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Not my favorite from this line but complex and absctract and pretty. This is fragrance that the SA himself said he wears. One of the more accessible in the line. 100% Unisex and with the same haunting quality common to all the fragrances in this line. Spicey/clovery/nutmeggy. Something about it reminded me of my beloved Soy Chai Latte, only about $595 dollars more. :)
29th June, 2011 (last edited: 14th May, 2012)
I experienced the ceremony of Jar, twice at Bergdorf. The sales associate was very charming, but the perfume is so expensive. But, when a perfume freak is getting married, perfume should be at the top of the list. Perfect excuse to purchase such a precious potion! I love carnations! A dry, spicy, floral which works well on my skin and is ever so slightly sweet. Rather modern and I think works all year and any time of the day.
So, I didn't get married, so now I wear this perfume when I want to feel special. The fragrance is a bit intellectual and when people notice, it elicits a perplexed look. That's ok, I understand and love it!
11th September, 2010 (last edited: 06th December, 2010)
The first time I sampled Diamond Water,i got a jolt in the top notes- a bit fetid ,bad btreah , animalsitic- similar to what I got from the top notes of L'Air de Rien by Miller Harris. Diamond Water then evolved into the most beautiful dark, incensey ,carnation ,plus other florals I cannot distinguish. Blended into a floral ,clove-y leather - simply magnificient.The consequent times I wore Diamond Water- it seems I have got past the top notes which now just appear like fresh incense and peppery clove to me. It has a very classically vintage feel to it ,very exclusive ,quite different fro naything else on the market. A wonderful lot of naturals probably went into this scent. Diamond Water evolves to a depth of incense floral darkness - poetical and beautiful . Very tenacious.
04th July, 2010
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