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I love to hate on ridiculously-priced fragrances, but this one is awesome. It smells like cupcakes with a hint of flowers. It's unisex, but much more on the feminine side than the masculine.

Longevity is at an all-time high for me. This one is up there in the 20 hour range. The projection is also extreme; this one is in the room-filling category.
03rd February, 2017
One of the only interpretations of neroli/orange blossom that I can stand. On some this supposedly smells like cotton candy, but I get a lot more nuances. It smells like walking into a Swedish bakery - spicy sweet.

I find this one needs heat to fully develop so spray it on the neck for the full effect. Love has great lasting power and projection, this is an inviting scent that literally "draws you in" - probably due to the subtle presence of civet.
31st August, 2015

LOVE is a soaring hymn to love.just like the mixed emotions of a young woman in love,when the infinite sweetness of the mmetings becomes confused with the intensity of the feelings and sensuality. LOVE is a modern classic,elegant fragrance of desire intoxicate and playful oriental floral,warm and creamy,sweetly addictive and Elegantly Romantic.

At first,she teases by giving glance of bergamot and mild spicy notes of pink pepper.but in reality she hides a blossoming heart of floral and suggestive accords driven/ruled by charming jasmine& attractive beauty anchored in exciting,creamy, sensual,comforting and warm tones of caramel, vanilla,sugar and musk.perfect for a first date or glamorous evening as it makes you feel sweet and romance.


Longevity?+6 hours on my skin.

18th July, 2015
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An orange blossom modulated via plastic-wrapped notes of vanilla, iris, sugar and bathed in icky fresh ‘musk’, this is surprisingly likeable. Sure it’s bland and will make your teeth rot, but it’s also compelling as a marshmallow and meringue supernova ought to be. The key to its strange beauty seems to be a studied fakeness that doesn’t give a damn.
24th April, 2014
Incredible. The feeling of love in a fragrance. Feminine, but can be worn by a guy no problem. Absolutely intoxicating. Monster potency, and divine scent. Seriously, best perfume of the house by quite a distance, and the best Valentine's Day scent choice.
30th March, 2013
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United Kingdom
I tried this when I went to buy Back to black. I wasn't sure so they gave me a sample, tried it and had to have a bottle!
I think it does lean heavily to the feminine side but men can easily pull this off.
It is Very sweet, like standing in a sweet shop with all the jar lids off.
It lasts for over 12 hours on me, which is great. I like frags to be worth the price and with this I think it is. If I had to liken it to another perfume it would be Rochas Man, purely for the sweetness. They are worlds apart in smell though.
27th May, 2012
This is my Marshmallow Holy Grail. Not cheap and nasty marshmallows. Real ones, made in Italy for Pasqua in all kinds of lovely pastel colors, and rolled in sugar. Those marshmallows. It just is what it is, and if you love it, you'll crave it. If you're not into homemade marshmallows and pillow-topped mattresses and fluffy kittens, don't even bother. For such a softie, it's quite a polarizing perfume. Babies and toddlers go nutty over this one, in my experience, kind of like what happens with Hanae Mori's Butterfly.
28th April, 2012
Wow! kinda shocked by all the negative and neutral comments!
I'm another lover of Love! I think this scent is absolutely amazing!!! I'm aparently a big gourmand fan tho, definetly not for people who don't like sweet scents. This stuff is SWEET!
This juices' projection/longevity and projection are out of control!
I was kind of worried that it was too "girly" for me, being a pretty big guy (6'1" 210lbs). But I've asked a number of people and they didn't think it smelt very feminine on me at all (when I asked one person they said "What?! Girly?! I dont get that at all!")
This scent is just intoxicating! whenever I get a whiff of it during the day my eyes roll back lol.
It's very, very vanilla, very sugary with what I would call an incense type smell. I don't know if I smell tobaco or if that's an "illusion" from the vanilla. There's also a very subtle floral note at the oppening (even though all the listed notes are floral) and maybe a light woody/ smokey smell... I might just be making things up now lol. Oh! maybe some raw tea :)
I also love By Kilians presentation, the box with the lock closed the deal! I imagine you could just get the 1oz travel spray refill for only $70 as opposed to the $250 pricetag, if you want to save some $ and don't care about box's (who doesn't care about box's though!)
I just hope I haven''t been offending anyone with my scent now that I've read these reviews :P
09th February, 2012
Gourmand scent consisting of rose, baked dug and patchouli notes.

