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This one is another level in perfumes.BEYOND LOVE is just a wonderful scent that is truly irresistible.It doesen't aim to capture a tourist snapshot of any earthy paradise,but to evoke a utopian vision of transcendental grace out of this world. "A little bit of Heaven,on earth".i simply adore it and no doubt this masterpiece is one of the best tuberose scents. you will love it because it is not the most popular, you won't smell like every other female around and will get questioned as to what you are wearing? Gorgeous,Feminine,Classy,Luxurious,Heady,Dangerous,Alluring, Intoxicating,Powerful,Carnal and Palpably Sexy.

The opening is rich,monster initial blast of tuberose with a touch of green notes so masterfully harmonized with jasmine,amber, musk and coconut for a seductive scent that obvious says "I am rich and confident" smell and makes it like falling in a lustful also has the fragrance of what a strong lady should smell.i believe that BEYOND LOVE should be worn by women who have style,grace and excellent taste.a confident lady who don't be afraid of deep,strong nd heavy scents like FRACAS.It lasts an amazingly long time as well,because one or two sprays is enough for the day!Anything more is far too heavy.simply wonderful.


Longevity?About 10 hours on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
Tuberose-a-go-go with bells on.
The opening takes a short while to settle – there are puffs of green to give space to the white floral richness and something of the quality of overripe fruit. But once Beyond Love has got into its stride it is more or less pure, vivid tuberose, which depending on your tolerance for this blossom will determine what you think of it. For me it is pretty Unlovable, but that’s a personal prejudice – I have to recognize the craft and deftness of the perfumer in keeping the fresher aspects of the tuberose odour profile alongside the languorous, heavier ones. Few tuberose soliflores manage that; here’s a living, breathing composition.

03rd May, 2014
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United States
Lush, sweet tuberose

This interpretation of tuberose created by Calice Becker is a silken, polished thing. It goes on bright, creamy, straightforward, and eases into other florals with an amber musk anchoring the base.

For me, it doesn't have the wow factor of Carnal Flower or Fracas, with their buttery delectable goodness, or the interesting weirdness of the camphorous Tubereuse Criminelle. But it is beautiful.

Pros: Good strength
Cons: Falls just short of unique, high price point"

21st August, 2013
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What if Fracas is an old rich lady and Beyond Love and Carnal Flower her daughters?

In my opinion beyond love is related to carnal flower really closely but yet so different. As an example of what I'm trying to say is like Fracas had two daughters, the naughty crazy and loud Carnal Flower and the cute smiling red cheeks Beyond Love. Beyond love is obviously related to her mom Fracas and for some reasons to her sister Carnal Flower, but where the latter one is all about loudness and "to your face" strenght and personality, Beyond Love manage to be as prominent as her sister but with a pure approach, a sensitive yet sensible intimacy that she keeps secret as long as she wants. So where carnal flower with her crazyness never really reveals what she's all about, Beyond Love with her innocent touch takes you pretty close to reveal clearly what she's all about, a minimal yet luxurious soliflore.

Pros: Longevity and sillage, inspirarations behind this project
Cons: Too "hold back" on the use of tropical facets

20th June, 2013
The perfect coconut floral

The milkiness of the coconut and the freshness of the tuberose and jasmine make this perfume feel like a peaceful tropical garden just after a bit of rainfall. The notes are all true-to-life, nothing cloying or artificial here. The dry-down holds its integrity and warmth. A really perfect coconut floral.

31st May, 2013

Solid and true, the tuberose takes center stage, softened by the powdery vanilla of ambergris and tonka musk and swirled about by jasmine and coconut.

My other two tuberose-centered favorites are Piguet's FRACAS and Caron's TUBEREUSE (the latter now sadly discontinued).

I will stick with FRACAS, simply because it's affordable and cherish my 100 ml bottle of TUBEREUSE. At $235 per 50 ml, BEYOND LOVE is simply beyond my budget.

If it ever comes down in price, I'll snap it up to make a tuberose trio in my wardrobe.

