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Negative Reviews of Gypsy Water by Byredo

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I'm not impressed. This smells watered down, diluted almoust gone offish as if the bottle had been sitting on a dusty shelf without the cap on.
Maybe it's more suitable when the weather get's warmer?
The juxtaposition between the"freshness" and the sweet warmth from sandalwood and vanilla is not cutting it for me. I miss nuances and depht.
If you do enjoy Gypsy Water I strongly suggest that you try the perfumer Jerome Epinettes Bonbon Tree at & Other Stories. I'm wearing Gypsy Water on one wrist and Bonbon Tree on the other and in my humble opinion it's basically the same scent by the same perfumer but to a much more appropriate price tag at & Other Stories. Gypsy Water just don't have that luxe , exklusive, expensive feel to it as with perfumes from Hermes or Lutens that imidiatly makes me feel special and exhilarated.
There is of corse nothing to complain about projection and longivity in this case when I just want to scrub it off...
06th January, 2016 (last edited: 10th January, 2016)
A chemical vanilla rendered sheer through the use of green synthetics. There’s a fruity aspect to it, and there’s something coniferous, but the truth is this scent is so light and so generic-smelling that it’s difficult to get a good “read” on what it’s supposed to be. I’m all for a diaphanous skin-scent — the kind of auratic glow that’s perfect for days when you don’t feel like wearing much of anything — but this doesn’t cut it. It smells like someone combined a bunch of anonymous mall samples, diluted the result down to about 5%, then cut it with ethyl vanillin. It does “barely there” fairly well, but what’s “barely there” is redundant and it lasts way too long for something this tepid.
04th March, 2015

A strident citrusy / vanilla combo on top joined by earthy / orris-y notes. It evolves into a piney / incensey thing with a super-cloying vanilla bone structure. A strong deja-vu vibe pervades the fragrance throughout while I can't help from thinking that if they just tamed that vanilla down, this could have probably been much nicer.

11th June, 2014
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Them gypsies sure ate a load of celery before they made water.
01st April, 2011
I bought this because I thought it would be awesome. I wish I got the same experience as a lot of reviewers but I didn't. This is what I got from Gypsy Water: a ridiculously cheap white musk with its usually imperceptible cloying aspect amplified here to the 10th power and flowers growing from toxic waste lands joining in to sing a song of self conscious terror called Gypsy Water. I don't know why I thought it would smell differently on me than in the bottle. The bottle sure whispers what is to come.
29th March, 2011
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United Kingdom
Hyped up new rebel type perfumer. Top notes are gone in a flash -- what a waste using juniper so early. It's then basically a vanilla fragrance with the ever present sandalwood holding it up (not really pushing the boundaries here). It's not unpleasant, but the sillage is abysmal -- I mean for 80 odd pounds (a rip) I would expect to smell it occasionally. Would probably suit a woman better -- I don't think it's unisex anyway. It should have been called Vanille Light, but hey Gypsy Water sounds cool.
13th March, 2009
Interesting to see the varied reactions (and emergent fragrance profiles).
This was a disappointment to me. The top and mid-note elements had promise: juniper, pepper, pine, incense. I applied it, and POOF – immediate amber/vanilla. And that was pretty much it. The basenotes were there from the get-go. If I used all my powers of discernment, I can imagine very faint pepper and pine, but you really have to go searching. I’m not a fan of amber and vanilla, they are Ok as a slight feature at the end but they are not what I seek in a fragrance. So, I can’t endorse this one. It fails to live up to its potential.
11th September, 2008