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This is an animalic-lover's wet dream (or maybe just mine). Either way, this is the pinnacle of lush, opulent, gorgeous danger--a panther silently stalking through a dense and fuggy jungle of stargazer lilies, jasmine, and yang-ylang. The vegetation is overripe, decadent, and civet-laden thanks to the menagerie of musky mammals hidden in the foliage. Think Rousseau and Gauguin's jungle paintings brought to luxuriant, odiferous life. I adore this scent and will never own it since it is FAR beyond my (or any normal person's) price range. One of the most beautiful and sad realities of my perfumed life.
22nd September, 2017
I find JAR's secrecy about note pyramids tiresome. It's like ordering a meal called "The three piece suit" and the waiter refusing to tell you what you are getting. How can you sell fragrance without discussing what it may or may not smell like?
Having said that, Ferme tes Yeux is luxurious. I don't get the leather others smell, but civet, dark musk, a floral like Jasmine. It is not skanky, but musky and soapy. I'll not be getting a bottle, $450/bottle and snobby business models are not my thing.
12th June, 2017 (last edited: 14th June, 2017)
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United States
Ferme tes Yeux goes on with a highly animalic sharp musk and dulled rose starring tandem with mild culinary herbs used in support. Moving to the early heart the sharp musk driven animalics gradually add a leathery facet as dry beeswax also joins the fold with the dulled rose remaining as co-star, now including hints of jasmine in the mix. During the late dry-down the composition smooths out considerably as the beeswax turns slightly powdery with the dulled rose and deep musk both remaining, though significantly diminished through the finish. Projection is average, as is longevity at 8 hours on skin.

I have heard Ferme tes Yeux described by many others as a leather focused composition. While it is true that there is definitely a leathery aspect, to my nose at its core it is more about animalic musk and dark dulled rose. A thought kept popping into my mind every time I sniffed my wrist up close that I had smelled something similar in the not so distant past, and indeed a couple hours in I realized it was Peety by O'driu. No, Peety is not a copy of Ferme tes Yeux, but the heavy animalic musk and dulled rose tandem is definitely present in the heart of that composition as well. Like Peety, the heavy animalics featured in Ferme tes Yeux are not going to be for everyone, but to those that enjoy that kind of thing it delivers the goods in spades. The bottom line is Ferme tes Yeux is a challenging animalic laden rose composition at its heart, but in this case, "challenging" is meant in the best possible way, earning it an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 rating and a solid recommendation. While the composition is surely recommended, the much more accessible and lower cost Peety might be a better bang for one's buck while offering similar quality and better performance metrics.
21st April, 2015
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This a wonderful leather fragrance. It is the darkest colored fragrance in the line, and is a dark whiskey color. The fragrance I originally encountered in the cold glass dish, was complex, deep, rich without being heavy.
Once you dab it on, FTY kicks off with a bang, a leathery animalic concoction, with some top and middle notes that for some odd reason make me think Ambre Russe, a bitter smelling leathery is not sweet, and there is an organic woody bark/or tea/or camphorous type note. There is a nonsweet amber type basenote, and I think incense.
After the beginning, much less animalic, and rather dry. Less OTT animalic than say APLS, or Cuir de Russie. If I had to compare this to another frangrance, the dry down reminds me of Black Fleece for Her EdP.
The wonderful thing about Jar parfums, is that they are the perfect volume, not too loud, but you can smell them.

My best guess as notes: Leather/Amber/Incense/Jasmine, final answer.

Try it!

Once you dab dabb it on, it became a unique, warm sexy leather. Haunting.
29th June, 2011 (last edited: 21st May, 2012)