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Negative Reviews of David Yurman Eau de Parfum by David Yurman

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An unusual green opening… a tiny bit of synthetic mandarin and an interesting cassis note. This green accord is not at all sharp as green often is; but then again it is not a rich, broad-spectrum green either. This is an iffy green mandarin haloed by a synthetically aromatic cassis note. I don’t find it off-putting but I don’t think I would like to smell it over a very long period of time.

With the heart note’s floral accord, the fragrance takes a turn further away from my preferences. My problem with it is the water lily note… which I often dislike. My reaction to the note in this fragrance is especially strong. To my nose the water lily overwhelms the rose and peony to the point where I find the heart accord disagreeable.

I waited a long time for the base to show itself, but when it came, all I could smell was musk… If the base has a wood note, you can’t prove it by me. And I can’t determine patchouli, either. To me the base is an annoying combination of musk and water lily… The annoyance is persistent… the water lily ambiance hangs on for hours and hours.

I was interested in the other reviewers’ mentioning that this was an expensive fragrance a few years ago. I checked on the current price and find that the cost has gone down considerably. .. but not nearly as much as it should have.
19th December, 2016
A light fruity floral with rose, pleasant, soft, easy to wear, more for a girl than for a woman. Did we need it? Definitely not - we already have Laura by Laura Biagiotti, Echo and Cool Water by Davidoff, Eternity Moment by CK, ..., I am sure everybody could add more to the list. You can get the same experience for a fraction of the price. I find it a shame to bring out such a non-descript first scent and to be asking such an outrageous price for it...
30th March, 2010
I’ve never met the creator of this perfume, but he seems very lighthearted. Yes indeed- he’s probably laughing right now because he has people paying a hundred plus to smell like the backseat of a limo.
23rd February, 2010
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This is kind of a mess. Florals, woods, and a bit of a "new chypre" vibe (sweet and sour). I don't smell any realistic rose or patchouli. Perhaps you could convince me of the presence of the lilies. Costs $165 for 75 ml. Why? It's just another one of those needlessly complicated, tangy, vaguely woody, somewhat floral-fruity concoctions that are so abundant these days.
29th November, 2008
This top note makes me want to vomit! This outrageous scent drives me crazy! How can anyone in world create a piece of junk like this? It is like the vomit on top of a lipstick. What a shame! The bottle is heavenly elegant and the content is devilishly disgusting!
25th November, 2008
There is something in this scent that just throws me off. I don't think it's in the top notes, but to me it smells like muguet, but then again it could be a combination of Water Lily and Peony, although I do like does it mean it's the Water Lily? After a half hour it does settle and it does smell a bit better, but no doubt it smells like what people consider a modern chypre. The scent is not meant to be cute, but somewhat refined and sophisticated a-a-and I suppose elegant. I wanted to use the word "tasteful", but really it's not my kind of scent I could really get into and appreciate. On another point of view, maybe it's just my skin lacking something that doesn't meld well with this type of scent. The basenotes are rather quiet and supporting but doesn't assert itself in the end. I'd like to say this kinda like has an 80s vibe to it. Good direction I suppose, but doesn't hit the mark.
12th August, 2008