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Neutral Reviews of Gypsy Water by Byredo

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A nice citrus and vanilla warm weather fragrance that stays close to the skin. Very nice. The pine and amber play a nice role in this one. Pricey fragrance for the amount of mls. 7.5/10
19th April, 2015
Warmth by soon
The combination of aromatic herbs as rosemary (may be others) and berries from the forests as juniper berries or pine needles (joined with dry elements as cedarwood, incense, bergamot, pepper and tart citrus) conjures me initially in perception the olfactory classicism unfolding from some notorious aromatic chypre or citrus aromatic from il Profvmo (Imprinting), Dyptique, Loewe (vaguely 7) or Penhaligon's (Blenheim Bouquet for instance); it actually happens for a short while (with the base notes immediately emerging), just till when a "gypsy twist" comes to be instilled in the aroma by an amber/vanilla denser fluid able to attenuate the initial classic aromatic tartness and bringing out a more rounded woody/vanilla heavy embrace. The "balsams' intervention" is actually too much marked since the beginning and it obstructs a full aromatic performance from the woodsy/tart notes (by soon enveloped in a warm embrace frustrating the citric/aromatic effects). In the average, anything to add.
Pros: Incensey/woodsy aftertaste
Cons: I'd have preferred less amber-vanilla"</p>
15th August, 2013 (last edited: 23rd February, 2014)
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United Kingdom
Similar to Serge Lutens Douce Amere, although I prefer SL - has very little staying power.
19th March, 2010
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A lightly peppered blend of pine needles and incense, supported by a warm creamy base. The opening is a blend of pepper, and a fairly robust lemon note. Within minutes, the emerging pine needles presence ensures that things become significantly tighter. The resulting accord is warm, amiable, but still decidedly peppery. A juniper and incense accord ushers in a slightly bitter,but rich middle phase. As Gyspy Water dries down,it loses its edge, and becomes a much softer and sweeter production. The amber,vanilla and sandalwood base supplies the smooth and creamy finish, but it is only moderately pleasing – it lacks the potency and quality to a be a fitting finale. As has been the case with nearly all the Byredo products, it is hampered by poor projection and longevity, but the early phases are quite engaging.
10th December, 2009