If you can afford it, by all means, treat yourself.
03rd May, 2013
{Excerpt from a piece I wrote on perfume}:
The scent is called Beyond Love. It very nearly is.
It is certainly as overwhelming as that first, stomach-clenching fall. Sumptuous. Drenching. Lush on a scale that leaves me heavy-lidded. In fact, narcotic.
Or better. Opiates have nothing on the luscious, ambrosial somnolence of this sensation. Breathing in, being surrounded by, this scent is as overwhelming as lying on summer grass at sunset, watching the sky as a storm rolls toward you—while sprawled between sheets made of cream-white silk.
Actually, I am sprawled on white sheets—sheets of damasked cotton-sateen. The sensory contrast—between the slight give that could pass as roughness in the fine-spun cotton, and the hedonistically sleek, impenetrably textured scent of the tuberose—is hypnotic, bewitching...
...far better than opium.
20th August, 2012
Really pretty scent. A bright, fresh and invigorating scent of tuberose. Seamlessly integrated and showcasing the tuberose, it may not thrill those perfume users hung up on complexity. Stops just short of being a little loud. I have trouble not comparing BL with Carnal Flower which I also admire. Beyond Love is not as deep a floral as CF. It doesn't create the dreamy 3D enveloping effect that CF does, but this may not even be a negative for some wearers. There is a very faint buttery quality to BL but it does not add heaviness to the scent in the least. BL always remains crisp and bright. Because of this aquatic quality and in spite of my fondness for Carnal Flower I think that Beyond Love works better for a man.
12th December, 2011 (last edited: 28th December, 2011)
Given the price tag of this fragrance, I tested it already hoping to not like it, but the high quality of it spoke louder. My nose is delighted but my pocket is desperate.

The opening of this fragrance makes my mouth water! This have never happened before with perfumes! At the top I can smell a very rich tuberose note, the best I have ever smelled, accompanied by a delightful coconut. So creamy, dense, rich in a way that I couldn't believe it was possible to a fragrance to achieve it.

Through time the coconut aroma disappear leaving space to the star of this fragrance, the tuberose with it's sweet, velvety aspect. Beyond Love has a perfect name! Indeed, as Kilian said, it is the forbidden pleasure of narcotic tuberose.

In the future I will obligate my girlfriend to use this as a signature fragrance. Hahahah :)
04th December, 2011
I smell a sweet jasmine from the first spray,then after in hour im picking up rose. Then after 4 hours the rose is still present but a "sweet rose". I really like this fragrance after the second try.
22nd September, 2011 (last edited: 13th May, 2012)
A very beautiful tuberose bomb with jasmine notes that sums up spring in my eyes...

Love it indeed...

Great longevity and sillage.

