearings. The resulting effect is elegant, and a bit understated. Well-priced for the quality, and the packaging is beautiful, too. One of the better men's Chanels.
17th November, 2012
Lemon creme pie. A very realistic, fresh lemon opening. May be the best lemon scent I have ever sniffed. A very slight tinge of pink pepper, not over done so that it does not turn anyone away. Then in transforms into the most beautiful lemon and vanilla scent. A delicate, refined lemony, vanilla scent. This is a fantastic hot, warm weather fragrance. Chanel did it right with this one. My favorite from the allure line.
26th September, 2012
This one smells like a lemon cream pie. Not cloying at all. You wont be disappointed with this one.Great job chanel.
27th August, 2012
This opens with an overdose of lemons...and then you get more lemons and eventually it dries down to lemons presented over a base of vanilla-woody notes which as mentioned below gives impression of a creamy lemon scent. I think it can be seen as lemons poured all over Allure Homme; and of course crafted very well.

The scent is very pleasant and has a very refined style. It fits a young well mannered gentleman.

It has moderate longevity and projection on my skin. It gets 7 out of 10 IMO.
14th July, 2012
Certainly one of the better citrus fragrances out there, although becoming harder and harder to find as it is now discontinued. From the opening, I get a heavy dose of lemon, although not lemon alone, I also get some other orange citruses, whether orange, tangerine, or maybe even bergamot, there is definitley something there besides lemon. I also get a little neroli, and pink pepper. The pepper dies down and the vanilla begins to emerge, this all happens in the opening. It dies down to vanilla, light citrus, and soft woods on my skin. The first 10 minutes or so, isn't exactly favorable to me. It is similar to Allure Homme Sport in that period, where the pepper clashes with the citrus. To my nose, they just don't mesh well together. Fortunately, Chnael's quality prevails, as does the great Jacques Polge. Edition Blanche is clearly a part of Polge's workmanship. People say the longevity is horrid, but it's really excellent. It lasts a good 8-10 hours, although it does sit very close to the skin after the 2 hour mark.
10th June, 2012
Ok it's not as synthetic as I thought before. It's nice!
05th June, 2012 (last edited: 06th June, 2012)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This version of Allure Homme is quite different from its other incarnations, including the Sports version. It starts as a lemon blast that is elegant and is maintained for about twenty minutes. Subsequently a hint of pepper develops into a vanilla that is never really sweet, with a woody note added on later in the very stylish drydown. Thoughout it's life time, the lemon-citrus note is always present in the background. This scent lacks the amazing citrus intensity of, for instance, Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte, but this is more than compensated for by its remarkable longevity. Citrus-based scents usually last a maximum of half an hour on my skin, but the delightful Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche lasts up to four hours! For the last couple of hours it is close to my skin, but nevertheless this is an unusually long-lasting lemon-centred fragrance. A summer hit.
26th May, 2012