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Neutral Reviews of Shadow by JAR

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I have to agree with at least PART of Jemimagold's review of Shadow. The opening is a big blast of hamburger relish! I'm told that they use only the spendiest, most high quality ingredients in their juice, so I guess this is pickle relish made from homemade imported polish dills, with artisan spices, triple filtered heirloom vinegar, etc...!! After a while I get a distinct layer of clove that persists for quite a while, and tempers the relish. There's lots more, but it's hard to discern, especially to my newbie nose. Despite the weirdness of the composition, there's something compelling about it. I keep going back to my wrist for another sniff, as if the fragrance itself holds a secret memory that I'm having trouble unlocking. Anyway, one of the most fun tests I've done in a while, and I will definitely be trying it at least a few more times, if only to unlock that blasted "secret" (which, of course, may be nothing more than additional burger condiments!).
08th June, 2008