Is this the description of Love? Maybe in Paris yes; rose creams, cakes, cafe au lait, chocolate and patchouli notes in the background...

This scent is a nice representation of Paris in my eyes...I think Sophia Grojsman knows this...

Long lasting and gentle.

Try before you buy as your life/memories might inspire very different emotions...

Big thumbs up...!
24th March, 2011
Upon reading the other posts here I could really get a handle on what scents this conjures up for me. The first being Cotton Candy/Carmelized Sugar and the second being Root Beer, of all things. However, let me say this: This scent is just SEX personified. I wouldn't wear it on a first date...I'd save this for that romantic, just you and him night together because this one will burn up the sheets! ;) It's romantic and sexy and quite alluring however I'd handle this one with kid gloves. Go lightly with it otherwise you might smell like a French call girl! For me, I have no problem wearing this...I adore "sexy" scents and they work well on me. That being said, I am definitely considering purchasing the full bottle in the future.
03rd December, 2010
Opening really smells like Dimetapp to me...sort of like grapes? Not that I dislike Dimetapp (One medicine that I think actually tastes okay/pretty good) but...not really what I want to think of when I put on perfume...still, I like it.
very sweet
apparently vanilla sugar and orange blossoms despite the notes being floral...very similar to Hilde Soliani Conaffetto to me, but Conaffetto is a tad sharper/more bitter?...Love stays strong on me, Conaffetto fades into a more floral orange blossom.
26th January, 2010 (last edited: 03rd April, 2013)
When I first opened the vial and put this on, I was caught off guard by the fact that it smelled like root beer. It soon settled down into a light, sweet cotton candy note that lasted for quite a while. I didn't get much of the floral notes that are supposed to be in it. At the end, what I'm smelling is a strong, fairly standard vanilla musk. I like this enough to probably use up the sample, but not to buy a larger quantity. The first 2/3 seem like a cute, girly fragrance, not unisex.
11th January, 2010
First, this is certainly intended as a feminine, not unisex as it appears in the Basenotes directory. Per the By Kilian website, it was inspired by the marshmallow. By Kilian lists four groupings of notes:

I. Fresh notes: Bergamot calabria oil, Tunisian neroli oil
II. Spicy notes: pink pepper berries oil, coriander seeds oil
III. Floral notes: honeysuckle, orange flower absolute, orange water absolute, Egyptian jasmine absolute, Bulgarian rose concrete, Bulgarian rose oil, iris butter absolute
IV. Amber notes: reconstituted civet oil, caramelized sugar, vanilla absolute, cist labdanum absolute, white musk

This is a very sweet, sugary floral. At first a bit dense, but it lightens up and is rather vibrant and playful. Neroli and jasmine dominate in the early development. Floral elements fade gradually and a sugary vanilla base, heightened by civet and musk emerges. A very nice feminine for a vibrant lady. Quite expensive, so certainly test before purchasing.
14th October, 2008
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If "love" is a bakery lined with flowers, consider me a donut with a rose stuck in its hole.
23rd September, 2008
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United Kingdom
This starts out slightly citrusy, and quite sweet like candy floss. The neroli is very prominent to me in the dry down. Sillage is quite good, I keep catching wisps of it whenever I try on the sample, and longevity is excellent, same as Beyond Love. For some reason the combination reminds me of Dr Pepper, sweet and fizzy. The overall feeling is happy and cheerful. I can see myself buying this.
31st July, 2008