Big thumbs up...!!!
25th March, 2011
The prettiest, sweetest tuberose soliflore on earth. I find it very delicate with incredible staying power..the other notes only serve to prop up the tuberose. It is fairly linear but I can live with this because it is quite spectacular as is! I love Fracas but she can be demanding and too soapy if overapplied; Carnal Flower is lovely but heady and a little green. You could probably drench yourself in Beyond Love and no one would mind! Beautiful though the price may break your heart.
02nd February, 2011
Along with Carnal Flower & Fracas, Beyond Love is, for me, one of the "Holy Trinity" of tuberose fragrances. Sillage is excellent, & it sings on my skin for hours & hours. The opening is quite crisp & camphorous, but the tuberose emerges quickly, balanced by subtle hints of vanilla & coconut in the background. lnitially heady, it softens into a sophisticated musk many hours later. I adore this fragrance, & it's firmly on my wishlist for when l win the lottery (or something), until then l'm making every precious drop of my sample last...
30th January, 2011
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I enjoy tuberose fragrances and this one is no exception - tuberose from top to bottom, interwoven with green jasmine and to my nose, iris. But for the price of a By Kilian, I do expect a little more complexity than a one note wonder, a requirement that perhaps the Tubereuse Trilogy from Histoires de Parfums could fulfill. But if I'm after a tuberose soliflore, BEYOND LOVE is more than a worthy contender.
20th February, 2010
I have never been a grand fan of tubereuse fragrances. I usually find them too loud and little elegant. My grandmother always used to say that most of times less is more.
This is what happens here. Calice really concentrated on the real thing, the flower by itself and put in some of the best indian tubereuse absolue.a smooth touch to the top with fresh coconut water and some green tone to it with the green tubereuse accord, just a touch of soft tonka bean in the dry down and tadaaaaaaaaaa: the first ladylike tubereuse is born. Fresh green, soft, feminine without overdoing it. sensual but not vulgar. Soft but not butttery, sweet but not toothwrecking.
A cool sophisticated tubereuse greenery that even une vraie dame would wear.
18th January, 2010
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United Kingdom
Most tuberose fragrances are quite feminine as it is a sweet flower, but Beyond Love has a slightly earthier green aura to it, which makes it very acceptable for me. It also has a tropical feel to it and must be the inclusion of the coconut -- well the flower is Mexican, so sub at least. Really nice.
04th November, 2009
Beyond Love fulfills my tuberose needs ! I love this - to me this is a mix of Tubereuse Criminelle, Carnal Flower and Fracas. It starts off slightly gasoline - like ,green ,a little camphorous and then it's tuberose, indolic,thick and there 's even abit of a cheese note ( savory rather than blue cheese ! ) . I love this, it's full bodied, long lasting and close to a signature scent for me.
25th August, 2009 (last edited: 05th October, 2009)
Beyond Love is somewhere in the region between Fracas and Carnal Flower, but somewhat "less" than either in scope and volume. It's a simple and pleasant tuberose, moving from greenish to peach-tinged and musky, but other than that - all tuberose! Unfortunately it's also a rather flat tuberose to my nose, so I can't say I'm awed by it, but it's certainly exceedingly pleasant and wearable.
18th August, 2009
I find this to be funkier than Carnal Flower. A sort of cross between Fracas and Carnal Flower with an in your face green spunky smell that makes it a little over the top for me. I prefer the buttery yum tuberose in Carnal Flower decidedly over this one. But I think many people would appreciate this as it is very pretty none-the-less. Because of the funky green note I think a man could wear this better than many other versions of tuberose. Very unisex. The dry down suited me better because it calmed down. I agree that you can tell this is well-made, quality stuff. It really does last. Overall a very nice scent.
17th April, 2009
Jus SO pretty. I am a huge tuberose fan and own several. I love her in all her phases - from the in-your-face jungle animal to the hot house lady and this creation of Calice Becker's is a real fave.

On me she starts jasmine-y green with the animalic undertones of The Real Thing (I am a florist) and quietly morphs into the refined slightly sweet presence of the huge bouquet across the room in a crystal vase.

RULLY lovely.
31st December, 2008
Green floral of jasmine and tuberose. Nice. Tuberose seems to be one of the more "masculine" florals. Nice and smooth.
07th September, 2008
rachelsf Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Tuberose, tuberose, and beautifully done: There's a flash of something green and sweet in the top (jasmine and coconut are listed in the notes) and it then settles quickly into a subtle, beautiful tuberose. There is something pleasantly vegetal and animalic in the drydown, but overall it unfolds as tuberose soliflore. I agree with chengfun that the tuberose here is ethereal and exquisite and not the usual heady blast of heavy floral. I am not certain that I would buy "Beyond Love" as I generally prefer more complex frags, but this is a very beautiful and restrained perfume nonetheless. The ingredients are quality, the tuberose is beautiful and the longevity excellent. Probably the best fragrance in the "By Kilian" line.
15th July, 2008
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United Kingdom
Beyond Love starts off quite bitter and green, like Carnal Flower but stronger. I have some tuberose absolute in jojoba which smells like this. I had found this characteristic a little strong for me but I resisted scrubbing and I'm glad I waited, because the dry down was beautiful. The dry down is not heady and heavy like some tuberose fragrances, but ethereal and exquisite. I would say the dry down is similar to MPG Tubereuse. I can smell the quality in Beyond Love. Sillage is reasonable and longevity is excellent. I really like the dry down and am getting used to the strong green opening, so this will most likely be my next purchase.
12th July, 2008