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Very nice, smooth, clean vibe. Not liking the pine note though.

Good fragrance overall I guess, just not for me.

Not something I'll be decanting or paying $200+ dollars for.
15th April, 2018
Growing up, my mother quickly realized that, for a few years at least, my perfume grasp should not extend as far as my reach. I was 11, I wanted to wear her Ma Griffe and Youth Dew. She didn't want me wearing anything. Eventually, we compromised, and I was allowed 4711 and a bit of her Jean Nate. Several years later, when I was able to spend a portion of my babysitting budget on "colognes," I gravitated toward some of what I like to think of as the citrusy/herbal-ey/woody/green greats, like Eau de Lancome, Calandre, and Eau de Givenchy.

Gypsy Water reminds me of that style, albeit with a great slug of vanilla and some incense, both of which arrive a little too soon on the scene to muddy the waters. In addition, whereas the favorites of my teen years were assertive, with the kind of heft and projection that could cut through even the thickest of girls' bathroom and college-bar cigarette smoke, Gypsy Water stays close to my skin.

While it lingers, it's interesting enough to keep me sniffing, hoping to snag and hold on to the accord of piney goodness that pokes out every now and again, but the whole thing disappears so quickly that I can't see paying full price for a bottle of something this elusive, no matter how intriguing.
19th December, 2017 (last edited: 25th April, 2018)
I've tried the EDC version but not the EDP version, so this is in reference to the former incarnation of Byredo Gypsy Water, as it's one of a handful of offerings by the house to be offered in 50/100ml EDP bottles and 250ml EDC bottles.

To highlight the obvious, the EDC is obviously not much of a performer, but that's to be expected. I've not tried the EDP but I imagine it's a bit stronger, and better be, given the much higher cost per volume.

That said, Gypsy Water is a pleasant aquatic, a mix of citrus (lemon/bergamot), pine, and sandalwood, primarily, to my nose, though a handful of other notes are listed. I don't get any vanilla, for example. Still, it's a good blend, and I'd be curious to try the EDP to see if performance is better.

While the scent is nice, I certainly wouldn't opt to buy this, at $240 for a 250ml bottle. Far too expensive for the weak spray that it is.

7 out of 10
12th June, 2017
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A nice calm fragrance.a blend of vanilla,woods and citrus notes come together in a bright,subtle and persistent trail.not too sweet because sandalwood comes in to mellow the lemon sharp edges is very lovely but it is not a statement fragrance.the citrus and woods are very soft.Fresh, Clean,Homely,Balsamic,Peaceful,Comfortable,Delicate, Discreet,Inviting,Slightly Warm and Perfectly Unisex scent.

Lemony freshness then a creamy warm but not gourmand vanilla with a touch of amber on a bed of opulent woody notes of sandalwood creating a radiant,fresh and versatile fact the lime hits me first but mellows out quickly and the it just becomes sofly clean creamy scent.not too overpowering but definitely there.perfect for days that are growing cooler and of the notes blend together pretty well.if you are looking for a nice soft not so in your face vanilla citrus that is just enough to obtain a swoon,you are exactly at the right place.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

06th August, 2016
Here's Byredo attempting to pull a Guerlain, with predictably laughable results. The bright and coniferous opening engages the nose before segueing to a light peppery orris and incense. Nice! It projects well too.

What a good start, or so I thought.

Unfortunately the party was soon gatecrashed by a lumbering ambery-vanillic accord that overstayed its welcome and just about overwhelmed everything save for the persistent incense.

If you enjoy vanillic insense scents as much as I do this is probably middle of the pack, some ways behind Atelier who did a far superior job with their Insensee Vanille.
21st July, 2016
I'm not impressed. This smells watered down, diluted almoust gone offish as if the bottle had been sitting on a dusty shelf without the cap on.
Maybe it's more suitable when the weather get's warmer?
The juxtaposition between the"freshness" and the sweet warmth from sandalwood and vanilla is not cutting it for me. I miss nuances and depht.
If you do enjoy Gypsy Water I strongly suggest that you try the perfumer Jerome Epinettes Bonbon Tree at & Other Stories. I'm wearing Gypsy Water on one wrist and Bonbon Tree on the other and in my humble opinion it's basically the same scent by the same perfumer but to a much more appropriate price tag at & Other Stories. Gypsy Water just don't have that luxe , exklusive, expensive feel to it as with perfumes from Hermes or Lutens that imidiatly makes me feel special and exhilarated.
There is of corse nothing to complain about projection and longivity in this case when I just want to scrub it off...
06th January, 2016 (last edited: 10th January, 2016)
First off, I love the name. This comes in both EdP and EdC concentrations and my review is of the EdP.

It begins both lemony and coniferous. The lemon is sweet. The only other pine/lemon concoction I have worn is Blenheim Bouquet, but this comes off rather opposite, with none of the austerity of the Penhaligons offering. The pine gives way to vanilla and this comes across lemony dessert. Pleasant, but perhaps a touch too sweet. Is this the stuff of Gypsies? I have no idea.
06th June, 2015
Very pricey but a good perfume if you like incense - which I do. I would probably stick to buying the Gypsy Water Hair Perfume in future though if I wanted to play with this again as Tauer's LDDM - the ultimate Haute Hippie experience - really fulfils my incense needs.
19th May, 2015
A nice citrus and vanilla warm weather fragrance that stays close to the skin. Very nice. The pine and amber play a nice role in this one. Pricey fragrance for the amount of mls. 7.5/10
19th April, 2015
A chemical vanilla rendered sheer through the use of green synthetics. There’s a fruity aspect to it, and there’s something coniferous, but the truth is this scent is so light and so generic-smelling that it’s difficult to get a good “read” on what it’s supposed to be. I’m all for a diaphanous skin-scent — the kind of auratic glow that’s perfect for days when you don’t feel like wearing much of anything — but this doesn’t cut it. It smells like someone combined a bunch of anonymous mall samples, diluted the result down to about 5%, then cut it with ethyl vanillin. It does “barely there” fairly well, but what’s “barely there” is redundant and it lasts way too long for something this tepid.
04th March, 2015

A strident citrusy / vanilla combo on top joined by earthy / orris-y notes. It evolves into a piney / incensey thing with a super-cloying vanilla bone structure. A strong deja-vu vibe pervades the fragrance throughout while I can't help from thinking that if they just tamed that vanilla down, this could have probably been much nicer.

11th June, 2014
Gypsy Water smells like lemon Hostess cupcakes tempered by a dose of dry woods. It's in the same ballpark as Diptyque's Eau Duelle and Liquid Night by A Lab on Fire (citrus/vanilla/woods dominant fragrances). Gypsy Water, however, opens with more of an edible, gourmand quality as there's something of a sweet baked bread note to it. As it develops, it takes on a cardboard accord which does a nice job of tempering the sweetness, adding masculinity to the scent, and making it a bit drier overall. I like Gypsy Water and think its a well-made fragrance, but since I already own a bottle of Eau Duelle and prefer Liquid Night's innovative use of Hinoki wood, I will not be purchasing this. However, had I smelled this on its own without experiencing the others first, I would definitely consider buying it as its a very nice scent--relaxed, easy to wear, and just a bit sensual. A solid, casually styled offering from the house of Byredo.
05th April, 2014
Warmth by soon
The combination of aromatic herbs as rosemary (may be others) and berries from the forests as juniper berries or pine needles (joined with dry elements as cedarwood, incense, bergamot, pepper and tart citrus) conjures me initially in perception the olfactory classicism unfolding from some notorious aromatic chypre or citrus aromatic from il Profvmo (Imprinting), Dyptique, Loewe (vaguely 7) or Penhaligon's (Blenheim Bouquet for instance); it actually happens for a short while (with the base notes immediately emerging), just till when a "gypsy twist" comes to be instilled in the aroma by an amber/vanilla denser fluid able to attenuate the initial classic aromatic tartness and bringing out a more rounded woody/vanilla heavy embrace. The "balsams' intervention" is actually too much marked since the beginning and it obstructs a full aromatic performance from the woodsy/tart notes (by soon enveloped in a warm embrace frustrating the citric/aromatic effects). In the average, anything to add.
Pros: Incensey/woodsy aftertaste
Cons: I'd have preferred less amber-vanilla"</p>
15th August, 2013 (last edited: 23rd February, 2014)
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Vanilla notes always stand up with that one, even, it is very reminiscent of Dyptique's Eau Duelle.

Nice fragrance but imo never full bottle worthy while Eau Duelle is around.
17th April, 2012
Them gypsies sure ate a load of celery before they made water.
01st April, 2011
I bought this because I thought it would be awesome. I wish I got the same experience as a lot of reviewers but I didn't. This is what I got from Gypsy Water: a ridiculously cheap white musk with its usually imperceptible cloying aspect amplified here to the 10th power and flowers growing from toxic waste lands joining in to sing a song of self conscious terror called Gypsy Water. I don't know why I thought it would smell differently on me than in the bottle. The bottle sure whispers what is to come.
29th March, 2011
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United Kingdom
Similar to Serge Lutens Douce Amere, although I prefer SL - has very little staying power.
19th March, 2010
A lightly peppered blend of pine needles and incense, supported by a warm creamy base. The opening is a blend of pepper, and a fairly robust lemon note. Within minutes, the emerging pine needles presence ensures that things become significantly tighter. The resulting accord is warm, amiable, but still decidedly peppery. A juniper and incense accord ushers in a slightly bitter,but rich middle phase. As Gyspy Water dries down,it loses its edge, and becomes a much softer and sweeter production. The amber,vanilla and sandalwood base supplies the smooth and creamy finish, but it is only moderately pleasing – it lacks the potency and quality to a be a fitting finale. As has been the case with nearly all the Byredo products, it is hampered by poor projection and longevity, but the early phases are quite engaging.
10th December, 2009
Of all the Byredo fragrances, this is by far my favorite. I agree the vanilla notes stand out the most, but on me it wears a little differently than other friends i know who wear it.
11th November, 2009
angelica Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I picked it up for my husband, as testing it quickly in the store my nose read "juniper, cardamom, woody, male." But when he tried it, he asked "are you sure this is for men?" - which seemed a good excuse to nab it for myself. I've been wearing it now and I think it definitely can go either way, but it is a bit sweet and powdery, which is probably what he objected to. The opening is citrus and juniper, and then for hours it's a sort of lightly spiced crème brulée, drying down to soft powdery/musky woods, which goes on and on and on. This bit reminds me of the Body Shop's old Mostly Musk. It almost verges on cloying as it never really disappears - excellent lasting power, but at whisper level - and it's very diffusive. You can smell it around you, whereas when you put your nose to your skin it's seemingly no longer there. I find myself reaching for it a lot, as it's a warm and comfortable every day fragrance.
02nd August, 2009
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United Kingdom
Hyped up new rebel type perfumer. Top notes are gone in a flash -- what a waste using juniper so early. It's then basically a vanilla fragrance with the ever present sandalwood holding it up (not really pushing the boundaries here). It's not unpleasant, but the sillage is abysmal -- I mean for 80 odd pounds (a rip) I would expect to smell it occasionally. Would probably suit a woman better -- I don't think it's unisex anyway. It should have been called Vanille Light, but hey Gypsy Water sounds cool.
13th March, 2009
Interesting to see the varied reactions (and emergent fragrance profiles).
This was a disappointment to me. The top and mid-note elements had promise: juniper, pepper, pine, incense. I applied it, and POOF – immediate amber/vanilla. And that was pretty much it. The basenotes were there from the get-go. If I used all my powers of discernment, I can imagine very faint pepper and pine, but you really have to go searching. I’m not a fan of amber and vanilla, they are Ok as a slight feature at the end but they are not what I seek in a fragrance. So, I can’t endorse this one. It fails to live up to its potential.
11th September, 2008
Its amazing how fragranc is like a fingerprint with each chemistry different. I like this one. it starts out with a the aroma of lemon curd and then is lovely slightly spicy gourmand.

i don't get the conection to the name, but I think its a lovely scent
26th July, 2008